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Seattle Neighborhood – Whittier Heights

The Whittier Heights Neighborhood


Whittier Heights is a well-established neighborhood that offers residents the benefits of city living and suburban amenities. The area has plenty of parks, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and other businesses to provide locals with their daily needs. With proximity to Seattle University and major bus routes like Route 7 running through it, this up-and-coming community offers many opportunities for those looking for an affordable place to live near downtown.


Whittier Heights is an established neighborhood that offers the best of both worlds. With plenty of community events, parks, and shops, living in this neighborhood provides residents with everything they could want. With a great central location and proximity to Seattle University, it’s not hard to see why this community proliferates.


The Whittier Heights neighborhood of Seattle provides residents the best of both worlds with its central location and proximity to Seattle University. With plenty of parks, schools, businesses, and community events, this neighborhood has everything you need for a great life!


About the Whittier Heights Neighborhood


Whittier Heights Neighborhood was initially part of the Town of Ballard. It became a city neighborhood when it joined Seattle in 1907 but remained relatively undeveloped for much longer than other parts of town because no streetcar line reached it until 1913. The electric streetcar brought increased development and residents who could afford housing northward from downtown Seattle. Growth continued into the 1930s as families sought more space outside the crowded central district during this period between World Wars One and Two (1914-1945). After WWII, growth slowed again throughout most areas in Seattle due to shortages created by rationing efforts at home while men were off fighting overseas. By 1960 however, population pressures had built up again, and more housing construction began to take off. The University Village Shopping Center was completed in 1958 at 50th Street & Roosevelt Way NE. By 1959 there were nineteen significant apartment buildings under construction, with nearly ten percent of them over twelve stories tall (a reflection perhaps on the post-war baby boom). Today Whittier Heights Neighborhood is filled primarily with single-family homes. It includes some apartments above commercial areas along 15th Avenue NW and a small number of row houses built for returning veterans after World War Two.


Nestled between two significant hills (Alaska Street Hill and McClellan Park), this neighborhood offers some fantastic views that are guaranteed to make your day. From an artistic perspective, it also houses several murals painted by various artists; these mural paintings may be found on many walls around Alaska Street hill or along Admiral Way South. The best time to visit them is during sunset when they become more visible due to their colors showing up better in the evening.


Whittier Heights Neighborhood is also right next to a great park that has many trails for you and your pets to enjoy, along with a fantastic view of Puget Sound! You can even go fishing there when it’s allowed (check out their website if this sounds like something you might be interested in). If hiking isn’t your thing but days at the beach are, then Alki Beach Park may do the trick: it’s one of Seattle’s most popular places because not only does its water have the perfect temperature for swimming or kayaking; views from here will make you want to come back again and explore more!


Finally, Whittier Heights Neighborhood is close enough so that walking around becomes an option. However, if you wish to do so, be mindful of the steep roads and watch your step!


The Whittier Heights neighborhood is one of the most spectacular neighborhoods in all of Seattle. It has several stunning homes that are located not too far from downtown. This means that residents have access to some great shops, restaurants, and other amenities within just minutes away. The area also offers beautiful views and proximity to many parks, which provides plenty of outdoor activities for people who want it. If you are looking for an ideal place to live, this might be the right choice!


Activities in Whittier Heights Neighborhood


When you live in Whittier Heights, there’s no need to travel far from home for fun things to do! Whether it’s going out on the town with a group of friends or relaxing at a local bar by yourself – everything is right near your front door. You’ll never have trouble finding something exciting to do when you live here. With tons of shops, great restaurants, and famous watering holes across all parts of the Whittier Heights Neighborhood, it can be complicated knowing where they are all located, so we’ve made this map just for that reason! Explore some new places today and enjoy living in such a fantastic neighborhood like Whittier Heights Seattle!


Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Attending an Everett AquaSox game makes for a perfect day out with friends or family members for those who love baseball. Attendees can enjoy not only watching the beautiful sport but plenty of delicious food as well. For children looking forward to seeing animals up close at one time or another, taking them to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park may be something they’ll remember forever since it offers such unique experiences like feeding bison and elk calves fresh from their mothers’ teats (check out our list on how you can save money while visiting). If golfing is your favorite pastime activity, we recommend you try out Seattle Golf Club or even play a round of disc golf at the DiscGolfU course.

Seattle Golf Club


As for those interested in some delicious food, there is always our list of restaurants to consider! We know that having too many choices can be overwhelming so let us help pick just one with this guide on where to go if you’re craving Mexican cuisine. Or, if it’s something more indulgent like French pastries, then we suggest stopping by Bottega Italiana for your fill since they offer plenty of different types, including ones suitable for vegan diets as well. Whichever way you choose from our recommendations, exploring Whittier Heights will surely provide an unforgettable experience!

Bottega Italiana


Community Events in Whittier Heights Neighborhood


Whittier Heights Neighborhood is a great place to live. This neighborhood has many community events that make this area even better! There are block parties, festivals, and parades for everyone to enjoy. These events include but are not limited to: the Halloween Parade, Spring Fling Festival, and Fall Fiesta Parada. There are also many community events to attend. One of the most popular is a weekly farmer’s market to purchase fresh foods and drinks. Here are some types of activities that help create strong relationships between neighbors in this neighborhood.

  • Farmer’s Market
  • Block Parties
  • Spring Fling Festival
  • Fall Fiesta Parada
  • Halloween Parade
  • Whittier Heights Annual Community Garage Sale


What’s in there at Whittier Heights Neighborhood?


Whittier Heights Neighborhood is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city. It has a lot to offer for both residents and visitors, so let’s take a look at what you can do there!


Seattle’s famous Fremont Troll is located next to Whittier Heights; it lives under one of the major bridges in this area (the Aurora Bridge), with its massive stone body blocking traffic from coming close enough for drivers not to notice that they need to go around him if they want access onto Troll Avenue underneath him.


What Can You Buy At Whittier Heights Neighborhood?


Apartments are probably what most people picture when they think of Whittier Heights Neighborhood. However, this neighborhood also has quite a few retail stores that are worth checking out!


For starters, if you need to buy any pets’ food supplies or pet accessories for your cat or dog (even fish and birds), then the best place for you is The Aquarium! You can find just about anything here when it comes to keeping animals healthy and happy in their living environment, including toys, foods, treats…you name it! They even have veterinary services available, so don’t be shy about asking them questions about what type of care may suit your specific needs.


Another great place where people shop around at Whittier Heights is Tukwila International Boulevard. It’s a great place not only for buying gifts and souvenirs but also for finding clothes made by designers from all over the world; don’t miss out on their amazing deals!


Finally, if you’re looking to buy lovely chocolates as a gift (either as a sweet treat or as some hostess present), then Seattle Chocolates will be your best friend. They have everything that makes chocolate taste even better: coffee beans, fruit flavors, nuts…the list goes on and on. You can either pick something up here and go ahead with what you originally planned to do at Whittier Heights Neighborhood or pass by this fantastic store whenever possible, so you won’t ever run out of choices when it comes time to give someone a tremendous gift that they’ll remember for a long time!


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