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Seattle Neighborhood – Lake City

The Lake City Neighborhood


Lake City is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. 在过去的几年里,它有了很大的增长,现在是西雅图最受欢迎的居住社区之一. 湖城有许多美丽的公园,如拉文纳公园,还有雷尼尔山和西雅图市中心风景如画的景色. 正如这篇文章将告诉你的,有很多理由你应该考虑住在湖城!


About the Lake City Seattle neighborhood


Lake City is a community on the north end of Seattle near Lake Washington. It has its shopping center, schools, restaurants, and other businesses within walking distance for most residents. The neighborhood also offers transportation options, including bus routes to downtown stores and several major employers in the area, such as Boeing Co., Microsoft Corp., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Swedish Medical Center/Cherry Hill Campus & Virginia Mason Hospital & Medical Center.


这个社区还包括几个教堂,如伯特利基督复临安息日会, Lakeside Lutheran Church, 以及圣爱德华州立公园(Saint Edward State Park),这里有美丽的华盛顿湖(Lake Washington)景色,同时也为游客提供了一个放松或娱乐活动的地方,比如钓鱼或徒步旅行. There are also places for arts & culture and other community events held throughout the year, including festivals, parades, and community fairs.


Lake City is a growing neighborhood with many high-tech companies moving in the area. It has become an important employment center for Seattle’s northern region. 西雅图湖城为居民提供就业机会,拥有许多商店和其他企业,提供能维持生计的工作和职业发展机会. It has a diverse population that encompasses many races and ethnicities, including Asians, African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos/Hispanics, and Native Americans.


Facts about the Lake City Seattle Neighborhood


Lake City Seattle is an outlying neighborhood of the city. It is located about four miles north of Seattle. 它的居民数量从1万到2万3千人不等, primarily young professionals and families. 湖城是一个年轻而活跃的社区,其人口大约30岁. Several lakes in the Lake City Seattle Neighborhood, including Magnuson Park, Thornton Place, and Meadowbrook Pond. 该地区有几所公立学校,也是华盛顿大学北校区的所在地. 湖城西雅图社区协会(LSCNA)为社区举办各种活动.


附近有几个公园、商店和餐馆. Each year on New Year’s Eve, there is an annual celebration in Lake City called “First Night,” where citizens can come together to celebrate the new year. This event usually includes music, food trucks, and fireworks!


离这座城市最近的湖泊有美丽的绿地步道(包括环绕格林莱克的一条)就在隔壁, making it an excellent location if you like biking or jogging! 当地公园里甚至还有供孩子们放学后使用的运动器材.


Lake City Seattle is home to a large shopping area called Lake City Way, which runs through North Seattle. It is a shopping district that has been in business since the 1920s. 湖城路的名字是由商家命名的,因为在现在的NE 145街的尽头曾经有一个很大的湖,在1916年左右干涸消失了.


Things to do near Lake City 


Cedarwood Coffee Shop 特色素食食品,包括沙拉,三明治,汤,果汁,冰沙,和其他美味的款待! They also offer many different kinds of coffee, including lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, cold brews, espresso shots, and pour-overs!


Cimmerian Coffee House -This cafe offers a traditional menu with both hot and iced drinks. 这里的重点是工艺,所以期待着你的饮料(这是值得的!) There are typically long lines, but the service is fast. This establishment also offers vegan food options such as sandwiches, pastries, salads, smoothies juices. And don’t forget that you can always get their famous latte or mocha! You won’t find these anywhere else in Seattle!


Lake City Cafe & Bar –This cafe offers a neighborhood feel with excellent service. They feature local art on the walls and serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks! 这个地方是完美的所有场合,但特别是那些想要在工作后放松或庆祝一个美妙的一天在湖城, Seattle.


Café Hitchcock Express

Cafe Hitchcock -This establishment features creative cocktails, including unique flavors such as raspberry rosemary lemon thyme mojitos, along with standard options like martinis, margaritas manhattans old fashioned! As far as food goes, they offer appetizers, salads, small bites, main dishes featuring pasta, seafood meatballs, steak sandwiches, tacos, burgers panini flatbreads wraps. 这里有适合每个人的东西,所以一定要去西雅图湖城的希区柯克咖啡馆看看!


Attractions and Activities


Lake City is a Seattle neighborhood that offers visitors an array of activities. The Lake City Greenbelt Park, for example, 有超过12英里的徒步和自行车道,以及篮球场和野餐桌. A short drive from the park is Northgate Mall, 游客可以参观像Old Navy和Macy 's这样的商店,或者在像California Pizza Kitchen或TGI Fridays这样的餐厅享用晚餐. 购物后想要保持活跃的游客应该前往当地的YMCA湖城分部, which features two pools (one indoors), a fitness center with cardio equipment, locker rooms, saunas/steam rooms, plus childcare services during certain hours on weekdays. For families visiting Lake City in Seattle, 还有一个麦当劳游乐场,里面有滑梯和攀爬设施,供孩子们玩耍.


Lake City has plenty to do for those that want something more than just local attractions. Anyone can find many different activities in the area, including shopping, dining, entertainment, hiking trails, and more! One perfect example includes an outdoor recreation center called Camp Long, 它提供从皮划艇课程到射箭课程的一切——所有这些都在一个方便的位置,友好的工作人员对你如何度过户外时间有很多有用的建议. If this sounds like fun, then head over there during their regular open hours or book them through Groupon, 那里有打折的地方,你可以在这些和当地其他受欢迎的活动上省钱.


Community Events


Lake City also has a community center that offers fun activities for kids and adults. 从烹饪、绘画、舞蹈到嘻哈、瑜伽和普拉提,课程应有尽有. 你也可以和朋友在当地的酒吧聚会,或者参加社区活动,比如一年一度的街区派对.


Shopping & Entertainment


Another great way to spend your time is by heading over to Lake City Center, where you can find all of your necessities, as well as some fun things like a movie theater – which offers weekly deals, so you don’t have to pay the total price every single time! With lots going on around this space, 包括在他们的社区中心或当地健身房举办的活动,这些活动通常会对那些想在承诺之前尝试健身的人开放, 如果冬天呆在室内听起来比户外冒险更有吸引力,那么这可能就是你想要的. Plus, 从快餐连锁店到坐下来吃饭的餐馆有很多选择,所以这是一个与家人和朋友聚在一起的好地方,甚至只是你自己.


Community Resources 


For those new to the area, you might want some quick tips on how things operate in this neighborhood, especially when it comes to all of the events that occur here throughout the year. There are many different upcoming activities listed online, including monthly calendars for parks and recreation centers. 他们列出了在当地市政府网站上这些地点发生的所有事情. 如果你想在计划旅行之前看一看,这使得你比以往任何时候都更容易找到你想要的东西.


Restaurants, Dining & Drinks


这个社区的另一个优点是有很多不同类型的餐馆和酒吧, 所有这些都在步行距离之内——这让你可以选择尝试一些新的东西,或者如果它已经是你的最爱之一,你可以再回去! 许多当地人向那些喜欢精酿啤酒的人推荐米勒啤酒屋,因为这里有来自世界各地的200多种啤酒, as well as a menu with lots to choose from, including salads, sandwiches, and seafood dishes. Or check out The Station Public House, 从传统的爱尔兰食物,如香肠和土豆泥,到更美国化的食物,如汉堡和奶昔,他们有丰富的选择,如果你想一边吃一边享受天气,他们还有一个很棒的室外露台.


Weather & Climate


Finally, suppose you’re wondering what the weather and climate are like in this area. In that case, 需要注意的是,虽然冬天有些月份气温可能会连续几周低于冰点, Lake City has relatively mild summers by comparison, where highs can reach into the 90s or even 100s; during July and August! And since they get less than 12 inches (30 cm) of rain per year on average, with most precipitation coming between October and April, 这意味着有更多的时间在户外享受活动,比如第一个星期五,或者去探索他们的公园, including walking trails along with Lake Washington. So enjoy your visit today!


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