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Seattle Neighborhood – Roxhill

The Roxhill Neighborhood


罗克希尔是西雅图的一个社区,已经存在了几十年, but it’s still relatively unknown to many. 这个社区提供许多便利设施,包括公园、学校和商店. It also features an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery and hidden houses that blend in naturally with the environment. 罗克希尔是西雅图最受欢迎的社区之一,因为有这些品质和更多!


Roxhill is a community within south-central Seattle primarily developed during World War II by members of the U.1940-1941年间,美国陆军工兵部队隶属于劳顿堡(现在的探索公园). After WWII ended, people began moving into this area due to affordable housing prices; however, most homes were built to be relatively short-term, and many had problems with bad plumbing. 从那时起,它已经发展成为一个友好、安静的社区,犯罪率低,租金便宜.


About the Roxhill Neighborhood


罗克希尔是西雅图的一个社区,已经存在了几十年 but remains relatively unknown. The area offers many amenities, including parks, schools, and shops; however, it lacks public transportation options making it hard for people who rely on this service to commute in and out of the neighborhood. Living here will also give you access to an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery while unobtrusive houses blend naturally into their environment. 由于这些特点,罗克希尔是西雅图最受欢迎的社区之一!


它有社区中心和公园,罗克希尔公园. You may find that this neighborhood isn’t as well-known or publicized compared to other areas like Ballard or Capitol Hill. Still, it does not mean that you should either overlook it when thinking about places to live in Washington state or assume so because there are some great attractions here, such as:


罗克希尔的历史可以追溯到100多年前, 它被认为是首批建立在西雅图市区以外的社区之一. There was even an amusement park located at the same site where today’s Roxhill Park stands on which operated from 1906 until 1912, 之后被当地人简单地称为“游乐园”.”


在这个社区,你会发现一个被自然和野生动物包围的社区. 这里的房子大多是平房式的,坐落在大片有成熟树木的土地上, creating a hidden setting for those who want to live near the city but not be part of it all day long. 除了生活在这些地区或在迁徙过程中经过的许多鸟类, other local faunas such as deer and even elk make their home within Roxhill Neighborhood boundaries. This environment provides a quiet atmosphere where neighbors can feel comfortable knowing they’re close enough should something happen while still being far enough away from noise pollution to provide peace and tranquility every day of the week.


在罗克希尔附近有很多事情可以做, and people traveling from all over the city may be surprised at what they find when strolling through its streets. 与安妮女王的其他区域相比,它往往有一种更加低调的感觉, 但这并不意味着它缺乏任何居民可以享受的设施或功能, 其中一个是Roxhill的社区中心,配有健身房, sauna, meeting space as well as having access to outdoor activities such as tennis courts and playgrounds for children. 这个地区的公园最近也翻修过了, with new play equipment installed, paths repaved, plus even entryways built from stone offering an old-fashioned rustic look which adds a lovely charm if you’re looking for a place to call home that’s outside the typical and crowded city environment.


Residents who enjoy hiking or like spending time out of doors will undoubtedly appreciate this neighborhood more than most, with it having views of both Lake Union and Westlake Park available from some points within its territory. 甚至在整个地区的许多街道上都有大量的树木, giving these places excellent seclusion but also making them very peaceful too when you take into consideration how close they are located to downtown Seattle itself, 哪些地方的噪音水平因交通流量而偏高, etc. You can find homes for sale in Roxhill listed on Trulia by searching through their website currently via your browser, 所以不要再等着了解这个社区了!


Facts about the Roxhill Neighborhood


The Roxhill neighborhood has been traditionally an industrial location for families of color; however, it’s changing to a mix of high-rise condos and apartments with single-family homes that have yards which creates a good sense of community among neighbors.


罗克希尔是一个宁静的社区,学校评价很高, shopping opportunities, and some of the best parks in western Washington. The area has many family-friendly amenities, including top-notch public transportation, 使去市中心工作或娱乐变得容易. It is an ideal place to raise children as crime rates are low and there are lots of activities to do outside during all seasons.


The Roxhill Neighborhood also offers residents ready access to natural beauty at every turn; whether it’s walking under towering trees on one of its trails or enjoying wildlife viewing from your backyard – this neighborhood does have it all! 如果你不想做饭,步行就能到达几家餐馆, but if you do, 该地区也有许多杂货店和农贸市场.


Roxhill also offers many small, family-owned businesses and operates to help foster a sense of community among neighbors while providing excellent customer service and low prices like Casa Latina (domestic violence services), High Point医疗中心(自1978年以来服务于西雅图南部的初级医疗保健中心), 面朝东餐厅(中餐包括点心), 南方公园家庭保健诊所(免费保健诊所), Hillman City Collaboratory (community organization with affordable housing for artists and makers), Centerstone (mental health services),


此外,Roxhill是一个非常环保的社区. It has been awarded LEED Gold certification for its high-efficiency building standards and green roofs, 提高了附近建筑的能源效率.


Roxhill也有几个社区公园因其设计和功能而得到认可, such as Hillman City Collaboratory, Sunset Playground, Roxhill Park.


罗克希尔社区有自己的社区合作实验室, where residents can participate in various activities like fitness classes or potlucks with their neighbors during the week for free.


In addition, 几个公园位于Roxhill,由城市维护, which have play structures, open green spaces for kids to run around in, basketball courts.


Activities in Roxhill Neighborhood


This Roxhill Neighborhood is very diverse, 住在里面的人喜欢庆祝他们不同的文化. Every summer, 有一个很多人都来参加的大型活动,叫做罗克希尔社区街道集市. 沿着几条街道搭起了棚子和帐篷, 每个国家都有不同的食品和文化物品用于销售或展示. 参加这个集市的人可以品尝来自世界各地的食物, including Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Mexico / Latin America, 和孩子一起玩抛环之类的游戏!


除了社区活动资源之外, 居民还可以在附近的体育场馆进行锻炼. The closest baseball fields, for example, are just less than two miles away, where they will be able to schedule practices during certain hours of the day depending on what time it is currently. 此外,该社区距离两个不同的社区中心不到三英里.


There are also many private businesses in Roxhill Neighborhood for those who want to rent out space. Some of these include study spaces where students can work on homework or projects together at their own pace, 以及会议室,如果你需要一个地方与你的团队成员举行重要会议!


定期安排的罗克希尔社区活动包括步行俱乐部, yoga classes, and cultural events. Several community groups also host special interest gatherings for those interested in specific topics such as watercolor painting or drawing instruction.


附近的小学也总是有一些有趣的事情发生! The school has a vast community room where many different parties and games occur throughout the year. 任何时候,如果有人想要举办一个派对,但又付不起租金, 他们去学校参加一个激动人心的庆祝活动.


许多罗克希尔社区的居民在他们的社区里也非常活跃, 他们全年都在帮助一些社区项目. 其中包括公园清洁、植树活动和食物募捐集会.


在Roxhill社区也有一个社区花园. 任何人都可以过来帮忙种植、除草、收割和其他园艺杂务. 即使有人不是洛克希尔社区的居民, 他们仍然可以在社区花园停下来,采摘一些新鲜的农产品或植物带回家.


In addition, there is an after-school program provided by volunteers from local colleges during the academic year. 如果你的孩子在罗克希尔社区上小学, 他们将免费参加这个优秀的项目! In addition, there is a very popular youth basketball league that many children from the neighborhood play with each week.


The best thing about the Roxhill neighborhood is how naturally beautiful it seems; there isn’t anything too showy here, 足够的美使生活精彩而不过度. You can find many things to do in Roxhill.


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