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Seattle Neighborhood – Northlake

The Northlake Neighborhood


Northlake is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been largely untouched by the city’s rapid growth, but it’s quickly becoming one of Seattle’s most sought-after neighborhoods because of its proximity to Downtown and Fremont. Northlake residents can enjoy close access to all the benefits that come with living in one of America’s fastest-growing cities without being surrounded by high rises or traffic congestion.


About the Northlake Neighborhood


The Northlake Neighborhood 位于城市的西北角. 西临华盛顿湖,北临普吉特湾, 这个社区提供了进入两个水体的途径,而不是直接进入其中任何一个. The Lakeview, Bryant, Sand Point Country Club Estates, 和梅多布鲁克社区三面接壤. Shoreline shares a small section of its southern edge just before passing into Mountlake Terrace.


该地区在19世纪50年代首次有人定居,用于农耕, 但它的人口一直很稀少,直到第二次世界大战后. 近年来,一些老房子被新住宅所取代. The neighborhood is popular with families due to its proximity to parks and schools and the University of Washington. 它也靠近市中心,方便前往99州际公路和公共交通. 它包含许多古老的房屋,最初是一个农业社区. 这个名字来自于它位于靠近弗里蒙特卡特的联合湖上, with “North” referring to its position relative to downtown and “Lake” describing nearby Lake Union.


这一带有几家小公司和几家较大的零售商. Homeowners can enjoy the Lake Washington shoreline and the extensive parks system found throughout North Seattle, including Magnuson Park, 沙点乡村俱乐部庄园公园, Meadowbrook Playfield, and Bryant Neighborhood Park. One of our favorite places is Pop Keeney Stadium which hosts baseball games for Shorewood High School during the spring season. Cascadia Green Building Council has recognized the stadium itself with its LEED Silver designation thanks primarily to sustainable elements such as composting toilets that reduce water usage from city sewer systems while helping growers offset food costs through nutrient recovery programs. 在夏季的几个月里,这个公园也以户外开放为特色, picnic tables, 还有供孩子们玩耍的水景.




北湖(Northlake)社区是该市最令人向往的社区之一. It contains several notable architectural features and has been preserved over time due to its historical significance. 这个地区曾经是许多富裕家庭的家园. Still, it eventually became a part of Seattle’s industrial district for years before being redeveloped into luxury condos and townhouses worth millions. 大小从小型工作室到带多个十大可靠彩票平台的大型两室住宅不等, plenty of storage space, and modern amenities such as gourmet kitchens equipped with top-of-the-line appliances made by renowned brands like Wolf or SubZero. 居民可以参加各种有趣的社区活动, 包括在当地餐馆品尝葡萄酒, outdoor concerts on Lake Union, 以及提供多种课程和讲习班的社区中心, such as yoga or painting.


北湖社区有许多历史建筑, 包括建于1907年的前沙点海军站. This station included two hangars, barracks, warehouses, 和其他支撑结构覆盖了近700英亩的土地, 这使它成为当时西海岸最大的海军基地之一. In 2008, 国王县公园部门划出20英亩土地作为“沙点公园”,该课程现在主打一些热门景点,比如肖尔伍德高中的越野课程 & track while also hosting events like RunFest each fall where runners can enjoy views of Puget Sound throughout their run along with food trucks after completing races up to five miles long.


由于靠近市中心,这一地区的人气持续增长也就不足为奇了. The neighborhood is also very close to I-90 and 520, making it an excellent choice for commuters. Northlake Seattle feels like a rural oasis in an otherwise busy city with its stately homes and row of trees along the streets.




The Northlake Neighborhood has a community center that can host the area’s most significant events. 其中包括高中毕业典礼、婚宴和公司会议. 周一到周五上午,社区中心还为老年人提供课程. Every Wednesday evening, they have dance lessons available and other activities like ice cream socials and holiday decorating contests. There are also monthly members’ meetings with guest speakers on topics like the importance of vegetables in your diet, CPR classes, etc.

居委会定期组织例会,向公众开放. These meetings are a great way to meet other residents and find out more about the neighborhood.


This neighborhood is also home to numerous outdoor concerts, art shows, and other fun gatherings. These are popular with Northlake Seattle residents and draw in visitors from all over the city.


每周三,社区中心都有舞蹈课. 这是结识朋友和社交的好方法,同时也能学到新东西! 其他活动包括冰激凌社交和节日装饰比赛, which are held throughout the year. 这个社区中心总是在发生一些事情!




北湖社区是举办各种活动的好地方. There are many parks, walking trails, and summer events that take place here throughout the year! One popular event to check out if you’re a food lover is the North Lake Farmers Market which takes place on Saturdays from May through September. Also, 灯塔社区中心总是有事情发生, where they have weekly workshops, community yoga classes, and holiday celebrations. 除了这些有趣的事情发生在这个地区, it also boasts some pretty amazing views of downtown Seattle – especially during sunset when Mount Rainier comes into view!


People who like to go out for outdoor activities can find plenty of places in Northlake, Seattle. Several trails lead into the forested areas behind the community center and a popular route along North Lake Washington Boulevard up to Magnuson Park (where you can run for about five miles). 在西雅图北湖附近十英里内甚至有三个公共高尔夫球场.

Northlake Seattle’s lush green parks and proximity to downtown Seattle make it an excellent place for outdoor activities. 如果你喜欢徒步旅行,有很多小道可以通往社区中心后面的森林区域. For runners, 这里有一条很受欢迎的小道,沿着华盛顿北湖大道一直延伸到马格努森公园, 能跑5英里的地方. Also, Shorewood High School’s cross-country course leads through this park and is open for public use after school hours. 西雅图北湖附近十英里内还有三个公共高尔夫球场.


在西雅图的北湖附近总有好玩的事可做! With shopping malls within minutes of this neighborhood, there’s never a shortage of things to do! Plus, 这里有一些吃东西的好地方,比如泰国沙拉或皇宫厨房, 在城里逛了一天,你就不会饿着肚子出门了.


What’s great is that it has plenty of things to offer both those who love being outdoors and those looking for a shopping spree – with several malls within minutes from this area, 这里永远不会缺少可做的事情! There are also some great restaurants in the area like Sala Thai or The Palace Kitchen if you’re up for delicious food as well. Northlake Seattle has a lot going on all year round – from community events at their local center to lots of outdoor activities perfect for those who love being outdoors. If you’re looking for gorgeous views without having to travel far, this is the neighborhood for you!


Northlake位于马格努森公园的隔壁, 这使得步行(甚至骑自行车)外出和四处走动变得容易, 只要你不介意沿途海拔的变化. This park offers trails that lead into forested areas behind the community center and a popular trail that runs along North Lake Washington Boulevard up to the park. 如果你沿着这条路线出发,你甚至可以跑5英里!




Alki Beach

Alki Beach: 这个著名的西雅图海滩是度过一个下午的好地方. 这个地区有沙滩和市中心的景色,每个人都有自己的爱好.

Warren G. Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park: This park offers trails that lead into forested areas behind the community center and a popular trail that runs along North Lake Washington Boulevard up to the park. 如果你沿着这条路线出发,你甚至可以跑5英里!

Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park: 这个受欢迎的公园是一个在水边消磨时间的好地方. It offers amenities like picnic areas and fire pits, along with amazing views of the Puget Sound.

Seward Park

Seward Park: 这个城市运营的公园有许多吸引人的地方,比如绿地、步道和海滩. 对于那些想要离开城市的人来说,这是一个完美的地方.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park: 位于普吉特湾海岸,这个公园有500多英亩可供探索. 徒步旅行者可以享受在森林和草地上绵延数英里的小径, 游客可以看到当地的植物和动物.


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