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Seattle Neighborhood – Phinney Ridge

The Phinney Ridge Neighborhood


Phinney Ridge is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Seattle. The homes are all well-maintained, and there’s never any litter on the sidewalks or in the green spaces. It’s an ideal place for families with children, as it has plenty of parks and schools to choose from. But Phinney Ridge isn’t just a great family neighborhood; it also accommodates singles who want their own space, couples without children looking for a quiet area to call home, and retirees who enjoy living close to everything they need but still want their yard.

About the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood


Phinney Ridge is a Seattle neighborhood that borders Greenwood and Ballard. It offers a lot of great views as well as the Greenlake park system. This area has plenty of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, cafes & bakeries to keep you busy for hours! There are also many recreational opportunities, including golf courses and other outdoor activities like jogging or biking around this beautiful lake. Public transportation lines easily connect neighboring neighborhoods, so it’s easy to travel from place to place.


This neighborhood is a great place to live with easy access to other nearby neighborhoods via public transportation lines. There are many different restaurants, cafes, and shopping options in this area that make it perfect for travelers. The beautiful views from Phinney Ridge also add another element of charm, making this neighborhood one of the best Seattle neighborhoods around! With plenty of recreation opportunities, including jogging & biking at Greenlake, you’ll never be bored when staying here! This city offers so much to do, so check out what else is while visiting or moving into these excellent areas called Greenwood & Ballard! Everyone will enjoy living here, whether traveling through or calling it home, because it has everything you’ll need!


You can find everything you need with plenty of grocery stores, bakeries & coffee shops, you can find everything you need here without ever having to leave the neighborhood. Everyone will love these fantastic areas called Greenwood & Ballard because they offer some great things not found elsewhere, including outdoor spaces perfect for jogging or biking throughout Greenlake Park System! You’d be bored when you stay here with all the options for food, shopping & entertainment this neighborhood offers!


The Greenlake park system also offers scenic views and significant recreation activities like jogging or biking through different trails in the area. There are plenty of shops & restaurants within walking distance so there’s something close by no matter what your favorite activity may be, which makes a living here so much easier than other places! Live somewhere near popular attractions, including Greenwood & Ballard, with these fantastic neighborhoods because they offer some unique things you won’t find elsewhere!


Facts about the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood


It is home to the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association. There are over 15,000 members in this association today, which was founded back in 1921!

Phinney Ridge includes that it has a meager crime rate and excellent schools.

It was named after A.H. Phinney, who owned much of the land back when it first opened up for settlers. The ridge that this neighborhood sits on used to be called Dog Hill by locals because they would let their dogs run free here during hikes along its trails.-This area becomes home to around 12,000 people today, including many new families looking at homes near Green Lake, which is one stop away from it via public transportation (where you can also find a fantastic park)

Phinney Ridge is one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods, and there are plenty of reasons why! Multiple publications have already named this small community among several ‘Best Neighborhoods,’ including CNN Money Magazine. It was chosen as their top pick for real estate opportunities in 2015. Along with receiving recognition from Niche for their Top Ten Best Seattle Suburbs list!

In addition to this, Phinney Ridge also received accolades from Niche, who ranked it within its Top Ten Best Seattle Suburbs list after comparing crime rates, public schools ratings, and state test scores across various suburbs surrounding the city itself. When you look at all these facts about Phinney Ridge combined, they make up an area that is truly one-of-a-kind and a great place to live, whether you are raising a family or planning on living a single life.


Things to do Near Phinney Ridge Neighborhood


If you’re looking for things to do near Phinney Ridge Seattle Neighborhood, then read on! We’ve got the scoop on what’s going down in this part of town. You’ll want to check out these top attractions and events:


Seattle Center

Northwest Folklife Festival: This popular music and dance festival is a must for all those who enjoy live entertainment. There will be more than 100 performances by local and international performers spread throughout two days, so there’s something that everyone can look forward to here!


Ballard Locks

Ballard Locks: Check out this historical site if you want to learn about the history of Seattle and how it was created. The Locks were built back in 1911 but have been recently renovated to maintain their original look. Kids will love seeing the salmon swim upstream through the ladder here too!


The Ballard Farmers Market

The Ballard Farmers Market: This year-round market is open every Sunday and boasts some of the best fresh produce, organic goods, meats, seafood, and more that you can find in Seattle! If you’re looking for a great place to buy local foods, then this should be on your list. You’ll also want to grab some pastries from Purrfect Cupcakes while you’re there; they are known as one of Seattle’s best bakeries, so come hungry!


Finding the best restaurant in a neighborhood can be difficult. There are no guarantees that one location will have every cuisine or type of food you want, but some communities generally stand out as having more options than others. One great example is Phinney Ridge Seattle, which has an excellent list of nearby restaurants covering all types. Here are our top picks for things to do near Phinney Ridge Seattle: When it comes time to eat dinner or grab drinks with friends after work or school, knowing where your go-to locations will be before you even leave makes life just a little bit easier! This guide features just a few of the best neighborhoods in Seattle that are perfect for finding great food nearby.


Community Events in Phinney Ridge


Phinney Ridge Neighborhoods are friendly, safe, and family-friendly. Phinney Ridge is known for its community events throughout the year, including an annual parade.

Community Events in Phinney Ridge include:


  • Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • Bugles Across America Memorial Service
  • Phinney Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting
  • Annual Phinney Neighborhood Association Community Picnic
  • Summertime Movie Nights at Lost Lake Park

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