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Blake Island in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Blake Island

Blake Island in Seattle, WA

Blake Island is the most beautiful piece of heaven in Seattle. It’s a place where you can go to get away from it all, and relax on the beach with your friends, or take some time for yourself to explore. You’ll find plenty of wildlife here, too – seals are familiar visitors during the summer months. The water is so pristine that you can’t help but feel calm when you’re there, and it’s one of the only places in Seattle where buildings won’t surround you.

History of Blake Island

Captain Charles Wilkes acquired a portion of the island as part of his Alaska purchase.
The first sizeable Euro-American settlement on Blake Island began in 1851 when Captain Charles Wilkes acquired a portion of the island as part of his Alaska purchase. In 1886, James Schuyler built an exclusive resort called “Camp Kiachnaw,” renamed Camp Albion by William Aldridge, who purchased it after Schuyler’s death in 1899. After purchasing Camp Albion, Aldridge transformed it into what would become known as one of Washington State’s premier resorts and fishing lodges at that time.

The history of Blake Island is rich and diverse. It has been home to Native Americans for centuries, a lush resort destination during the early 1900s, and now an island park enjoyed by visitors worldwide!

What to see on Blake Island

The majestic Mt Rainier as well as stunning views of Mounts St Helens & Adams! Visit native American heritage sites such as totem poles made by Native American tribes, including Chinook, Duwamish, and Muckleshoot Tribes who still live here today on their reservation land, which also features excellent beach access! You’ll even find historical lighthouses & even a fishing village on Blake Island in Seattle!

There are many fantastic tours offered to take while you’re here. The boat ride over is fun for the whole family and includes excellent views of Mounts Rainier, St Helens & Adams, as well as native American totem poles that local tribes have preserved.

The island itself features historical lighthouses built in 1916 and other heritage sites such as the Indian Longhouse, which was built using traditional construction methods including cedar bark slabs, wooden pegs instead of nails together with ropes made from twisted spruce roots. You’ll also enjoy seeing the Native American fishing village complete with docks where they sell fresh fish caught daily during your visit to this small town located on Blake Island in Seattle.

The tour guides are always eager to share stories about the island and even tell you some great facts, such as that there is a totem pole graveyard located on Blake Island where they carefully take care of these historical heritage sites, which include native American totems made by tribes including Chinook, Duwamish & Muckleshoot Tribes who still live here today. You’ll also get up close with wildlife from eagles to deer during your visit to this beautiful place known as Blake Island in Seattle!

What to do in Blake Island

Visit the lighthouse.

Take a romantic ferry ride to Blake Island for a sunset picnic.

Explore Native American history at Tamanowas Rock & North Head.

Visit the Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum.

Enjoy the Eagle Cliff trail with amazing views of Mt Rainier and the Olympics.

Get an opportunity to see many species of birds & marine life with TopDogs Tours (if you like dogs).

Take a photography tour with a professional photographer.

Buy fresh fish caught daily by the Native American fishing village!

A few tips you can use when visiting Blake Island

Bring your bike, rollerblades, or even walk to explore this vibrant small town that features excellent spots for picnics and fun family activities. If you’re looking for something unique to do, take the ferry ride over & enjoy a romantic sunset picnic at this beautiful island in Seattle!

Don’t forget your camera for amazing views of Mounts Rainier and St Helens on one side along with a stunning picturesque view of Mt Adams on another. You’ll even get some great shots of Native American totem poles!

Wear sturdy shoes & comfortable clothing if you plan to walk around this island, whether it’s for biking, rollerblading, or simply walking. You’ll find many great spots here, perfect for picnics and adventures!

There are restrooms located at the top of Mt Tabor, along with a small convenience store, so make sure to bring money in case you need any snacks or beverages while spending the day here.

The ferry ride takes about 40 minutes to an hour, so bring your iPod, book, or enjoy this peaceful opportunity for some quiet time before arriving at Blake Island!

How to Visit the Blake Island

Blake Island is located in Washington 98366, USA.

This island is accessible by ferry. Two ferries are running back and forth between Seattle’s Colman Dock to Blake Island State Park on the weekends. There are also special events you will need a ticket for taking place on the island throughout the year. The Washington state parks department website has all of this information listed if you’re trying to plan! During these times, though, reserve your tickets beforehand so as not to miss out–even in our large group, we were told they had run out within an hour or so at one point earlier in the day when we arrived with only cash! When it comes down to it, sometimes it’s just lovely being able-bodied enough to be flexible enough with where and when we want to go and get across the water quickly. Don’t make yourself miserable trying to plan something that you might not even end up being able to do, though!

Arriving at least an hour ahead of time to spend enough time on the island before it closes at sunset, which can typically happen anywhere from around seven or eight o’clock during these summer months! Suppose you’re taking a ferry over for just a visit, though. In that case, arriveing closer to two hours beforehand to avoid missing out too much while waiting in line for your boat ride over, which is roughly about fifteen minutes depending on how many people are going with you. It’s also good because this way, there will still likely be plenty of time to check out some of the attractions before they close up, and you’ll be non-disabled enough to make it back with any spare time!

Coordinates: 47°32′19″N 122°29′34″W
Area: 1,127 acres (4.56 km2)
Elevation: 190 ft (58 m)

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Blake Island in Seattle WA



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