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Statue of Lenin in Seattle WA

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Statue of Lenin in Seattle, WA

What do you think of when someone mentions the name, Lenin? For some, it may bring up images of a communist Russia. In other cases, it may remind you of a cold-war era that is long gone. However, in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, there stands an 8 ft tall Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov – better known as Lenin!

The Statue has been there since 1995. Even though Lenin was a communist leader in Russia responsible for many deaths and atrocities (including his own), it remains standing. The Fremont neighborhood adopted this art piece as an “icon.” Although the city council approved of its installation, nowadays, residents are divided on whether or not to keep Lenin where he stands! As one resident stated: “It’s just bizarre what you can get used to overtime.”

People who don’t like it think the Statue is a reminder of an oppressive regime and want to see it removed, while those in favor state that Lenin has become part of Fremont culture! However, as history shows us: statues aren’t always meant to stay. A monument was recently brought down in downtown Durham after many people voiced their disapproval (and rightfully so). The protest wasn’t violent – but one could argue there was violence behind bringing this piece down, considering what he stood for!

We will have to wait and see if Seattle wants its version of “the fall of Rome.” One thing is for sure, though: you can’t deny that art does stir up strong emotions in all sorts of people.

History of Statue of Statue of Lenin

In 1993, the Soviet Union was dissolved. The Statue of Lenin remained in Seattle as a reminder to those who have suffered during that period.

A couple of years later, an immigrant from Ukraine built a wall around it and created a shrine for children near the statue site. This is now quite popular with people going there to take pictures with their friends and family members. There were also books on hand about what happened behind this dark era of history.

The other monument that people are interested in is the Statue honoring Vladimir Lenin, which remains today to remind those who suffered during this dark era. The only thing we know for sure is that the Soviet Union no longer exists, but people are still finding ways to remember this dark part of history.

Now, the Statue is located at a private property in Seattle and has been there since 2012. It certainly is a unique landmark to see in America and worth seeing if you are ever in Seattle or pass through. The sculpture that people will notice first when they arrive at this Statue’sStatue’s location is its construction, which was completed by an artist for public expense and put on display for every visitor’s viewing pleasure.

Facts about the Statue of Lenin

The first thing that the travelers will notice is the construction of the Lenin Statue in Fremont, which has been completed by an artist at public expense and put on display for every visitor’s viewing pleasure. It was donated to the people of Seattle by an artist from Bulgaria. Although Lenin is a highly controversial figure, many tourists love taking photos with this Statue as it’s such a unique sight to see in America.

The Statue has even received an honorary degree from the University of Washington in 2014, showing how much local artists appreciate it. Even though the location of this Statue might seem strange, it’s worth seeing if you’re in Seattle or passing through. Many people say it looks like Lenin has a UFO landing on his head!

The Statue is located in a vibrant neighborhood, so it’s worth checking out Fremont and spending some time there. The area around the Lenin Statue has many interesting shops and restaurants to visit if you want to make your trip memorable. There was controversy about the Statue when it stood in Seattle and even more so after its removal from that city.

It is a historical landmark and an icon of communism and symbolizing Soviet power to some people. It has been placed at a private property belonging to John, who owns a local business in Fremont. It is currently being kept at the Museum of History and Industry, located just a short distance from the Fremont neighborhood. It has been moved around to different locations in the past because people are not happy with its presence there.

What Happened to the Statue of Lenin in Seattle?

Seattle is home to many locations of importance for Americans. However, one location that has recently made news headlines in the United States is not an American location; it’s a Soviet location! The Statue is currently located on private property but was initially placed in Fremont outside Lenin Hardware, which closed in 1993. Hence, the owner donated the Statue to MOHAI (museum of history and industry). It also spent some time near Capitol Hill. Still, they didn’t want him there anymore either because he represented communism, so they eventually moved back to Fremont, where he can be enjoyed by all visitors who come across him while strolling through their community. While most people are okay with the location of this Soviet icon, some think that it should be removed. There is even a petition to have it removed from public property because the Soviet Union was responsible for the deaths of millions.

Location and Admission

Statue of Lenin in Seattle is located at 3526 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

You can get there by taking the light rail to Beacon Hill station. It’s also possible to walk 45 minutes from the International District station.

The Statue is visible during daylight hours and takes up a roughly circular area of sidewalk that’s about 12 feet wide by 25 feet long (including Lenin). Thanks to donations from residents who bought bricks for $100 each to pay for its creation ($50 went towards Seattle Parks maintenance costs while another $50 was donated to charity).

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Statue of Lenin in Seattle WA



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