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砂点 is a neighborhood in 西雅图, WA, that offers an incredible 水front experience. 海滩就在你家门口, 以及城市的景色, 水, 山脉令人惊叹. It’s one of those neighborhoods where you can go to work every day without ever leaving home because everything you need is right there. You’ll find plenty of restaurants nearby as well as shops for groceries or other necessities. 此外,还有带网球场的公园, 篮球场, 足球场, 孩子们的游乐场,简直太完美了!


砂点 西雅图 Neighborhood is a great place to live for all the beach lovers and those who love being around 水. 西雅图沙点社区位于华盛顿湖的北端. 这个半岛位于普吉特湾和华盛顿湖之间, 包含两个人工湖, 东、西双子湖. 大约一半的手臂是一个公园,而一些部分仍在开发中.




砂点 is a 西雅图 Neighborhood situated on the eastern shore of Lake Washington in King County. 这个社区自建立以来一直在扩大, 今天,它吸引了许多人寻找海滩生活和城市便利. 砂点 offers immediate access to Interstate 90, which makes commuting easy from here. 该地区主要由独栋住宅和公寓建筑组成. 这个西雅图社区的居民很欣赏这个紧密的社区, 位置很好,靠近贝尔维尤市中心和西雅图海滨, 附近有许多公园和海滩.


沙点有一点悠闲,有大城市的便利设施. 西雅图的房价很合理,而且从这个地区到各处都很方便. 北, 有华盛顿湖, 除此之外, Mercer Island provides many great places for people who love 划船 or other 水 sports. There aren’t as many homes in this part of town because much of the land belongs to Magnuson公园, 所以,如果你曾经想要一处海滨房产,但又负担不起, 那么也许现在是时候了! 你仍然可以沿着这里的海岸线走, 太, without having to spend an arm and a leg on your housing costs; either way, 记住,住在水边总是有风险的, 尤其是冬天气温下降的时候, 水结冰了.


砂点 is close enough to downtown 西雅图 yet far enough away for people who enjoy living near nature with an easy commute into town. The 水front location makes it convenient for residents to get out onto Puget Sound or Lake Union while enjoying views of these bodies of 水 as well as Mount Rainier beyond them. Some consider 砂点 one of the best 西雅图 neighborhoods for people who love 水.




砂点 is a primarily residential neighborhood located on the shores of Lake Washington in 西雅图, WA. It’s an official city designation and recognized by King County and has been since its incorporation back in 1891. The name “砂点” comes from the giant dunes that covered most of this area until they were leveled during construction projects before World War II. 今天, it’s home to one civic park (Bryn Mawr Park) and three designated playfields: Matthews Beach Park; Magnuson公园; and Lawton Playfield at Cowan Court, 全部开放供公众使用. Other features include various private tennis courts/clubs such as Shorecrest Tennis Club or Fairview Lawn Tennis Club, 沙点乡村俱乐部的所在地.


西雅图沙点社区(砂点 西雅图 Neighborhood)是一个机场和制造业基地. 它以沙点海军航空站的名字命名, 直到1998年,哪个国家一直占据着朝鲜半岛的北部, 当它关闭的时候, 给西雅图造成了巨大的经济损失. In 2005, the City of 西雅图 purchased most of the land from the federal government and turned it into a park with some retail space in between. The neighborhood gets its name from Fort Lawton at Discovery Park on the community’s northern edge, 以陆军将军亨利·威尔·劳顿(1843-1912)命名.


今天 砂点 is one of those neighborhoods where you can get anything done without having to leave home! 你需要的一切都在家门口:当地餐馆, 咖啡店, 酒吧, 和各种商店. 但如果你想出去购物或有一个丰富多彩的夜生活体验, 西雅图市中心离这里只有很短的车程.

One of the main reasons people are attracted to 砂点 西雅图 is right between two other great neighborhoods on Lake Washington. 它就在劳蕾尔赫斯特旁边, 繁荣的商业区, 美丽的居民区, 和麦迪逊公园. Residents of the different neighborhoods are often drawn to 砂点 because it has similar amenities and is right between them, 使骑车或开车通勤更方便.


The cost of living in the 砂点 西雅图 neighborhood is also lower than in other parts of 西雅图, making it an attractive option for those who want city amenities but don’t want to pay the steep prices associated with them. People who visit 砂点 西雅图 will find a beautiful neighborhood with many attractions and amenities, 对于那些想要搬家的人来说,这是一个有吸引力的选择.




西雅图是华盛顿最美丽的城市之一, 但这并不意味着任何人都能住得起. The 砂点 neighborhood of 西雅图 is one option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of living near Elliott Bay but don’t have the money or desire to pay top dollar for a home in Queen Anne, 巴拉德, 或木兰.


这个城市提供了令人难以置信的各种各样的吸引人的室内和室外, 包括皮划艇, 划船, 在华盛顿湖上滑雪(冬季), 在探索公园远足, 在马格努森公园高尔夫球场打球, 沿着伯克-吉尔曼步道骑行, watching salmon spawn in Thornton Creek during autumn months (October thru December) and fishing year-round from piers on Portage Bay. 还有很多十大可靠彩票平台店以二手十大可靠彩票平台和唱片店为特色.


A shopper can find everything from their favorite grocery store in The Bon Marche Mall with plenty of shopping and dining options nearby; you will be within walking distance to some great restaurants, including two favorites for Indian food at Rosemary Rocksalt Urban Café or Szechuan cuisine.


如果骑自行车是你的风格, check out “Bike There” maps and routes available online through SDOT that provide information about the top 20 骑自行车 corridors in 西雅图, 大部分都穿过沙点镇.


沙点有很多食物选择, with many local restaurants near the 水front offering fantastic views of Lake Washington. 这个地区的美味三明治店多得惊人. 这个地区最受欢迎的餐馆之一叫做“鲸鱼赢了”.” This restaurant has a great menu with something for everyone and some fascinating options if you’re looking to try vegan food.




The 砂点 西雅图 neighborhood is a great place to live if you want to be in the heart of 西雅图 without paying an arm and a leg for it. 它拥有最多的. 这里有一些在西雅图沙点附近可以做的事情, 划船的机会, 还有去沙点的剧院, 西雅图为游客提供许多活动.



帆砂点: Enjoy the 水 and 西雅图 skyline from your boat as you learn about sailing fundamentals under expert guidance. 为确保安全,每节课的空间有限,需要预订. 根据海岸警卫队的规定,酒精饮料是不允许带上船只的.

吞下: 砂点 西雅图 Neighborhood is home to several cottages available for rent through Gobble Up.


沙点乡村俱乐部: The 18-hole course at the country club is located on about 100 acres in 砂点 西雅图 Neighborhood, 还有一些蜿蜒穿过森林的洞.


蓟剧院: 这家剧院致力于制作世界一流的戏剧和舞蹈表演.

Warren G. Magnuson公园

西雅图城市公园: 马格努森公园是西雅图最大的公园,以跑步为特色, 遛狗, 骑自行车, 运动场, 和野餐区.


西雅图海鹰队: 观看最新比赛 CenturyLink领域, which has been voted one of the loudest stadiums in America by NFL players for its incredible fans. 该体育场全年举办其他活动,如音乐会和摩托车越野赛.

Warren G. Magnuson公园: 马格努森公园位于西雅图的沙点. 这里有好几条小径可以徒步旅行,而且离水从不太远. 海滩上有一个长长的码头,你可以在那里钓鱼或观看华盛顿湖上船只经过. 你甚至可以看到一些水上飞机在附近起飞!


道格拉斯·霍利斯的《十大彩票正规平台》: “声音花园”是一个位于西雅图沙点的户外艺术装置. The garden has several wind chimes of various sizes and shapes, all hanging from the trees. 当你在他们周围走动时, 它们发出不同的声音,取决于那天的微风是坚实的还是轻柔的.


太空针塔: The 太空针塔 is a 西雅图 icon and landmark that you can see from all over the city. 它位于市中心,但离沙点也不远!


如果你在找 西雅图的房屋清洁和我们一起去吧!