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Seattle Neighborhood – Northgate

The Northgate Neighborhood


Northgate is a quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Northgate has many amenities that make it an ideal place to live. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, parks and gathering places for people to enjoy. The neighborhood is also close to major highways, making it easy for those living in Northgate to commute into Seattle or other surrounding cities such as Bellevue and Issaquah.


About the Northgate 


There are a lot of people who enjoy living in the Northgate neighborhood. It is because they have everything they need to make themselves feel at home, including housing options and plenty of amenities. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place or somewhere with easy access to downtown Seattle, then this could be a good fit for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this area unique!


The Northgate Seattle neighborhood is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to live in an area that’s close enough to downtown Seattle. The first thing that many people notice about the Northgate Seattle neighborhood is how much variation there is within its boundaries. While some parts may seem like another neighborhood entirely, others can closely resemble nearby areas like Greenwood or Lake City. There’s also usually enough room between homes, so everyone gets their personal space without feeling overcrowded by neighbors.

People looking to live in the Northgate Seattle neighborhood should also know an excellent selection of housing options. Whether you’re interested in purchasing your property or prefer renting, this part of town usually has something for everyone. Some people find it easiest to start their home search by narrowing down what type of property they want since some homes offer more space than others.


Also, most people don’t think about how convenient access can be when deciding where they’d like to move within the city limits. However, having easy access into downtown Seattle is one thing that sets this neighborhood apart from many others nearby. This means if you work downtown, you can get there in a matter of minutes.


Northgate Facts 


The Northgate Seattle Neighborhood is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood offering many activities for families and young adults. There are plenty of options to choose from, including the famous Arbor Heights Arboretum within walking distance and several other parks located throughout the area. The Northgate Mall offers a wide range of shops, services, and entertainment venues that all members of your household can enjoy. In addition, there are numerous public and private schools serving children from elementary age through high school graduation in this retail hub, which means you’ll never have to travel far if you need anything educational-related.


Northgate Seattle is an urban village in the northeastern part of the city with more than 26,000. The total population is projected to grow by about ten percent in the next 20 years. This means the Northgate Seattle neighborhood will continue to be an excellent place for people interested in living near downtown.


There are several reasons why so many people enjoy calling this area home. There’s plenty of green space, it has easy access into and around town, and there is also an abundance of amenities that make daily life more convenient. These include convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks which offer places where you can relax with friends or get some exercise. Another thing that makes this neighborhood unique is its surrounding cities, such as Bellevue, Issaquah, and Kirkland. Whether you’re looking for something close by or want to explore other areas nearby before making your final decision on where to live next, having multiple options when choosing where to settle down can make the search more fun and exciting.


Activities in Northgate


The Northgate Seattle neighborhood is an urban village located in the northeastern part of the city. There are plenty of amenities that make daily life more convenient such as convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and parks, which offer places where you can relax with friends or get some exercise. This area has recently changed its zoning laws regarding higher-density housing along transit routes. It is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to live in an area close enough to downtown Seattle.


The Northgate neighborhood offers plenty of green space nearby. There are natural spaces nearby, including trails for biking, walking, or running. There are also nearby cities like Bellevue, Issaquah & Kirkland. The Northgate neighborhood attracts many different types of people because it provides easy access to the town. This part of town usually has something for everyone whether they prefer purchasing their property or prefer renting.


Northgate Seattle residents enjoy lush parks, outdoor activities, and various entertainment options just minutes away from their homes.


Northgate Mall provides shopping, dining, and movie theaters for those who would like to spend an evening out on town or Home to “Monkey Park” and one of two shopping malls within its borders; Northgate Seattle neighbors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities just minutes from their homes.


Lush parks, outdoor activities, and entertainment options are just minutes away from their homes for Northgate Seattle residents.


Things To Do Near Northgate


Neighborhoods that suit families with kids, retirees, and professionals are the most popular neighborhoods to live in. Northgate Seattle Neighborhood is one of these areas where it’s quiet while still having some things to do nearby. There are a few attractions near this area, such as:

Hubbard Homestead

Hubbard Homestead: This historic farmhouse is now a museum where visitors can learn about the area’s agricultural history.


Northgate Station

Northgate Station: The nearby train station gives people the opportunity to commute all over Seattle.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park: This vast park is a great place for families and individuals who enjoy being active outdoors.

Northgate Branch - The Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library Northgate Branch: The library offers computers, books, classes, and more to its patrons.

Northgate Mall

Northgate Mall: This mall offers a great selection of stores, a food court, and a movie theatre. It is the largest shopping center in Seattle, so there are plenty of things to do here! You can visit this place frequently for any reason you wish, whether it be grocery shopping or catching up with friends for coffee at one of their many cafes.

Totems in Totem Lake Park: People love this collection of totem poles which members of the Northwest tribe carved; it’s located near Northgate Community Center, where residents can go swimming or play sports on any number of fields offered there (baseball/softball, soccer)

The Park: This is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the cityscape. Northgate Seattle Neighborhood provides plenty of green spaces like this where you can take your dog out or run in the early morning if that’s what you prefer!


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