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西雅图 Neighborhood – 大学村



大学村 of 西雅图 is an up-and-coming area that has seen a significant transformation in the last two decades. Initially, this neighborhood was part of the University of Washington campus. 的 university decided to sell off the land because it became too expensive to manage it all by themselves. 今天, you’ll find many high-rise buildings and apartments here, as well as many 餐厅 and other shops for your convenience. Explore what’s happening at one of 西雅图’s most hip neighborhoods!


Just like Ballard or Capitol Hill before its own time, there’s no denying that U village will soon be overrun with new condos and townhomes. 的 area has been rezoned from being mainly focused on academics and study into a mixed-use community that includes residential, 零售选项, and some green space areas for recreation purposes. This zoning has caused the population density to increase by almost 50%.




的 大学村 is a great place to live, work, and play. 的 neighborhood offers some of the best shopping in the city, 有香蕉共和国这样的商店, 苹果商店, 和Nordstroms. 的re are numerous 餐厅 and entertainment options, including movies at Pacific Place or Ivar’s right on Lake Union! Whether you want to catch a Sounders game or go out for drinks, this neighborhood has it all.


的 大学村 has a population of roughly 21,000 people. Since the area is so close to the downtown core, it’s common for residents who work in the CBD to live out here. 的 majority of residents are between 25-44 years old with a medium-income of about $72,000 per year.


Many high-rise condos have been built in the 大学村 area over recent years, so more people are finding this location their new home! 与 easy access to public transportation, including multiple bus routes that can take you downtown, it’s not hard to see why many people find this neighborhood attractive for living purposes.


的 U village is also known by its nickname “的 Ave,” which has some history behind it dating back from when there was only one road running through the middle of campus (University Way). 今天 there are roughly 70 餐厅 & 酒吧 along “的 Ave,” making it one of the best spots for nightlife in all of 西雅图.


的re are some great public spaces around U village, 包括高速公路公园, which you can find right across from Pacific Place Mall & 联合湖上的伊瓦尔鲑鱼屋! Residents mainly use the park during nice weather to enjoy picnics and catch up with friends. It also features a water feature that runs throughout most of the area, 所以孩子们也会喜欢在这里玩! Nearby there is Cal Anderson Park, where people like to run through or relax near the lakefront.


最后, if you want an escape from city life but don’t have time for a vacation, then this neighborhood has plenty of green space to go around. 你可以找到桑顿溪, a small creek that runs through the U village neighborhood and outside Pacific Place Mall.




的 大学村 neighborhood of 西雅图 is located in the city’s First Hill area. This beautiful green and the hilly section includes many shops, 餐厅, 咖啡馆, 酒吧, and other businesses that cater to its college student residents and those looking for a place with great shopping opportunities. 的re are numerous apartments throughout this part of town which is perfect for people wanting to settle down near their places of employment or study. 的 area also has several parks where families can spend time together relaxing or playing sports.


的re are many public and private schools throughout the 大学村, 包括加菲尔德高中. 的 area is also home to a large hospital that serves all of 西雅图 and one of the city’s most popular attractions – Pike Place Market. This part of town has everything that people could want to feel at home away from their neighborhoods. 的re are buses available if someone prefers not to drive their car through this busy part of town. It is easy enough for everyone who wants to live here or visit frequently can do so easily with these transportation options within reach!




的 大学村 is a great place to live. 的re are many activities in this Northwest part of the city, including some college sports events and concerts at Marymoor Park that everyone can enjoy! 如果你在找 something like constantly cycling or running along Lake Washington Boulevard between Bellevue College and 雷德蒙. 如果你在找 a more natural escape, both Gas Works Park and Magnuson Park offer excellent opportunities to get out in nature.


大学村 has been around since the 1950s. It is one of the top shopping destinations in 西雅图, featuring many different retail outlets like Macy’s and Nordstrom. 另外, you’ll find several 餐厅 on-site with outdoor seating for people to enjoy when they are not busy browsing the stores or hitting up a class at 的 Lab fitness center. 的re are also many places nearby where students can grab drinks after work, so there’s always something to do whether you’re single or have kids! You don’t even need a car if you live here because everything is within walking distance from your front door!




大学村 Neighborhood has many community events. 的 University District Street Fair takes place every year on the first Sunday of June at the 大学村 Park. It is put together by businesses, artists, musicians, and volunteers in the neighborhood. 的re are performances throughout all day long, including live music from bands like My Goodness, 今年的表演! 的 University District Street Fair is a great way to check out the neighborhood while having fun!


In addition to the University District Street Fair, there are many other community events in the neighborhood. One of these is a Summer Movie Series that takes place at night on Thursday evenings from June through August and features family-friendly movies. 的 Village Halloween Parade held in October is another great event where you can get dressed up in your best costume and go trick-or-treating along with hundreds of others! 还有各种各样的音乐会, 讲座, 瑜伽课程, and more throughout the year so make sure to check out what’s going on when you’re visiting for fun or holiday breaks from school!


每年11月11日, local businesses come together with the 大学村 Merchants Association (UVMA) to put on a day of free events celebrating veterans. Make sure you stop by your favorite stores because they will be offering discounts to veterans in honor of the day. 的re will be a ceremony honoring our community partners who have served, 地方组织的示威活动, and activities for children all day long!




的re are many exciting things to do near the 大学村 neighborhood of 西雅图, WA. 的 first thing you should probably do is eat at one of its excellent 餐厅 because there are so many! 当到了购物的时候, you won’t be disappointed either with all the beautiful stores and shops available around here. 在它上面, this area has great places to take your dog out on walks if that happens to be something that interests you or family outing locations where everyone can have a good time together!


Burke Museum of Nature History and Culture

Burke Museum of Nature History and Culture: 的 Burke Museum is a natural history and culture museum near the University of Washington. 的 collection has about 16 million objects, 包括古生物学的标本, 生物学, 民族学, 当地的考古, 并在全球范围内进行十大可靠彩票平台面工作.



亨利美术馆: This art gallery at the University of Washington houses over 45000 pieces in its permanent collections, focusing primarily on modern American art and some contemporary international work and traditional Asian skills. Temporary exhibitions are curated by both regional artists and curators nationally recognized for their expertise in particular areas.



联合湾自然区: This is a public park on the north shore of Lake Washington at Husky Stadium. 的 site was once an unaltered saltwater bay but has since been transformed into freshwater wetlands with restored native vegetation and beaches for sunbathing. A boardwalk provides two pedestrian/cyclist access points over the marsh, while trails circle the entire swamp or connect to nearby Burke-Gilman Trail via Ray’s Boathouse & 咖啡馆.



奎德-华盛顿大学: This is the primary green space students and faculty use at the University of Washington. 它就像一个竞技场, 一个露天剧场, 也是学生们聚会的地方, 玩飞盘或沙包. It is home to the UW Olympic rowing crew in 西雅图 as well as many other sports clubs.


西雅图's Official Bad Art Museum of Art

西雅图’s Official Bad Art Museum of Art: This is a small museum in the University District with paintings, 草图, and other pieces of art that are considered terrible. It even includes some items from prominent artists who were not well known during their lifetime, 包括罗伯特Arneson, whose work was rejected by galleries but later became sought after by collectors once he passed away.



统一的博物馆: This museum is dedicated to exposing visitors to the diversity of cultures in 西雅图 with exhibits including Native American, 非裔美国人, 和亚洲艺术品. 的 permanent collection consists primarily of pieces from Africa, but some works are also related to other areas. Temporary exhibitions feature local artists and national ones who work closely with current events or issues.


如果你在找 西雅图的房屋清洁和我们一起去吧!