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港岛 是普吉特湾上的封闭式社区,有私人海滩吗. It’s located in 西雅图’s Magnolia neighborhood within walking distance to restaurants and shops. 海港岛提供室内/室外游泳池,健身中心,水疗中心,桑拿 & 蒸汽房.


It offers amenities including indoor/outdoor pools, fitness center, spa, sauna & 蒸汽房; all in the 西雅图 School District and closes by to public transportation. There are many recreation opportunities: hiking trails at Discovery Park or kayaking in Seward Park!




西雅图位于海港岛上, 位于西西雅图和杜瓦米什角之间. 这片区域约占该岛21英亩陆地面积的一半. 这 neighborhood was formed in 1910 by Charles Wold as an exclusive community for his friends to live in. His vision was that this would be a place where there were no residents who did not belong or desire to be here; he wanted it to feel like its own city within the city of 西雅图. He believed that you had to create your environment if you wished to change, 今天仍然有很多人来这里!


Now, 港岛 西雅图 is a community that still holds to the Wold’s vision. The gated neighborhood boasts about 100 homes and offers residents access to its private beach for fishing, 游泳, 或者只是享受风景. 它也有许多设施,如网球场, 一个篮球场, and two playfields where you can enjoy having fun in this beautiful sunny weather!


这个岛是各种野生动物的家园, 包括鹿, 松鼠, 你会在整个地区看到鸭子. These animals often feel very comfortable crossing through residential areas as well as exploring along with grassy lawns, 所以,在这里遛宠物的时候,最好给它们拴上链子, 以防!


西雅图 residents can enjoy all of the benefits of living in a gated community with a small-town feel while still having access to many amenities and attractions found in a large city such as 西雅图. The homes on 港岛 are all unique and provide residents with the perfect combination of luxury living while still maintaining affordability, 使其成为西雅图市中心最好的社区之一!


It can be challenging for certain types of vehicles to travel on 港岛 due to its small size and low-lying elevation, 所以有一座中心桥把它和西雅图连接起来, 允许通过汽车或公共汽车进入. A ferry service is also available from several different places around Puget Sound if you prefer to travel by boat instead! 总的来说,住在这里也是一个很好的度假地点.


The island is surrounded by water, with green space used throughout for recreational purposes. 如果你喜欢像骑自行车这样的户外活动,它是一个极好的目的地 & 徒步旅行,甚至在附近散步. 这 lifestyle gives residents a very laid-back feel without significantly impacting their pocketbook each month due to its low tax rate compared to 西雅图 proper!




有几栋房子可以看到湖和西雅图市中心的景色. Additionally, there is also a large boathouse with two floors for storage or gatherings. Any boater can moor their vessel at one of the four docks on 港岛 if they like to visit this neighborhood.


港湾岛社区 was built in 2007 and had a total of 20 homes. The average square footage is about 1500 square feet with an area of around 3300 square feet, although some houses are more significant than others depending on the layout or if there’s a balcony included. 当然, 每个家庭都配有不锈钢用具等设施, 优雅的装置, 美丽的实木地板, 还有更多! 


港湾岛社区有自己的私人海滩, which allows residents access year-round; it’s a great place to enjoy nature! 由于西雅图市中心的建筑太多,所以没有多少海滩, 所以拥有这处滨水房产真的是独一无二的.


These facts make up the wonderful 港岛 Neighborhood that many people would love to live in! 位于南湖联合公园广场(近市中心), this gated community gives homeowners easy access to work while having fun at the same time. There are four docks available for boaters who wish to moor their vessel at 港岛 Neighborhood. 房主有地下停车场, which can go up to two spaces per unit depending on the living space layout inside the home.


Owners have underground parking that can go up two spaces per unit depending on the living space layout inside the home. 这 small gated community includes three artificial islands and two natural islands, 提供宁静的生活空间. It has been home to many residents since it was created from a landfill back in 1959, 使其成为该地区今天最古老的社区之一.


Over 500 homes here with an average price tag between $300k-$800k depending on size and amenities. 还有一些生意,包括餐馆、零售商店 & 咖啡馆, 还有遍布各地的便利店, so you don’t have far to travel if your daily routine involves shopping or dining out regularly without having to hop in your car.


社区有一种相当紧密的感觉, with several events each year held at the 港岛 Community Club where locals can gather for conversation and entertainment. There are also annual festivals such as Seafair, which takes place on the island every July & features many different family-friendly activities, including fireworks displays over Elliott Bay!




港洲社区是一个自给自足的社区,有自己的安全保障, 海滩上访问, 和游艇俱乐部. Situated just west of Pioneer Square on Elliott Bay in the south portion of downtown 西雅图, 海港岛为居民提供了丰富的娱乐选择.


海港岛社区有几个活动供居民享受. 这个社区是品酒等有趣活动的所在地, 夏季音乐会, 夏季的几个月里还有户外电影放映. 西雅图港岛全年都会举办一些节日, 包括每年9月的逆戟鲸节. 除了, there is always great shopping at many shops along Alaskan Way within walking distance from most homes on 港岛.



The primary attraction for many people who live at 港岛 is that they have direct access to one of the best views within all of downtown 西雅图. 在晴朗的日子里,你可以看到 雷尼尔山 从你的前廊或阳台! 步行即可到达的景点有 南湖联合公园, 星巴克储备Roastery & 品尝的房间 location, and other cafes and bars along Westlake Avenue North near Nelson Plaza.



港湾岛社区有自己的码头café. 这 Terra银 餐厅位于阿拉斯加南路52号码头附近. 这 adjacent waterfront location provides excellent views and a place to stop for lunch or dinner if you’re checking out 港岛 西雅图 Neighborhood. 在步行距离内也有其他食物可供选择 派拉蒙剧院广场 在美世街之间的西湖大道北 & 斯图尔特圣.

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