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国际地区 is one of 西雅图’s most diverse neighborhoods and was initially established for Asian immigrants to live. It has the largest population of 越南 Americans outside of Vietnam, 它也是许多其他亚洲文化的发源地, 包括中国, 柬埔寨, 菲律宾, 日本和韩国. 的 neighborhood features some great restaurants with traditional dishes from all over Asia!




国际区是西雅图的亚洲文化中心. This historic neighborhood contains many forms of architecture, art, and history. 的 Chinatown-国际地区 community comprises over 40 percent of 西雅图’s population, origins in China or Japan; this proximity creates an excellent opportunity to experience Asian culture firsthand.


国际区是许多不同亚洲文化的家园, 从中国到越南,以及介于两者之间的一切. 许多住在这里的人已经在这里生活了好几代了, while others come from worldwide looking for opportunities that 西雅图 provides. 的re are beautiful historic buildings and parks scattered throughout this neighborhood, 使它成为一个旅游的好地方,甚至是组建家庭的好地方. Its easy access by bus makes getting around very convenient while still being close enough to downtown 西雅图. 如果你喜欢运动,这里有很多购物和娱乐场所,还有体育场所,如Century Link Field和Safeco Field! 的 International district 西雅图 Neighborhood has something special waiting for everyone, so be sure not to miss out on what this fantastic neighborhood has to offer.


的 国际地区 was initially constructed around Yesler Way (now known as First Avenue South), which at one point served as a rough boundary between European settlers and Native Americans during the mid-1800s. 仍然, 1883年,北太平洋铁路(Northern Pacific Railroad)建成后,这里成为中国移民的家园,他们来到这里务农. 在完成横跨加州的铁路之后, 许多日本劳工在1905年来到这里, 1910年左右,大量来自韩国的移民开始. 的 first 菲律宾 immigrants to come on the West Coast arrived at 西雅图’s Yesler Way dock in 1907, 不久,华盛顿成为一个州.


今天 Although Asian Americans have worked for decades to be recognized as part of the fabric of America, 直到20世纪,由于法律限制了他们的居住区域和经济机会,他们往往别无选择,只能与其他群体分开居住. 与同样面临类似挑战的非裔美国人合作,使唐人街国际区社区成员能够随着时间的推移一起解决社会正义问题. 第二次世界大战期间, residents endured forced removal not once but twice when Executive Order 9066 opened all people of Japanese ancestry up for incarceration based on race alone; every person was eventually released without charge or reparations having been paid.




国际地区 西雅图 Neighborhood is perfect for anyone who loves experiencing different cultures. 附近有无数的文化体验,通过节日来庆祝亚洲文化和味道, 游行, 音乐会, 音乐表演, 艺术展览, 和更多的. 许多美味的餐馆提供一些最正宗的菜肴, from Japan’s izakaya pubs to Chinese dim sum houses to 越南 越南河粉 noodle houses to Korean BBQ spots! 你甚至可以在晚餐后到我们当地的咖啡店停下,或喝一杯当地烘焙的有机啤酒,完全是你喜欢的.


Wing Luke博物馆的亚太美国经验

西雅图国际区有许多画廊,以当地彩色艺术家的作品为特色,并通过当代艺术家的镜头展示亚洲文化和传统,这些艺术家从自己在美国成长的经历中捕捉到不同的方面. 其中一个值得一看的画廊是 Wing Luke博物馆的亚太美国经验. 1965年,一个名叫阿特·信田(Art Shinoda)的移民创立了这家公司, 他在二战期间收集自己童年时期的物品,并在派克市场的Post Alley开了一个小型展览. 今天,它已经发展成为西雅图最受欢迎的博物馆之一, 拥有超过25,展出的文物和艺术品多达000件.


西雅图的国际区是Wing Luke博物馆的所在地. 的 museum was founded in 1965 by an Asian American immigrant named Art Shinoda, 他在二战期间收集自己童年时期的物品,并在派克市场的Post Alley开了一个小型展览. 今天, it has grown into one of 西雅图’s most beloved museums with a collection of more than 25,000件手工艺品和艺术品. It has moved to a new location on South King Street in the 国际地区. 它展示了其永久藏品中的轮换展品,并通过一个代表100多年历史的互动时间轴展示了亚裔美国人的文化.


国际地区 西雅图 Neighborhood celebrates Asian cultures and flavors with festivals, 游行, 音乐会, 全年都有更多! 有无数的文化体验, 有很多食物可供选择, 太, including Japanese izakaya pubs serving some of the most authentically prepared dishes around town. 在尽情享受这些美味之后, 你可以在我们当地的一家咖啡店停一下, where they serve locally roasted organic brews made exactly how you like them.



的re are several theaters and performance venues where visitors can enjoy plays, 舞蹈表演, 或者世界各地的国际表演者的音乐会. One of 西雅图’s most famous concert venues located in this neighborhood is 皇家绅士俱乐部, 建于1921年的历史建筑,每个月都会举办各种各样的表演, 包括爵士和蓝调乐队, 单口喜剧行为, 甚至是滑稽表演.


A popular place to shop in the 国际地区 is 的 Wing on South King Street, a store that offers clothing and 配件 from brands worldwide with an emphasis on Asian trends. 它还在全年举办活动,游客可以通过舞蹈表演或其他活动了解不同的文化,同时从当地的彩色艺术家那里购买商品.


许多当地人和游客都认为国际区是品尝亚洲美食的必去之地,尤其是点心, 越南河粉, 寿司, 和中国的烧烤,, 购买各种预算和口味, 探索博物馆如翼卢克(美国第一个博物馆).S. dedicated to Asian American history) or art galleries showcasing local artists of color, 在世界各地的剧院观看国际演员的演出,或通过每年举办的纪念社区根源的节日了解不同的文化.


This is the perfect place for anyone who loves experiencing different cultures with festivals, 游行, 音乐会, 更多信息请访问国际区西雅图社区! 许多美味的餐馆提供正宗的菜肴,你可以在驻足于我们当地的咖啡店之前或之后沉迷于其中, where they serve locally roasted organic brews made exactly how you like them.




西雅图’s 国际地区 is located along the western shore of Lake Washington. 从早期开始, the neighborhood has become an ethnic-cultural hub for Asian cultures and businesses, making it one of 西雅图’s best neighborhoods to explore different cuisines and traditions. “国际区”这个名字最初是在1966年由当地的企业主们共同创造的,他们共同开发这个社区. 从那时起, 它代表了来自不同文化背景的人组成的多元化社区,他们选择西雅图作为他们的新家.


西雅图’s 国际地区 is the historical heart of 西雅图’s Asian community. 从1870年作为中国移民的一个小定居点开始, 在第五大道南和第20大道南之间,沿着杰克逊街(Jackson Street),它的范围已经扩大到六个街区宽、九个街区长. 的 neighborhood was called “Japantown” until World War II – when Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps. 在那之后, 更名为“国际中心”,直到今天,当ID内部有许多文化时,它才得以保留, 包括中国等亚洲文化, 越南 & 菲律宾人即使在闲暇或假期到国外工作或娱乐,仍然把这里当作家,因为这三个国家都离西雅图很近.


今天, 国际区西雅图社区有超过40家餐馆和杂货店,它们是亚洲或多民族的烹饪风格. 的re are also many art galleries on display during the First Thursday Art Walk. 人们聚在一起娱乐 & community every month on the first Thursdays between April – September at various locations throughout ID. 参观这个社区的最佳时间是工作日的早晨到下午早些时候,因为那时没有每天来这里买杂货的当地人, 做指甲, 或者一边喝咖啡一边付账单,因为沿途有很多咖啡馆开到深夜,提供一些独特的咖啡, 你在任何地方都找不到的美味食物,比如珍珠茶! It’s not a fun place to visit at night or on weekends when it’s filled with drunk people.


It is located in the heart of Downtown and can be accessed via streetcar, bus, bicycle & 即使是步行,如果你喜欢锻炼的话! 如果你想开车过来的话, avoid parking along Jackson Street since that’s where all traffic jams are during peak hours due to construction. 仍然, other streets around this neighborhood have free public parking available for anyone, 包括那些想在城里四处走走,看看一些艺术画廊,或者一边喝着他们最喜欢的咖啡,一边在众多咖啡馆里听着现场演奏的音乐的游客.


这里有许多旅游景点, 包括吉米·亨德里克斯的坟墓, 西北非裔美国人博物馆, Wing Luke亚洲博物馆, 由一位华裔美国律师创建,他想让每个人都了解作为一个少数民族在今天的美国生活是什么感觉. 的re is also 的 International Fountain located right outside Uwajimaya Food Court, 所有年龄段的孩子都可以玩水枪的地方 & 甚至绕着它跑,同时玩捉迷藏 & 寻求一起游戏. It’s genuinely one of the most exciting public spaces you will ever see! This area used to have an old shanty- feel about it before gang violence started in the ’90s, 但多亏了西雅图警察局的努力, 现在这个社区对所有人来说都是安全的,尤其是女性.




In the 国际地区 neighborhood, many events celebrate Asian culture. 每年都有一个叫做唐人街之夜的节日,来自世界各地的人都可以来这里体验美味的食物,享受音乐和舞蹈. 在同一个周末还有一个节日叫元宵节, 在那里人们做灯笼,游行穿过街道.


西雅图’s 国际地区 is also home to tons of cultural festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular ones every summer is the 国际地区 Summer Festival. 在这个免费的两天的活动, 在被称为“大道”的地方,游客可以欣赏到来自亚洲各地的现场音乐和舞蹈表演,还可以品尝到亚洲各国的特色食品.“另一个值得关注的节日是莲花世界音乐 & 艺术节, 一年一度的种族多样性庆祝活动使西雅图国际区成为一个独特的地方.


另一个著名的节日是每年举行的夜市, 游客可以一边欣赏现场音乐表演和其他表演,一边欣赏来自中国或泰国等国家的街头小吃,街道两旁的小贩提供服装, 配件, 小饰品, 和更多的.

如果你在找 西雅图的房屋清洁和我们一起去吧!