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The Bloedel Reserve in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – The Bloedel Reserve

The Bloedel Reserve in Seattle, WA

Bloedel Reserve is one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets that you can visit.

The Bloedel Reserve in Seattle is a great place to visit if you love nature. With 20 acres of trails, unique sculptures, and over 500 different types of plants, there’s no way that any visitor could leave here disappointed. You can even get the chance to meet Virginia Bloedel herself while visiting too! She still lives close to The reserve, which makes it truly special since she doesn’t just run things behind the scenes but also has plenty of opportunities to interact with visitors who come through. If seeing one unique garden isn’t enough during your time at The Queen Anne Foundation, then make sure to add another beautiful location like this on your list as well!
Do you live in Seattle and want to take a day trip? If so, we recommend visiting the Bloedel Reserve. Here are 10 benefits to visiting this beautiful location:

1) The forest is full of wildlife.

2) There’s an art gallery on-site that houses rotating exhibits from local artists.

3) You can take a self-guided tour through the gardens or enjoy one of their many workshops or classes.

4) It’s a great place to do some bird-watching.

5) There’s a variety of hiking trails.

6) The café serves up some fantastic eats.

7) The gift shop has locally made items you can’t find anywhere else.

8) There are plenty of photo opportunities.

9) You can reserve a spot to have your wedding there.

10) It’s a great place to host private events.

It’s an excellent way for you and your family or friends to spend some time outside in nature, enjoying fresh air while surrounded by fantastic art exhibits. There are many different types of classes available to accommodate other age groups. They also have a gift shop with plenty of unique items you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

History of The Bloedel Reserve

The Bloedel Reserve in Seattle is a 79-acre estate that was once the home of Prentice and Virginia Bloedel. They were both avid gardeners who made up their minds to create an English country-style garden on this land after moving there in 1960. Today it’s open for public enjoyment as part of The Queen Anne Foundation. During your time at the reserve, you can take advantage of many beautiful views along with unique sculptures throughout the property. There are also guided tours available every day, which will give you more insight into why this place is so amazing! As one of only three gardens like it in North American where visitors can enjoy these types of wildflowers, if you’re looking for something different to see, The Bloedel Reserve is the perfect place to go. They offer over 20 acres of trails filled with beautiful views and peacefulness for you to enjoy! It’s also an excellent location for bird watching, so if you’re a fan of those types of things, this would be another reason to visit.

There are countless other reasons why visiting this reserve will make your time in Seattle even more special too! Whether it’s catching a glimpse at some rare plants or walking through unique sculptures, there is always something new and exciting going on here every day. Prentice passed away in 1997, but Virginia still lives close by and continues her work as president emeritus until today. Her dedication has made all the difference when it comes to this beautiful place, and we thank her for that!

Acvities in The Bloedel Reserve

They have a rain garden that they are constantly maintaining; this is another example of their dedication to preserving the environment.

There’s a self-guided tour throughout the gardens, but if you want it customized for your group, they also offer guided tours!

Another cool feature is that several different types of classes are offered here at Bloedel Reserve – some for adults and some for kids!

The gift shop has plenty of unique items you won’t find anywhere else, so be sure to pick up a souvenir before you leave.

They have several different types of events hosted here at the reserve, but what is even more interesting are their workshops and classes where they teach visitors about gardening or local wildlife. It’s very likely that while celebrating your special day with them, nature itself will become one of your wedding guests because there are many opportunities available to take advantage of it during this occasion. This place does offer something for everyone! The café also serves fantastic food options if you’re looking for somewhere other than home to grab lunch on the go – check out their menu online today! There are also plenty of photo opportunities on-site, perfect for getting the most out of a trip to this reserve.
All in all, Bloedel Reserve has so much to offer its visitors, and it deserves more attention from tourists around Seattle!

It’s time you discover what makes this place such a fantastic experience that everyone should have at least once – be sure to bring your camera because there are many different things you’ll want to capture during your visit. Whether exploring the trails or admiring art exhibitions, Bloedel Reserve offers something for everyone – even kids love visiting the place too! If none of these reasons convince you, then maybe knowing they also host weddings here will – check their website up today for more information on their special events.

Location and Admission

Bloedel Reserve Address: 7571 NE Dolphin Dr, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, United States
Phone Number: +

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. It is closed on Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. It is also closed for four weeks in the winter to give its staff some time off.

It is open for the public to enjoy, plus it allows visitors to take advantage of all its features, such as hiking trails and photographing opportunities. The café serves up fantastic food options that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. You can even reserve some spots there for weddings or hosting private events! If none of these reasons are enough for you already, then maybe knowing they offer self-guided tours through their gardens throughout the year might convince you! There’s no better way than to spend an afternoon exploring this beautiful location with your loved ones, so make sure to pay them a visit on your next trip to Seattle!

Many trails are available around this reserve, so you can always find yourself something new to explore each time! There’s an art gallery on-site that houses rotating exhibits from local artists, as well as a bookstore full of books you’ll want to check out.

Bloedel Reserve is a beautiful place that everyone should visit once in their lifetime!


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The Bloedel Reserve in Seattle WA



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