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Seattle Neighborhood – North College Park (Licton Springs)

The North College Park (Licton Springs) Neighborhood


If you are looking for a suburban feel but still want to be close to the city, North College Park is the place. With its beautiful parks and friendly neighbors, this neighborhood has it all! For those who may not know what North College Park is: Licton Springs (North College Park) is an up-and-coming area that features some of Seattle’s most affordable homes with great schools nearby.


About the North College Park (Licton Springs) 


North College Park is a great neighborhood for those who want to be close to the city but still have a suburban feel. The homes in this area range from affordable condos and apartments and some beautiful single-family homes with plenty of space! The community here is very involved, and there’s always something going on! Many activities are available for kids, including sports teams, after-school programs, summer camps, and more! North College Park (Licton Springs).


Many different people from all walks of life live here in North College Park (Licton Springs). There are lots of families, couples, and retired folks that call this neighborhood home. It is a great place to raise children with plenty to do for everyone. And it’s also effortless when you have young kids because there are so many places where they can play together when mom or dad need some time alone! The diversity makes the area special too-which further enhances how much potential each person has to grow their passions into hobbies or even businesses. You might meet someone new living around your house at North College Park (Licton Springs) that will completely change your life for the better! If you’re into sports, this is a great neighborhood to live in because there are always games going on, making getting involved easy. Many community events surround things like health care, education, and financial issues, which all help everyone feel even more connected than before.


The homes here are affordable, close to schools, transportation, and have easy access to the city! It’s also home to one of the few community gardens in Seattle, so if you’re into gardening or farming, this will be right up your alley! North College Park (Licton Springs).


North College Park is also an excellent place for families with kids. The homes are affordable and near parks, schools, transportation, and restaurants/shopping areas. It’s also home to one of the few community gardens in Seattle! If you’re into gardening or farming, this will be right up your alley!


Facts about the North College Park (Licton Springs)

North College Park is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Seattle, WA. It’s also an excellent location for families with school-age children to live. Here are four reasons why North College Park (Licton Springs) makes it an attractive place to settle down.


The area has an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes that serve everything from Thai to Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese & more! This makes it easy for people in this neighborhood who are seeking out new places to eat but don’t want to travel too far outside their comfort zone. There’s nothing like getting some fresh air while enjoying a delicious meal or snack at one of these excellent spots where you can find anything from vegan burgers with quinoa flour buns, gluten-free rice noodles with mushrooms tossed in; spicy peanut sauce, and so much more!


The neighborhood isn’t so big that you’ll feel lost or like you’re without community. The homes here range from tiny bungalow-style houses up through beautiful Craftsman-style cottage homes and many different styles in between. You can find starter condos as well – perfect for young professionals starting on their own who want to avoid paying rent forever. At the same time, they save money for future homeownership needs like repairs and renovations too! Lastly, there’s a wide array of great amenities in the area, making it easy for you to find everything you need within walking distance or a very short drive away.


The North College Park (Licton Springs) has an excellent central location that makes it very convenient to quickly get everywhere in the city. You won’t have long commutes or drive times because everything’s within proximity! It’s near some great schools and places of worship too if you need them for your family. This area is ideal if you love being outdoors but don’t want to live rurally – small-town living with big-city amenities at your fingertips isn’t far away here either!


The neighborhood doesn’t see much crime, so it’s super safe for kids and adults alike who are looking to raise their families or settle down as empty nesters. There are also many great amenities in the area, making it easy to find everything you need within walking distance or a very short drive away.


There are excellent public transportation options here! You won’t have any trouble getting around town if you don’t want to take your car everywhere with this location because transit bus routes are nearby and readily available too. This makes North College Park (Licton Springs) one of the best neighborhoods overall when all things are considered that make what can be an ideal place to live depending on your needs and wants too!


Activities in North College Park (Licton Springs)


North College Park offers a well-established community, beautiful parks, and plenty of activities for all ages! It’s the perfect place to raise a family or start your own business because there are many home options available, ranging from condos and apartments to single-family homes as well as commercial areas.


In North College Park (Licton Springs), there is a community garden. The Friends of Licton Springs Community Garden work together to plan and maintain the space for their shared use. In addition, there are monthly workshops held at the greenhouse where people can learn about everything from how to compost to growing native plants in this climate. These events help members meet each other; they also provide valuable gardening techniques that will make your plot thrive! There are also community events held at the garden where people can get together, enjoy nature and learn more about what activities they can do to help their neighborhood.


Get back into the habit of physical activity like walking or biking in North College Park (Licton Springs). The streetscape is built for pedestrians with wide sidewalks that make it easy to navigate throughout this area while enjoying all there is to see around you. Some sections have planted trees between the sidewalk and street, which will eventually provide shade during warm months when leaves grow out fully! This makes it easier than ever before to get from point A to B and do so in a fun-filled! With everything right outside your door, there’s no reason to be stuck indoors!


There are also many volunteer opportunities in North College Park (Licton Springs). The Friends of Licton Springs is a non-profit organization that offers different ways for the community to get involved and help out. One way they do this is by hosting events called “workdays.” These happen once or twice per month where people can gather together on Saturday mornings to clean up trash, weed flower beds, plant flowers, etc., all of which are done to improve their neighborhood and have fun doing it. With so much potential energy around you, why not go outside and enjoy yourself? There’s nothing like spending time outdoors ever!


Music lessons are available on-site with NCP’s music teachers. There is also an on-site yoga instructor for those interested in stretching their minds and bodies! And coming soon will be some classes led by our resident artists; workshops like pottery or painting might be offered once we have more people living here full time. If you want to stay fit while enjoying your new home, there is nothing like a good gym to keep you feeling strong. Residents have access to a 24-hour fitness center, complete with free weights and cardio equipment whenever the mood strikes!


The neighborhood also offers community events like game night and potlucks throughout the year, along with an annual Halloween parade on October 31st. The week-long festivities include a costume contest for both children and adults. There is even a haunted house at one of our local businesses—because who doesn’t love that idea!?


Some of the Attractions in North College Park (Licton Springs) include:


Licton Springs Park

Licton Springs Park: a small urban forest located in North College and Maple Leaf Neighborhoods, and one of the smallest parks within Seattle! The park features a small forest, playground equipment for children of all ages to enjoy, and the Licton Springs Community Garden.


North College Park: an urban park in the Licton Springs neighborhood and has an open field with benches and a playground.


Licton Springs P-Patch Community Garden

Community Garden: a community garden that consists of 20 raised beds and an outdoor eating area located in Licton Springs, Seattle. A great place to get fresh vegetables and meet new people! 


Library Building

Licton Springs Library: a small library located in North College Park, Seattle. Features books, study rooms, and computers for the community to use!


Maple Leaf Reservoir Park

Maple Leaf Reservoir: a place of outdoor recreation, consisting of an open field and walking trails, located in the North College Park (Licton Springs) neighborhood. A great place to hang with friends, go jogging or have a picnic!


Greenwood Memorial Park

Greenwood Cemetery: a 43.74-acre cemetery located in North College Park (Licton Springs). With rolling hills, ponds and nature all around, it’s the perfect place to visit loved ones or even do some exploring!


Northgate North Mall

Northgate Mall: a large shopping mall located in the Licton Springs neighborhood with over 180 stores and restaurants! Perfect for finding the perfect gift or outfit!


Aurora Shopping Center

Aurora Village Shopping Center: a small shopping center in North College Park (Licton Springs), consists of a grocery store, coffee shop, and other local businesses.


Northgate Transit Center

Northgate Transit Center: the main transit center for the city of Seattle is located in the Licton Springs neighborhood, has bus stops for several bus routes and is the major transit center for North Seattle.


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