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西雅图 Neighborhood – Montlake

The Montlake Neighborhood


Montlake is one of the most prestigious and beautiful neighborhoods in 西雅图. It has a rich history with many landmarks like the Montlake Bridge and University Village Shopping Center.


About the Montlake Neighborhood


Montlake is a neighborhood in 西雅图, 华盛顿, located just east of the I-90 floating bridge on Lake 华盛顿. It was named after Governor Thomas Burke’s estate “The Monte Cristo” by his daughter Margaret when she divided it into building lots in 1909. The area has an abundance of 公园 and is a trendy spot for biking, running, and walking. It was also the former home of many famous people, such as Alben Barkley (the only Vice President from 华盛顿) and Roberta McCain, mother of John McCain.


Montlake is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in all of 西雅图. It has a tranquil and peaceful vibe that makes it appealing to so many who live there or visit regularly. The homes are modestly sized but still have a lot to offer, with covered porches and back yards perfect for hosting parties during the warmer months. Its proximity to the University of 华盛顿 also makes it an excellent location for college students who want to be within walking distance or bike ride from campus.


Montlake is one of 西雅图’s most beautiful neighborhoods with large homes, abundant vegetation, 公园, 的观点, walking paths, a major highway for easy access to downtown or eastside destinations. This distinguished neighborhood has been home to residents such as the famous architect Fred Anhalt who designed several local buildings like St John Paul II Catholic, 高中.


Facts about the Montlake Neighborhood


– Montlake is located in the Capitol Hill area of 西雅图. It’s bordered on three sides by Portage Bay, Union Bay, and Lake 华盛顿 Ship Canal to the south. The neighborhood takes its name from a wedge-shaped piece of land extending into Lake 华盛顿 that was once part of an early settler’s holdings. As you would expect for such a beautiful urban setting, there are some great homes in this vicinity and many 公园, including Lincoln Park, which is home to one of 西雅图’s most popular running trails known as “The Arboretum.”


– Montlake has two sections: Old (“Upper”) Montlake and the newer “Lower” or “Westside” Montlake. Most homes in both areas are early-twentieth-century Craftsman bungalows initially built as part of an independent homeowners association developed by John Arthur and William Bainbridge. His land now makes up most of this historic district.


– The Montlake neighborhood is considered one of the most beautiful areas in 西雅图. It’s also home to several restaurants, including “Montlake Ale House” and “La Medusa,” which have some very unique menu options.


– The neighborhood is home to one of the finer hotels in 西雅图, “The Inn at Montlake,” which offers a spa and some great amenities. Other options in the area include “Hotel Deca” and “Courtyard Marriott 西雅图 Lake Union Hotel.”


– The Montlake 西雅图 neighborhood is home to some of the best schools in 华盛顿, including “University Prep,” “The Bush School,” and “Montclair Elementary School.”


Activities in Montlake 西雅图 Neighborhood


Montlake is located between the 华盛顿 Park Arboretum and Lake 华盛顿. There are many activities that you can do in this neighborhood, including but not limited to:


Jog along the waterfront trail, kayaking on Puget Sound, or rowing in one of two public boathouses. Also at your disposal are hiking trails throughout the area, as well as an assortment of football, 棒球, and soccer fields for sports fans! The Montlake Playfield offers tennis courts, a multi-sport playing field (soccer & lacrosse), and even lawn bowling if it’s something you want to try out.


Don’t forget about all of 西雅图 Community College campuses that offer classes such as dance lessons for children and theater arts. Montlake is also known for its beautiful homes that are well maintained and provide a diverse range of architectural styles, from English Tudor to modernist.


Montlake’s activities include jogging, kayaking, hiking trails, and sports fields. There are community college campuses with dance lessons for children as well as theater arts classes. The neighborhood is also known for its beautiful homes of different architectural styles.


Community Events in Montlake Neighborhood


Montlake 西雅图 Neighborhood is a cozy neighborhood that is located along the southern area of Lake 华盛顿. It’s known for its quiet, family-friendly atmosphere and its scenic beauty. There are tons of activities going on all year long, so there is always something to do! Here’s our list of some community events in Montlake:


The Montlake Market: Open every Saturday throughout the year; this is a beautiful place to get fresh produce and delectable baked goods. The same family has put on this market for over 65 years! It’s worth checking out if you find yourself in Montlake 西雅图 Neighborhood.


划船 & Water Activities: Montlake is located on the shores of Lake 华盛顿, so it’s no surprise that one of our favorite activities here is boating and water sports! It doesn’t matter if you have your boat or not. There are plenty of places to rent kayaks, 独木舟, 水上摩托, and more for an afternoon of fun on the water.


Montlake Community Center: There’s always something happening in this space, and we love it! It hosts various events for all ages throughout the year, so be sure to check out their website and see what’s going on when you’re in town. You can also rent spaces here if you want to host your event.


Montlake Playfield: This is an excellent spot if you’re looking for some outdoor fun with the entire family! It features multiple sports, such as soccer and basketball courts, 棒球 diamonds, and tennis courts. There are also opportunities to rent equipment here so that you can play right away!


Summer Concerts in the Park: We can’t get enough of this monthly event held at Montlake Community Center! It features free music from various performers. This past summer, we were treated to several classic rock bands that had everyone singing along and dancing in their seats. There are also numerous food trucks there, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry.


Montlake Boulevard: This beautiful street is perfect for a morning or evening stroll! There are tons of trees lining the sidewalks, so you’ll get lost in this nature wonderland while taking in all of its charms. We recommend walking here if you want an easy way to explore other areas of the Montlake 西雅图 Neighborhood.


Things to do in Montlake Neighborhood


UW Waterfront Activities Center

UW Waterfront Activities Center: The University of 华盛顿 campus offers visitors a taste of life on the Pacific coast. The UW Waterfront Activities Center at Montlake Boulevard is accessible and has a small maritime museum onboard. It’s one of 西雅图’s most popular waterfront destinations and a lovely escape from the bustle of downtown.


Henry Art Gallery

Henry Art Gallery: The Henry Art Gallery is a contemporary art museum emphasizing Northwest artists. It’s home to one of the country’s most impressive collections of Rodin sculptures, including some very famous pieces like “The Kiss.”


西雅图 Japanese Garden

西雅图 Japanese Garden: The 西雅图 Japanese Garden is a five-acre landscape designed in the traditional style of a stroll garden. It’s one of only two authentic Japanese gardens in the country, right here in Montlake.



游戏中心: Formerly known as Labyrinth, 游戏中心 is a board game café in the University District. They have over 500 games to play and drink at their café, and they’re open until midnight most nights of the week. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, and it’s cheaper than seeing a movie!

The Burke Museum

The Burke Museum: The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is one of the largest natural history museums in North America. It’s home to more than 20 million artifacts.

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