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打扫你的房子是最乏味的任务之一,但保持它一尘不染是必要的. 但, cleaning can be even more difficult when you cannot find things or don’t have a plan on how to tackle the task at hand. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of home-keeping tips for keeping your house squeaky clean! 继续阅读我们的最佳清洁清单,让你的家再次焕然一新!



If you want to turn your ho-hum home into an immaculate one, some key factors should be kept in mind. 如果你遵循这些简单的步骤, it can help get rid of clutter and keep things organized so they don’t get out of hand again. A good cleaning checklist will ensure that the house is looking great and smelling nice too!

如果你像现在的大多数人一样全职工作, it’s impractical to spend your weekend cleaning the entire house alone because it can take up so much time and energy that would be better spent on other things. 如果你想自己做而不是雇人帮你做, here are some home-keeping tips that will keep your home looking spotless without spending too much money. 这些简单的步骤将有助于确保你的房子保持干净,即使生活变得繁忙!

1.) 建立清洁程序. 最好每天打扫你的房子, 但如果你因为时间限制或其他任务而不能这么做, you will need to establish a weekly routine where one day each week is dedicated to household chores. Having an established schedule for how often and when specific tasks are completed makes the process much easier because there’s some plan in place! This also allows family members to know what days they should help out with different jobs around the home.

2.) 干净如故. 这是一个有用的建议,可以在任何情况下使用,不仅仅是打扫你的房子! 俗话说,“小洞不补,大洞吃苦。.“说到家务琐事, sometimes we’re too tired or unmotivated to do anything after a long day at work and before dinner, 而不是什么都不做, 你走的时候一定要把东西收拾干净. 例如, 如果你的孩子在卧室的地板上吃午饭, clear off some space for them by putting their dirty dishes away first thing when they get home from school; otherwise, those dishes will pile up throughout the week until eventually there’s no more room left on the dresser and then everyone has lost valuable countertop real estate!

3.) 遵守良好的厨房和餐厅礼仪. We all know that keeping a clean house is essential so when you sit down to eat at the dinner table, 在上菜之前,确保你的盘子里没有任何食物或杂物! 也, 最好不要把脏盘子放在水槽里过夜,因为如果它们需要浸泡的话, just put them in the dishwasher instead of making your family wait until morning for their plates and cups. 最重要的是, keep food off the floor by putting away leftovers after every meal and always wipe up spills right after they happen.



如果你想让你的家处于最佳状态, 然后你必须为你的房子的房间有一个清洁清单. 以下是一些让你的房间保持一尘不染的小技巧:

-每周打扫两次十大可靠彩票平台. The bathtub and toilet especially need to be scrubbed clean with all those germs floating around the place! 每次用完卫生间后,也要确保消毒.

每周至少打扫一次房间(如果需要的话可以更多). You can use an old sock or make-up brush to dust off surfaces like picture frames and 皮毛niture, 但也不要忘记转弯. Keep on top of this chore by rotating between rooms each day so that no room gets overlooked.

-每周吸尘一次地毯(每两周或每月一次拖地) 它们变得多脏 从步行交通繁忙的区域,如走廊,入口通道,和客厅. 用吸尘器吸掉地毯上的灰尘和污物, 而拖把可以清除地板上的任何污渍.

-每天至少清洁厨房台面一次,并擦拭炉灶. 如果你在家里有一个开放的概念, keep one side of the counter clean during breakfast time and switch to another side for dinner prep – make sure you do not leave dirty dishes overnight!

——也, 记得擦洗所有电器,如烤箱, 冰箱, and stoves every so often with some good old elbow grease or use baking soda if it is awful.

– Clean all windows every week including sills and frames to keep your home looking bright. 使用报纸或纸巾,因为它们是免费的! 一定要用醋清洗有积垢或油脂的玻璃, 然后在窗户的另一边放些洗洁精.

-硬木地板在拖地之前要先清扫干净,以免灰尘扩散. 如果你家里的任何房间都没有地毯, make sure you frequently sweep throughout each day using small rugs or mats so that crumbs and sand stay out of sight 在家具! Wipe down baseboards once per week while vacuuming is going, it will help keep things mess-free.

每周或根据需要清理家具. 你可以使用棉绒辊或胶带来清除软垫表面的灰尘, 然后用湿布擦拭小摆设. 你必须遵循这个惯例,这样你的客厅才不会看起来乱七八糟!

-食物溢出和杂物发生后立即清理. 这将防止你的家开始寻找 就像一个垃圾场!

-每周或每天清空垃圾袋,保持垃圾桶清洁. Try using plastic grocery store bags instead of buying regular kitchen trash bags since they take up less space when sealed shut, +, 这样可以防止地板渗漏.



如前所述,醋是其中之一 最好的清洁用品 but has a strong smell; therefore, 它被储存在孩子们拿不到的地方,他们可能不小心喝了它. 除了, baking soda is another excellent option when mixed with vinegar since this combination helps eliminate stubborn odors such as those left behind by pets or large dinners. 处理油腻的表面,如炉灶和烤箱, use a combination of baking soda and lemon juice mixed with water to create a paste that can be left on the surface overnight then wiped off in the morning for an immaculate shine.

Investing in rubber gloves is essential since you don’t want harsh chemicals coming into contact with your skin over time, leading to irritation or something more severe like dermatitis if prolonged exposure occurs without wearing these protective items regularly when cleaning. 除了, 随身携带洗手液有助于防止细菌四处传播, 特别是处理过生肉之后, 等., since washing hands thoroughly may not always be possible depending upon where you are at that moment in time.

花钱买把有柔软鬃毛的扫帚用来扫头发, 皮毛, or any other pet debris that may have fallen on the ground is essential since stiffer ones can create scratches and grooves if used repeatedly, 之后打扫地板就更难了. 除了, keeping a lint roller nearby will help pick up stray pieces of fluff left behind by your clothes, 所以当你试图清除污垢时,你不会不小心让它们接触到这些表面.


If you want to turn your ho-hum home into an immaculate one, some key factors should be kept in mind. 如果你遵循这些简单的步骤, it can help get rid of clutter and keep things organized so they don’t get out of hand again. A good cleaning checklist will ensure that the house is looking great and smelling nice too. 这里有一份关于如何遵循你的日常清洁清单的建议清单:


如果可能的话,每天至少安排一个小时的清洁时间. 如果你有孩子, make sure to keep them away from the room while it is being cleaned; otherwise, 他们可能会分心,把你辛苦的工作都搞砸! 不要在饥饿或疲劳的时候清洗,因为这将比它应该的更困难. Stay motivated by listening to music during chores or even creating new workout playlists. 玩得开心! 如果盘子上没有太多食物,试着在把它们放进洗碗机之前先冲洗一下, 但请记住,像罐子这样较重的物品需要单独清洗, not everything can go into the machine at once; since then, 你冒着弄坏东西的风险. 使用 天然清洁剂 比如醋、小苏打和柠檬汁,可以在不含刺激性化学物质的情况下消除异味.


Every week you should deep clean your house by doing the following: dust every surface in each room; vacuum or sweep floors including corners, 在家具, and beyond doorways; sanitize bathrooms with disinfectant wipes (don’t forget the toilet); wash all bedding on hot water setting; clean out fridge weekly inside and out as well as underneath it if possible; do a quick wipe-down of cutting boards, 台面, 等.; finally organize cabinets that are cluttered—find homes for everything before putting back where they belong! 使用这个检查表确保没有遗漏. 最后,别忘了整理壁橱和抽屉.


每个月你都应该做以下事情:清理餐具室, 冰箱, and refrigerator; sweep/vacuum all floors including corners 在家具, 等.; dust window sills; deep-clean appliances inside and outside of the fridge ovens, dishwasher, 等. 使用这个检查表确保没有遗漏. 最后,如果可以的话,不要忘记清空垃圾箱! 如果它每天都变脏, 然后试着每天改变它, 至少一周一次就够了. 让你的猫习惯使用它,把它们放在那里,当它们的食物被放进去, 所以他们把好东西和进去十大彩票正规平台起来! 这可能需要时间,但这是值得的努力.




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