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Northwest African American Museum in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Northwest African American Museum

Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, WA

The Northwest African American Museum is a museum in Seattle, WA, 旨在讲述非裔美国人的故事以及他们对我们社会的贡献. 博物馆的特色展品包括奴隶制、黑人创作的艺术和种族隔离.

History of Northwest African American Museum

Seattle has a rich history that includes people from all over the world. 这座城市是由美洲土著人和其他定居者建立的,他们来到这个地区是因为这里提供了丰富的资源,如鱼和木材. In addition, many immigrants also settled here, which lead to diversity throughout the neighborhoods, including Chinatown, 在哪里可以找到几种不同类型的餐馆,提供来自不同国家的美食, including those established by Asian communities within this area. Similar areas exist around Pike Place Market, 沿着西部大道,有专门售卖食品的商店,以反映文化背景. 现在被称为“先锋广场(Pioneer Square)”的这片地区,曾经是商业中心,因为这里有很多企业. Today, it is home to arts and attractions, 许多艺术家称这个区域为他们的工作室和生活区,位于画廊附近,他们在那里向公众展示作品.

Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, WA, was founded by an act of Congress on October 14, 1994, 让来自世界各地的人们了解历史,其中包括来自非洲的人在整个时间里所做的贡献. This museum has permanent exhibits, 包括描绘生活各个部分的艺术作品和突出社区内早期直到现代的重大事件的照片. 这些收藏品反映了奴隶制时期所面临的挑战,随后展示了导致1917年民权运动的关键时刻,头颅被放在杰克逊街(Jackson Street)的木桩上. 随后有500多人游行到市政厅向市长表达他们的不满, resulting in police intervention. Today, 街道和公立学校以这些在这场运动中发挥关键作用的人的名字命名.

About the Northwest African American Museum

西北非裔美国人博物馆是西雅图社区的重要组成部分. 它的重点是纪念当地历史上过去和现在的成就,这使它成为任何想要了解这个地区更多的人的好地方. 博物馆里的展品应该会让各个年龄段的人都感兴趣,让他们从参观中有所收获.
The museum was established in 1976, 它的收藏包括8000多件物品,讲述了从非洲到当代黑人文化的故事. It’s a “living museum,” which means it hosts changing art, history, 以及太平洋西北部非裔美国人社区的文化展览.

Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, WA, 认为“卓越的艺术是社会变革的有力工具?.“博物馆以艺术为平台,围绕有色人种社区面临的重要问题进行对话,挑战关于黑人身份的刻板印象. 如果你有兴趣了解更多关于这个主题的知识,或者想看一些难以置信的艺术品,这里将是一个很好的地方!

Facts about Northwest African American Museum

西北非裔美国博物馆被用户在TripAdvisor上评为4分(满分5分),因为它是全美仅有的三家致力于展示黑人文化的博物馆之一,地位独特. The museum itself showcases paintings, sculptures, and crafts that represent this minority group throughout their journey here, 从奴隶制开始,一直到现代,多亏了马丁·路德·金等活动家的努力,他们才得以享有更多的权利. Of course, entrance into this establishment remains free for everyone, so you have no reason not to visit and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, WA, is a great museum that everyone should visit at least once. This place has so much to offer, 通过这个博物馆的收藏,你可以了解我们国家的历史. 在西雅图有很多地方可以获得关于西北非裔美国人博物馆的信息, WA, such as their website, which is very useful, or call them up during business hours for more details on visiting times. Here are some other things you need to know before going out there:

Why You Should Visit the Northwest African American Museum

It’s great for educational purposes; they even offer free tours of art collections.

Don’t forget to stop by the café if you’re hungry or want a drink before going in!


It’s located at 2300 S Massachusetts St, 西雅图WA 98144,除圣诞节外,每天从上午11点开放到关闭(时间不同). They are closed Mondays after Labor Day until June 30.


The exhibit currently running features photography by David Ingraham, who has captured the essence of Seattle’s Black community.

不要错过他们的其他展览,将持续到9月24日:“西北爵士钢琴家蒙蒂·亚历山大的生活和时代”,以及牧师博士的展览. Samuel B Harrison called “Doing Something for My People.”


It is known for its wide range of exhibits, programs, and education resources. The museum is housed in the historic Colman School building, 它建于1904年,为当时不被允许进入种族隔离学校的黑人学生提供校舍. This place has a remarkable history that deserves attention.

Location and Admission

The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) is located at 2300 S Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA 98144, United States.

They’re open Wednesday through Sunday; it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can check out their website for more information, such as visiting times and directions to the museum!

Admission fees for adults ranging $12 while children between ages three and twelve pay half price; seniors get free admission on Wednesdays only due to membership program where purchasing tickets online helps save money based upon the number ordered whether it be one or more than one person is attending together as family members or friends wishing to experience exhibits. 西雅图西北非裔美国人博物馆凭会员卡免费参观, WA for twelve months.

The museum provides tours every 30 minutes Wednesday through Sunday at 11:30 AM, 12 NN, and 12:30 PM; Thursday – Sunday at 12noon; Friday & Saturday at 11:05 pm.

Phone: +1


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Northwest African American Museum in Seattle WA



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