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高地公园是西雅图的一个社区,为每个人提供一些东西. 城市的这一部分是熙熙攘攘的,有很多娱乐活动, culture, and history. Highland Park contains many attractions that make it one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle. Visitors are drawn to this area because they can be immersed in everything from art galleries to outdoor concerts- all while enjoying an urban lifestyle at its finest!


The Highland Park neighborhood is a vibrant and active community in the southern region of Seattle, Washington. The location offers residents easy access to downtown amenities while remaining tucked into their safe residential enclave just south of Beacon Hill. 这是一个美丽的地方称为家. 就在西雅图市中心,你想要的一切应有尽有! 有些人可能认为住得离市中心这么近可能太吵了, but Highland Park offers townhouses and condos that are very quiet inside with great layouts for families, 尤其是如果他们有宠物的话. 有了这样的便利,可以去各种各样的购物场所, restaurants, and grocery stores, 难怪这个地区越来越受欢迎! 如果你正在寻找一种都市生活方式,那么高地公园应该是你的首选.




Highland Park is a residential neighborhood located in the Capitol Hill area of Southeast Seattle. 这片美丽的城区是以它最著名的景点之一命名的, which happens to be an urban park that contains three separate gardens and two water features. The name “Highland” comes from this famous landmark’s lofty perch on top of one of the city’s many hills. 高地公园整个边界内的最高点是SE 89街, 也被称为皮尔山,因为这里有很多诊所!


The Highland Park neighborhood is a beautiful place to live if you’re looking for an urban lifestyle in a bustling city. You can experience art and culture with all that this part of town offers while also being surrounded by many outdoor activities such as hiking at Discovery Park, just minutes away. 城市的这一部分为当地人和游客提供了许多可做的事情, with attractions like the urban park that contains three separate gardens and two water features. If shopping is your thing, then head over to local favorites Melrose Market or Ballard Avenue- both are perfect places to find unique pieces from some locally owned stores. 此外,在这个地区也有很多知名的零售商.


这个社区位于华盛顿湖的东侧. 它位于苏厄德公园南部,有几个一流的公园和家庭, including Highland Park, 那里可以看到雷尼尔山的壮观景色. Some say you don’t get a true feeling for the beauty here until you leave it behind to go back into town. The area was once home to large sawmills in an area known as Squire Creek but has since become one of Seattle’s most sought-after neighborhoods due to its central location, access to nature trails, greenbelts, 通过I-90公路靠近市中心, 或者在卡基克田野上漫步. This secluded neighborhood retains its small-town character despite being so close to the city. 主要的购物中心位于Northgate、Greenwood和Laurelhurst.


华盛顿高地公园提供了你想要的一切! 有些人可能认为住在离市中心这么近的地方会太吵, but townhouses and condos here offer quiet inside spaces while still having great layouts for families who have pets or like hiking/mountain biking. 有了这样的便利,可以去各种各样的购物场所, restaurants, and grocery stores, 难怪每天都有更多的人搬到这个地区! 如果你正在寻找一种生活方式,那么高地公园应该是你的首选.




高地公园社区成立于1905年. 它最初是巴拉德市的一个卧室社区. Eventually, it became a popular spot to live because it was so close yet separated from the business district of downtown Seattle by one block. In 1960, 90号州际公路的出口在130号街东北, access greatly improved, 对于在贝尔镇或北门地区工作的通勤者来说,它更加方便. 


Today, people opt to commute via car due to the lack of public transportation options available compared with other neighborhoods near Downtown Seattle such as Capitol Hill and Queen Anne, 哪些有24小时的公交路线. Highland Park Seattle is still considered a very family-friendly area since there are many schools within walking distance.


自2000年以来,人口增长了40%,而且仍在增长. 这里有许多供居民使用的便利设施, 包括优秀的学校, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. It continues to be an incredible place for families that want access to all the best parts of urban living without having to leave their home or community behind.


Highland Park consists mainly of peaceful single-family homes built in the early 20th century for workers working at nearby industries like Boeing Field or Harbor Island factories that once stood where Safeco Field does now (Seattle Mariners). 一些房子还被建造为工人的宿舍或公寓. 这里曾经是西雅图最豪华的宅邸, many of which were destroyed during The Great Depression and World War II when it became more ideal for building single-family houses than large mansions that took up several lots at a time.


Today Highland Park is still one of the best places for families with children because its quiet streets are perfect for kids to ride their bikes or walk dogs without interruption. Many neighbors enjoy taking advantage of nearby amenities like Jefferson Square shopping center, Victory Sq.Lakewood Playfield或St. Andrews Rec Center. Other favorite local businesses include Lottie’s Pub (a great place to grab dinner after work), Lucky Strike Bowling Alley, Glassybaby, 还有比彻手工奶酪.


人们喜欢住在高地公园,因为它靠近许多伟大的商店和餐馆. It’s also located near the Meridian Health Club, a pool with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and more! 对于那些喜欢徒步旅行或骑山地自行车的人,附近也有几条步道. 这里有这么多可做的事,很难感到无聊.




高地公园社区绿地: Another thing that makes this area unique is how much green space there is to enjoy outside your door if desired. This includes countless public parks and numerous private golf courses that are open to the public.


高地公园社区餐厅: 在高地公园有很多餐饮选择,所以你不会缺少选择. 当地餐馆如雨后春笋般在各地出现, 而且每个角落都有好吃的餐厅,让生活变得更美好. 如果你更喜欢海鲜的话, there’s also a wide variety of fresh fish at just about any market or grocery store here too!


高地公园社区购物: 周围有很多购物中心, 如果需要,还包括几个购物中心, 不需要离开整个区域就能很容易地找到你需要的东西. It has everything from small shops selling local wares interspersed with the more prominent names too.


高地公园社区学校: Highland Park has plenty of schools for all different age groups available in its vicinity so getting your kids off to a good start is easy enough if you are planning on relocating here. 家长们会很高兴知道这个地区的学校系统是最好的, 它确保他们的孩子在开始上学时得到他们需要的一切. 


高地公园社区: 高地公园的另一个独特之处是社区本身. It has a tight-knit feel, and everyone knows each other, which makes for a fantastic atmosphere. 也总是有事情在发生, 所以如果这是你的速度,你不会缺少事情做!




Cheasty Greenspace

高地公园社区是体验你所有兴趣的完美地方. 如果你正在寻找一些户外活动, 尝试探索高地公园社区的众多公园之一, including Cheasty Greenspace and Lincoln Park. The area also has a thriving art community with several galleries showcasing local artists’ work alongside larger venues hosting events throughout the year.

Lincoln Park


Be sure to check out the Olympic Sculpture Garden, which hosts over 100 sculptures by international sculptors along Elliott Bay waterfront parklands; it’s not something you want to miss. 这里有许多文化景点, 比如Benaroya音乐厅或西北电影论坛, 独立电影每个月都在哪里上映. 在高地公园社区,你永远不会停止探索新事物!

Olympic Sculpture Garden


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