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The 西点灯塔位于美国华盛顿州西雅图市, is one of the oldest lighthouses on the west coast. 160年来,它一直是疲惫的水手们的灯塔. This blog post will discuss how this lighthouse was built and what it means to the people who live near it.


The 西点军校的灯塔 is located at the easternmost point of Bainbridge Island, Washington. 最初的灯塔建于1888年, but it wasn’t until ten years later that the light source made its way to this location. 历史上,它经历了几次翻修, 其中包括1908年一座砖砌的雾信号大楼, followed by an addition to increase storage capacity for more fuel and oil as needed. 第二次世界大战期间, 惠德比岛凯西堡的一些设备被搬到了这里, 比如高射炮和探照灯, because they didn’t want those items damaged if there were air raids against 西雅图, which would have severely impacted naval operations had any damage occurred since most supplies came into Puget Sound via ship. In 1961, 电灯通了电,而且自动化了, 不需要灯塔看守人住在这里. 它一直持续到1993年, when it became fully automated but still functions as a working aid to solar power navigation.

西点灯塔为西雅图附近的水手提供了一个避风港. 美国海军拥有它, 所以他们在这里很活跃, which may be reason enough to visit if you’re a member of any branch of service, 包括海岸警卫队辅助队, or even just retired from either one since this lighthouse has been part of our nation’s history for over 100 years now. 当访问, please keep in mind that photography is not permitted inside and outside only – don’t take pictures while on any military property because it can get them into trouble with their commanding officers. 如果有人碰巧踏上他们的土地, then immediately leave without saying anything – do NOT confront them at all! Let alone taking photos unless given permission which will likely never happen. 如果你拍了照片,立即删除. 如果抓住了, they could confiscate your camera or even arrest you for trespassing since this is an active military base – not a tourist attraction!

西点军校的灯塔 can be found on Puget Sound about ten miles west from 西雅图’s downtown waterfront, where the noise from passing vessels makes it hard to relax due to boat traffic as well as jet skis zooming around everywhere, 有时会制造很多噪音.

西点灯塔是一个活跃的军事设施, so it must be respected just like the security at any other military facility, which includes not photographing or videotaping anything without prior permission because that could result in immediate arrest and then possibly criminal charges afterward! This is true even for family photos with their equipment; however, if you want to get a shot of your kids playing on this excellent children’s playground they have available since no signs are saying otherwise, 然后感觉自由,但再次, only do so when nobody else is around – especially anyone wearing camo clothing who may belong to one of many different branches within our armed forces today due to all these wars going on across globe including right here in America?


这里有很多活动, including playing with kids on their playground equipment which they enjoy! Fishing or crabbing offshore is another favorite activity of theirs since it’s so close by where you can even anchor your boat overnight if desired – call ahead first to make sure it’s okay because they don’t want anyone landing there without permission since this is an active worksite. 捕猎蛤蚌和牡蛎不再被允许, 但在我年轻的时候, that was cool though no hunting any birds or animals either due to National Wildlife Refuge rules. 这里也不允许露营, 但如果你需要燃料, 在钱伯斯湾码头停一下, 位于隔壁的杂货店可用. 因此, 就方便而言,这很好, 这取决于你在参观时打算做什么. 这张mar确实有可能在未来租用的单据, 但目前, 没有船出租了.


Do not stare into binoculars that are not meant to be used for watching people or boats, 尽管那里可以看到西雅图市中心和普吉特湾的美景.

灯塔画前不要碰玻璃, 特别是如果游客需要付费的话

Do not walk on top of the Lighthouse Watch room that is only for employees


Do not take pictures with a selfie stick inside the Lighthouse Watch room.

Do not ask if you can go to the top of the Lighthouse Watch room unless they offer tours for a fee.


Do not put your hands or face on any windows that have no glass in them.

Most importantly, do not touch anything essential to maintaining this historical site! The 西点军校的灯塔 is a beautiful place to explore and take pictures from. However, there are some rules that visitors need to follow, or they will be asked to leave.



The easiest way to get there is if you’re driving northbound on I-405, 然后走16号出口, where Memorial Road will intersect with your route – Memorial Drive South which leads straight towards the lighthouse’s parking lot, 所以走到前面时向右拐. There’ll be additional signs posted along the roadway, too, if this isn’t clear enough already. 如果使用公共交通工具, 然后查看他们的网站获取更多信息, including bus stop locations nearby because that is also available; however, keep in mind you still need some form of private transportation even though they don’t own any buses themselves since they aren’t allowed access into the base’s secure area.

西点灯塔每天24小时开放. 每年的阵亡将士纪念日到劳动节周末, you can tour inside free of charge with your US Coast Guard Auxiliary or Navy League membership card (you must have proof). 如果不是, admission prices are $20 per adult while children under 12 years old get in for just $15 if they’re accompanied by an adult who has purchased their ticket, so everyone gets in at the same price even though age does not determine the price.

网站: 西点军校的灯塔

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