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Maintained trails provide access to the beach at low tide when it’s possible to walk out 100 yards onto tidal flats or more. Parking: Free parking is available throughout 西雅图’s Largest Natural Park – Discovery Park along Alki Beach on Marine Drive S in 西西雅图 with overflow parking off W Emerson Street near Fort Lawton military base (now a City of 西雅图 park) and in the Playground parking lot of the W 西雅图 YMCA.

探索公园是一个前美国.S. Army installation that was the site of coastal artillery batteries, 军营, and a large military hospital constructed in 1904 along with Fort Lawton at Discovery Park’s West Point, 军官的在岗住房曾经在哪里. The park occupies most of the former 54 acres (42 ha) United States Army post.


Discovery Park is located in Magnolia on the west side of 西雅图. It is an old military installation that was transformed into a natural park. This large stretch of land covers over 500 acres and has many different trails for hikers, 遨游, 车手, 和跑步者都! There are also beach access points along five miles worth of beaches and picnic areas throughout this expansive green space. 如果你喜欢划船, there is plenty of room here to dock your boat or launch it from one of the marinas down by West Point Lighthouse, which lies on Maury Island just offshore in Puget Sound, so no matter what time of day you like to get out on the water you can enjoy your time surrounded by nature.


Hike trails with stunning views or visit Picnic Point for a picnic lunch. 您还可以在龙营享受各种活动, which includes an 18-hole golf course as well as a driving range that is available year-round! The park is also famous for kite flying during windy days. There’s even logging going on here, so don’t forget your camera. Sure to stop by Golden Gardens Park and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Puget Sound.

In conclusion, 西雅图探索公园 has so much to offer for everyone who visits! 这里全年都有有趣的事情可做, whether you are looking for outdoor activities or want a peaceful day at the beach enjoying nature’s beauty.


探索公园是西雅图最大的自然公园. It occupies more than 500 acres of land and offers some breathtaking views of Puget Sound, 奥林匹克山, 雷尼尔山 & Mt. 来自公园内不同地点的贝克.

People can enjoy biking, picnicking, or hiking on what used to be a military installation.
The park has a rocky intertidal beach area and forested areas where visitors can observe nature. Visitors will find two trails that lead them to the park’s highest point, 它被称为西点灯塔 & 注意火. This tower offers an excellent panoramic view of Puget Sound, 西边的西雅图, 喀斯喀特山脉.

The park is home to a wide range of animal species such as deer, foxes & 还有秃鹰. 全年都能看到小型鸟类, but it’s best to visit between September and March when more migratory visitors are in this area.

在探索公园的顶层, 你可以找到一座100英尺高的山, 在它的底部是一个美丽的海滩.


健行步道: There are more than 16 hiking trails that cover over 60 acres.

观鸟: Take advantage of this excellent birding spot down by the waterway at “E Island.” This island provides habitats for all kinds of wildlife, especially birds.

皮划艇 Kayak: rentals are available near the beach in the harbor. Grab a kayak and enjoy an evening paddle on Puget Sound.

骑自行车: it is allowed along most of the trails, but not everywhere-

野餐: Pack your lunch or grab something delicious at “Starbucks” to eat at one of the picnic tables located throughout Discovery Park 西雅图!

游泳: The park also has three large freshwater lakes which allow for fishing, boating (with a permit). The dog-friendly beach is located on the western end of the park. Visitors can enjoy views from this natural area that is close to downtown 西雅图!

这座城市为慢跑者开辟了许多英里长的道路, 骑自行车, rollerbladers, 或去探索行人. 探索公园是西雅图最受欢迎的公园之一, with more than two million visitors every year enjoying the park’s scenic beauty and a wide variety of wildlife such as harbor seals that can be seen on occasion playing in Puget Sound waters near West Point. A highlight at this natural oasis in urbanity includes magnificent vistas overlooking Elliott Bay toward downtown 西雅图, 木兰虚张声势, 和湾岛, home to an abundance of bald eagles that can be seen perched in the large trees along Discovery Park trails. The park is also located within a five-minute drive from Golden Gardens Park, 游客可以在普吉特湾欣赏日落的地方.


Discovery Park is located at the far west end of 西雅图, WA, 在西点(城市的最西点). 美国华盛顿州西雅图Discovery公园大道3801号,邮编98199.

费用:成人:16美元.95. 孩子:12美元.95.

探索公园有两个主要入口. 其中一个位于西点灯塔路和西52街, which has a large parking lot and access to four different trails throughout the park east-west, 南北, 或沿愉景湾. The other entrance is from 38th Street SW south of Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, where there is also plenty of room for cars though this area does not have any public restrooms available. There are a $30 vehicle fee to park outside Alki Beach day-use area and free shuttle bus service charges for some locations in 西西雅图, 包括乙醇海滩.

地址: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, 西雅图, WA 98199, United States

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