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Seattle Neighborhood – Windermere

The Windermere Neighborhood


Windermere is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been thriving for over 100 years. If you’re looking to buy a property and live the good life, this is the place to do it! You’ll enjoy walking through our parks or sitting on our benches admiring the view of Lake Washington. There are plenty of houses for sale here at various price points – from starter homes to luxury mansions. Even a few businesses in the area, so you won’t have to travel far for anything you need.


There are many things to do and see in  Windermere, making it an ideal place for families or couples looking for homes for sale. The Windermere neighborhood has one-of-a-kind views that surround both sides of Lake Washington – so you can enjoy the surroundings without having neighbors on top of your house!


About the Windermere Neighborhood


Windermere Seattle is a neighborhood in the city of Seattle, Washington. It is situated between Lake Union and Puget Sound’s Elliott Bay, west of Queen Anne Hill and north of Belltown. Windermere’s name derives from the English town where founder Arthur Denny spent his honeymoon more than 150 years ago. In 1882, as part of an ambitious plan to link settlements with railroads throughout King County, he acquired some 300-acre (120 ha) site on what had been called “the windswept shores” by Native Americans who once lived there. He built a large home on the site to convince other members of the Denny Party who were still living in Portland, Oregon, that Seattle was worth their time.


But Denny recognized the area’s beauty and potential to attract wealthy buyers. So he named it Windermere after a lake situated near his home in England, which bordered on one of England’s most beautiful landscapes – the English Lake District.


Today, this Seattle neighborhood consists of homes built during the early 20th century and new homes built on the site of former gardens and estates. Windermere is one of Seattle’s most prized neighborhoods with large lots, beautiful views, an easy commute to downtown, and plenty of recreational opportunities all close at hand.


The Windermere neighborhood in Seattle is a great place to live. It’s full of amenities and includes everything from parks, trails, shopping, dining, and bars. – It has a wide range of home styles that go from tiny homes built in the 40s to larger condos or townhomes built more recently. – This diversity makes it possible to fit anyone’s budget or lifestyle desires when looking at buying a home in the Windermere neighborhood. – There is also plenty of public transportation available, so getting around doesn’t have to be difficult either!


Facts about the Windermere Neighborhood


Windermere is Seattle’s premier neighborhood and most desirable residential area. The homes in Windermere were built between 1907 and 1950, with some newer homes built in recent years. Windermere is home to Seattle’s most prominent families and business people, including the Nordstrom family who lived at Westchester Manor.


Windermere is one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in because it offers some of the best schools while still being close enough to commute into downtown or Bellevue via Interstate-90, which runs between them both. Residents also enjoy easy access to I-405, which connects all parts of Seattle whether you prefer northbound or southbound traffic on your morning commutes towards work! The community has an active neighborhood council (in case you want to get involved). Each year, it hosts several events, including a Fourth of July parade with children’s games like sack races where prizes are awarded at Garfield Park.


Despite its name, Windermere wasn’t named after the town near England’s largest lake (that would be Bowness). Instead, this was probably derived from Robert Southey’s poem “The Old Man of Windermere,” written during his stay at nearby Keswick sometime between 1803 and 1808.


It is known for its large homes with an emphasis on luxury living, and that means most of the residences are either single-family detached houses or condos. There aren’t many apartments in this neighborhood because it’s just too far from downtown, and there isn’t a need for all those people to live so close together when they can spread out instead! It looks like about 70% of residents own their properties. In comparison, 30% rent them – usually due to lack of personal income but sometimes by choice (such as an international student who wants to experience what American culture feels like). All real estate listings are displayed online through our website, where you can search our database containing hundreds upon hundreds of different listings to find one that’s just right for you.


It has a public elementary school that serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade called Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. The neighborhood also features two private schools: Holy Family Academy and Bishop Blanchet High School. Several parks throughout the community, including Windermere Park, where children can play soccer or baseball and basketball, tennis, and more.


Activities and Events in Windermere Neighborhood


Windermere is known for its beautiful views of Lake Washington. There are many scenic parks, trails, and beaches in the area that offer great activities year-round. The neighborhood also has various shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries to enjoy right here within its borders!


West of the University Village shopping mall is a wine store called Bottlehouse that has an incredible selection to choose from. It’s also featured in many local magazines for its fine wines, usually offered at half price on Wednesdays!


The Windermere neighborhood hosts several events throughout the year, including its annual Fourth of July parade, where kids can participate in games like sack races for prizes. There are also several neighborhood brunches to enjoy at local restaurants, including the Windermere Dinner, Bagel Oasis, and Cafe Ladro; or you can stop by Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, or Caribou Coffee. Instead!


This Seattle Neighborhood Windermere is full of life with people running past you on their way to work or enjoying an evening gazing at the stars alongside Puget Sound. These places have everything from quaint coffee houses to fine dining establishments where you can sit back & relax after a long day at work while being served by top-notch customer service representatives! With so much going on throughout this small community, it’s hard not to love what they have to offer.


Some Things To Do Near Windermere Neighborhood


Windermere Seattle has a wide variety of activities to enjoy, including the zoo and many parks. Some of our favorite places are listed below:


Windermere Park: This park is home to several events throughout the year, such as Art in the Park and Movies in the Park! It also features hiking trails that allow visitors access to stunning views of Lake Washington.


Seattle Rose Garden

The Seattle Rose Garden: It is located within the park and a part of the Washington Park Arboretum. The rose garden was designed by Richard Haag and is a great place to see beautiful blooms.

Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park: This park was originally an old sandstone quarry. Now, it’s home to the Carkeek Park Natural Area, which is well known for its hiking trails and stunning views of Puget Sound. It also features a historic lodge that serves as an event space!

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