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南湖联盟 是华盛顿西雅图的一个社区. It was once an industrial and commercial district but has recently undergone extensive redevelopment to accommodate the growing number of technology companies that have moved into the area. 这个社区的名字来源于它靠近联合湖, 它与西雅图市中心接壤, 丹尼三角形, 和级联社区.


The neighborhood is home to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus and Amazon’s new headquarters, 被称为“亚马逊塔”.“南湖联盟也有各种各样的住宅. The neighborhood has made extensive efforts at outdoor landscaping and urban greening with an ambitious project which planted thousands of trees on public sidewalks throughout the district.




南湖联合社区是市中心一个独特的社区. 这里曾经是西雅图的工业区, 然后它主要变成了商业和生物医学研究中心. 最近, 南湖联盟 has been redeveloped into an urban center with many retail outlets, 公寓, 以及亚马逊(Amazon)等科技公司的办公室.com.


有很多理由考虑住在南湖联合社区. 首先, this is a very walkable neighborhood so it won’t be difficult for you and your family members to go around the area on foot or by bike. There are also plenty of great places to jog or enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, 运行, 还有沿着海滨的自行车道. The famous 太空针塔 also offers beautiful views from its observation deck that might be worth visiting with friends and family during any season at night or daytime.


南湖联盟 neighborhood is an excellent place for families with kids because it’s very young and offers many opportunities for business startups which might be perfect if you want to position your startup company there. 它也有一个高度集中的人在工作日在这里工作, 所以连接不会花很长时间, plus it’s easy to go around on foot or bike thanks to its walkability feature. 最后但并非最不重要, living in this area provides fantastic views from places such as 太空针塔, 这使得它成为白天和晚上的好去处.


有人会考虑住在南湖联合社区(南湖联盟 Neighborhood), such as its easy walkability and high concentration of people working here during weekdays. Families with kids might also enjoy this area because there’s plenty of opportunities for business start-ups, 加上容易步行或自行车由于其特点. 无论何时,这都是一个游览的好地方, 多亏了像太空针塔这样提供美丽风景的网站!




The 南湖联盟 neighborhood is the most densely populated in 西雅图. The 南湖联盟 neighborhood has a population of approximately 43,000 people.


One-third of this population lives and works within the neighborhood boundaries. 十分之七的居民独居或与一人同居, 而只有6%的孩子住在家里. Half of all adults are married, which is higher than both the city average and national average. About two-thirds of renters said they moved to their current building because it was affordable compared to other options available when they moved into their apartments.


四分之一的人表示,离工作地点近是租房的原因之一. About half answered convenience to shopping centers 和娱乐场所 close by made up another essential factor for apartment selection. It is the fourth largest business district in 西雅图 and home to more than 40,000 jobs.


它是美国发展最快的社区之一, 每天大约有30个人搬到这个地区. The 南湖联盟 neighborhood has a younger population than the city and national averages due to several significant corporations opening offices here, 比如亚马逊, 把总部从比肯山搬到南湖联盟.




西雅图的南湖联合社区是市中心一个独特的社区. The area has been going through massive redevelopment over the past decade. 随着新企业和景点的开业, 它在当地居民和游客中越来越受欢迎. Here are some things you can do when visiting or living in this part of town:



-四处走走 湖联盟. 这个湖是这个城市最好的风景名胜之一, 在这里可以看到西雅图市中心令人难以置信的景色, 太空针, 和太. 晴天时的雷尼尔.

西雅图历史博物馆 & 行业(MOHAI)

——查看 西雅图历史博物馆 & 行业(MOHAI) for a unique hands-on experience with exhibits that explore how technology has shaped our world throughout history.


——在 亚马逊去 to browse through gadgets, toys, tools, and other exciting items from the online retailer.


-欣赏美丽的风景 太空针塔 或者在它的餐厅享用一顿饭.

-参观西雅图体验音乐项目 & 科幻博物馆的有趣和激动人心的音乐展示, 科幻电影, 电视节目, 幻想小说, 和更多的!

南湖联盟是西雅图一个很有前途的社区, 你应该考虑住在这里有几个原因. 这个地区有很好的住房选择,有各种各样的设施,比如健身房, 池, 而且价格合理. 在附近也有很多事情可以做, making it perfect for young professionals who want easy access to their jobs while still having time after work for outdoor activities or fun with friends.

– Live in one of the 南湖联盟 Neighborhood apartments for rent to enjoy easy access to work, 购物中心, 和娱乐场所. It is also a great way to afford to house while being close by all these amenities without paying too much rent.

-参观位于南湖联盟的亚马逊总部. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet Jeff Bezos and tour the sprawling office!




南湖联盟社区是一个生活、工作和娱乐的好地方. There are many community events that you can attend in the neighborhood throughout the year. 其中包括:


食品卡车的节日: This event happens during the summer months and has live music, food trucks, and a beer/wine garden.


南湖联合街展: 这个街头集市在夏季举行,有150多个手工艺品小贩 & 当地企业和一些现场音乐.


圣诞树亮灯这个节日活动在12月举行,包括免费的热巧克力 & 甜甜圈和圣诞老人的出现!


附近的市场: This is a Saturday event that happens year-round and features approximately 90+ vendors selling locally sourced food, 生产 & 手工制作的产品.


If you are looking for fun events to enjoy at your home base of the 南湖联盟, 一个社区, 你肯定会找到一些让你感兴趣的东西!




博物馆的历史 & 行业(MOHAI): MOHAI is located on the south side of 湖联盟, which was once home to a boatyard. 该博物馆的重点是西雅图的历史, 这里曾经是造船的发源地, 所以它是历史爱好者的绝佳去处.


木船中心: 这个博物馆是历史和航海爱好者的绝佳去处. The collection features historic wooden vessels from the Puget Sound area and marine engines, 和其他构件.


联合湖公园: 这里是划船、野餐和户外活动的理想场所. There are lots of grassy areas, where you can relax with your family and friends.


西北港口: 对于那些热爱海洋和船只的人来说,这里是一个绝佳的地方. There are several historic boat exhibits, as well as concerts, festivals, and educational programs.


西雅图水上飞机: 南湖联盟 is home to 西雅图 Seaplanes, which has scenic flights leaving around the city. You can enjoy views of skyscrapers and beautiful nature as you fly over the city and Puget Sound.

丹尼公园: 南湖联盟 is home to Denny Park, which features beautiful views of the city skyline. This park has many attractive trees and shrubs, as well as a picnic area and playgrounds.


如果你在找 西雅图的房屋清洁和我们一起去吧!