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Leschi is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in 西雅图. The neighborhood features homes with views of Lake Washington, 绿色空间, 而且到市中心的交通也很方便. Leschi is also home to restaurants, 商店, 沙龙, 和其他服务, perfect for busy families or professionals who don’t have time to drive into the city for errands.


莱斯基是一个美丽的地方,因为它接近自然,有很多活动,家庭有兴趣花时间在一起. It’s also affordable compared to other areas within 西雅图, 这意味着那些收入较低的人可以享受这里的生活,而不必像住在其他租金更贵的地方那样挣扎. Leschi indeed does have something for everyone, making it one of the best neighborhoods in all of 西雅图!


It is a diverse neighborhood in 西雅图 that has something for everyone: great food, 公园, 小径, 和社区活动. It’s also close to many other attractions, 比如苏厄德公园, which offers several miles of walking 小径; you can even take the Light Rail downtown from here.




Leschi is a neighborhood located in the southeast of 西雅图, Washington. 它的土地原本是华盛顿湖的一部分,后来被排干并填满砾石,形成了现代国会山的大部分.


1855年,威廉·韦伯斯特将他的土地命名为“湖景”,因为这片土地包括了贝克山山脊的大部分,位于现在被称为麦迪逊谷(麦迪逊谷的谷底包括泥湖)之上。. In 1885, Daniel Bagley purchased 160 acres that included Webster’s claim. 他开始称自己的土地为“莱斯基”,” after an Indian chief of the Nisqually tribe then living in American exile on a reservation Puyallup.


The Leschi neighborhood was platted in 1891 by D.J. 马克卡迪, 从1889年开始,他们从巴格利获得了几块地,用于开发住宅区和华盛顿湖S大道(当时称为东湖大道)南端附近的一些商业地产。. Development proceeded slowly until about 1905 when streetcar service reached Madison Street between downtown 西雅图 and the lakefront via Capitol Hill; this spurred construction to take off so rapidly that few vacant lots were left by 1910.


By 1912, neighborhood had developed enough to open Lake View School (now Leschi Elementary); it initially ran from transitional first and second grades through sixth grade. In 1914, 华盛顿湖大道S南端的土地变成了一个名为“天堂公园”的公园,可供购买.”


The city limits were expanded to include parts of Mount Baker Ridge in 1911-12, with Madrona Park being among them. 剩下的部分现在被称为. Baker Ridge remained outside 西雅图 until 1928 when voters approved annexation by a margin of more than two to one during an election held on February 12th alongside another measure authorizing construction of Denny Way along Interlaken Blvd northward toward Queen Anne Hill where many real estate developers hoped to build large homes for the wealthy who had been moving into 西雅图 since about 1910.


莱斯基社区于1928年2月被添加进来,并成为一个更广泛的城市范围内的吞并的一部分,该吞并从华盛顿湖的岸边向南延伸西雅图, 一直到雷尼尔海滩(现在简称为“海滩公园”),再往东穿过苏厄德公园,沿着后来成为马丁·路德·金的地方. Way South; this new acquisition included an area named Jefferson Park which adjoined Elysian Heights on its west side while extending well above Madison Valley almost as far north as Green Lake.


莱斯基经历了许多变化, such as rapid population growth due to immigration during World War I when hundreds of families moved into 西雅图; it later absorbed a large amount of additional territory when the city limits were extended southward and eastward in 1928.


Leschi neighborhood has seen a lot of change throughout the decades. As more 和更多的 people began to move into the area, homes were built for them. This led to many other changes in different places, 比如学校或教堂, being created because there was no more ample room on existing properties that had been owned by someone else. 人口的增加也极大地改变了列斯基的交通状况,因为道路需要拓宽,以便在不给附近居民带来问题的情况下,更容易通行. 今天, walking around Leschi is still accessible, 但是,从一个地方到另一个地方,开车比步行要快得多,在以前,人们可能用自行车代替马.


Leschi is now one of 西雅图’s most popular neighborhoods, 吸引了专业人士,他们喜欢这里方便的通勤方式,可以乘坐汽车或公共汽车,也可以沿着华盛顿湖大道S(也被称为湖滨大道南)步行到市中心。, 那里有一排排美丽的房子,有风景如画的前院,在社区的南端向下延伸到I-90/I-81.


What’s in there at Leschi Neighborhood?


There are many different types of homes in Leschi, 包括独栋的房子, 公寓, 和公寓. The most common housing type is a single-family home which accounts for 86% of all the units in the neighborhood. 其中大部分都是自住住宅, with only about 14% rented out to tenants who have made 西雅图 their home. There are many different types of single-family homes, 包括平房, 农场的房子, 和殖民风格.


The area around Leschi is known for having some of the best public schools in all of 西雅图. Leschi is also very popular for families with kids, including its many family-run restaurants along Lake Washington Blvd S between Cherry and Columbia Streets.


Leschi has some of the best 公园 in 西雅图 located next to each other at Jefferson Park, 那里有网球场, play equipment for children as well as a community center where there are classes on yoga, 芭蕾舞, 成人游泳课, 和更多的; it was named after President Thomas Jefferson by Daniel Bagley who helped platted the neighborhood in 1891.



Several historical sites can be found throughout Leschi, such as The 森林公园动物园, 西雅图的日式花园, 杰斐逊社区中心. There are also many 小径 and 公园 in the neighborhood, such as Jefferson Park and 苏渥公园.


There is a large variety of restaurants along Lake Washington Blvd S between Cherry and Columbia Streets as well as other main thoroughfares like Rainier Avenue South and Lakeview Boulevard E; it’s also close to Madison, which has several popular eateries, 尤其是那些专门提供汉堡或意大利面等美国食物,同时在早上提供传统早餐,如煎蛋卷的餐厅. 在温暖的月份里,许多这些餐馆都有户外座位,你可以和你的朋友和家人享受一顿饭或饮料.


Facts about the Leschi Neighborhood


Leschi is one of 西雅图’s most popular neighborhoods due to its easy commute, 美丽的家园, 和家庭活动. It also has several historical sites, 对于有孩子的家庭或那些想在一天工作结束后放松的人来说,这里更有吸引力. Many restaurants serve up delicious food and coffee 商店 throughout Leschi, including some that have outdoor seating during warmer months, making it perfect for enjoying your meal while overlooking Lake Washington Blvd S.


Leschi is located on the eastern shores of Lake Washington, it borders Madrona to the south and Eastlake to the north. It has a population of around 17,000 people, according to census data from 2010. Leschi sits at an elevation of approximately 400 feet above sea level. 这使得附近的居民可以欣赏到西雅图最美丽的景色. Leschi is also home to several 公园, perfect locations for those who love nature and spend time outdoors with their families.


Leschi was initially named “Lake Park,” but it changed its name during World War I (1914- 1918). Leschi’s area was once a dense forest, it remained wild for hundreds of years before the first settlers arrived. 后来成为莱斯基的地区为当地居民提供了很多东西,因为这里提供了大量的木材和鱼类等资源.


Community Events in Leschi Neighborhood


Leschi 西雅图 Neighborhood is a beautiful place to call home, community events in Leschi make it even more inviting. 每年6月,re are several festivals taking place throughout the neighborhood, 包括游行中的艺术, 那里有艺术展览, live music every day of the festival, local entertainment groups performing mariachi and zydeco dances, along with other types of performances.


The Festival de la Familia takes place over three days each summer where neighbors get together for food booths, games for kids like face painting or bubbles; dance contests that range from salsa dancing to hip hop moves; street performers & artists selling their work at stalls with everything you could want – jewelry made with real flowers.


当地企业也通过举办烹饪示范或抽奖活动来参与其中. Another event every summer is the Leschi Community Fourth of July Celebration, which includes a free outdoor screening of “Sing” and other fun activities such as face painting, 放风筝, 和更多的!


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