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Seattle Neighborhood – Denny Triangle

The Denny Triangle Neighborhood


Denny Triangle is one of Seattle’s fastest-developing neighborhoods, with the number of new apartments and condos increasing every year. The neighborhood has also become home to some of the city’s most innovative businesses. With all this growth coming in Denny Triangle, it is no surprise that it was named “Seattle’s Hottest Neighborhood” by Curbed Seattle in 2016.


About the Denny Triangle Neighborhood


There are many great neighborhoods in Seattle, but Denny Triangle stands out as one of the most popular and convenient. Denny Triangle is a small neighborhood situated in Seattle, Washington. The area is often referred to as “Denny Regrade” because it was designated for regrading during an urban planning project of the early 20th century.


This neighborhood is located just north of downtown, bordered by Bell Street on the west, Boren Avenue to the south, and Union Street to the east. Residents enjoy taking advantage of some fantastic amenities while living here, including fabulous restaurants, cafes, and cafes bars walking distance from their homes! Although there aren’t very many local shops or stores in this area due to its location next to downtown, it has everything people need nearby, which includes grocery shopping options like Whole Foods Market at Westlake Center Mall along with Nordstrom Rack; for discounted designer clothing items a few blocks away! There is also a variety of other retail stores nearby too including Urban Home and Aritizia. Residents love living in the Denny Triangle neighborhood because of its proximity to downtown, restaurants/ nightlife, fantastic views of downtown Seattle from some residences, and beautiful parks such as Gasworks Park.


Denny Triangle is one of the most popular places to live in Seattle today. It is one of the most walkable neighborhoods that also has great views of Seattle and Puget Sound. It’s centrally located but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle. Many different housing options make a living in this area ideal for everyone, from young professionals to the retired. Denny Triangle has a variety of amenities and attractions to keep you entertained, as well as businesses that can meet all your needs.


Fact about the Denny Triangle Neighborhood


Denny Triangle is named after Denny Hill. The hill was removed in a massive regrade project that lasted from 1906 to 1911, and the neighborhood has formed around the three blocks where Denny Hill once stood. It’s one of many neighborhoods formed by Seattle’s hills being leveled for development or railroad infrastructure. The original Skid Road (now Yesler Way) followed what used to be Cowen Street (which no longer exists), which itself ran parallel with Pike Street but ended near Second Avenue between Stewart and Virginia streets.


These areas became known as First Avenue Extension or simply “the extensions.” As it happens, there are still some remnants of Cowen Place visible today; if you walk down Third Avenue past Columbia Street, you’ll see a steep alleyway that still bears the name Cowen Place.


This neighborhood is walkable, has excellent views of the city and Puget Sound, and is revitalized. There are many Victorian-era homes in this area that have been restored to their original grandeur. The variety of housing options makes Denny Triangle Neighborhood one of the most popular places to live in Seattle today.


This neighborhood has recently been under construction to add more sidewalks and plant new trees alongside them for added aesthetics. Amazon’s headquarters can be found here as well as several other restaurants & coffee shops nearby. Many exciting things are happening in the Denny Triangle, which is why it’s one of the most popular places to live today!


Amazon’s headquarters is in the Denny Triangle. The neighborhood has been rapidly changing since Amazon opened its doors, and it seems like there are more improvements to this area every year than ever before! It’s close to downtown but also offers a quiet living environment away from the craziness of downtown Seattle. It’s an up-and-coming area of Seattle that is here to stay.


Several construction projects are going on nearby, including a 50 story tower and two 40+ floor towers which will be completed soon! It’s an exciting time to live in this part of town as more unique shops & restaurants continue opening up every month.


What’s in there at Denny Triangle Neighborhood?


The neighborhood is home to many businesses, including Amazon’s Doppler building (their Spheres). It has become one of the more vibrant parts of downtown, with new condos, apartments, shops, and restaurants popping up over recent years. The area also houses two major league sports stadiums; CenturyLink Field hosts football games for the Seahawks, while Safeco Field hosts baseball matches for the Mariners. Notable attractions in or near this neighborhood include Lake Union Park, Olympic Sculpture Park (recently expanded by 30 percent), Space Needle & the Experience Music Project Museum.


Denny Triangle Neighborhood is also home to many cultural attractions. Many people visit Denny Park, which features downtown Seattle and Puget Sound, or takes a trip to see the Gum Wall beneath Pike Place Market. The Three-Piece Sculpture was created by Charles Krafft in 1989 and placed at Westlake Park. The sculpture is one of three created as a series and can be found in different locations. If you’re hungry, visit Denny’s restaurant, which features an original sign from 1959, or grab some ice cream at Top Pot Doughnut.


Activities in Denny Triangle Neighborhood


Lake Union Park

Parks and Recreation: Denny Triangle Neighborhood has a lot of fun recreation activities, such as parks. The neighborhood is located next to South Lake Union Park. This park includes walking trails around the lake, an off-leash dog area for pets, play areas for children, picnic shelters, and many other recreational opportunities! It’s also near Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, which features some beautiful artwork from Dale Chihuly. If you are looking for things to do in this part of town, these two extraordinary outdoor spaces are perfect options!


Steelhead Diner

Restaurants: Located between Belltown and Downtown Seattle, plenty of restaurants are nearby serving up delicious cuisines just minutes away. One local favorite is Steelhead Diner on Westlake Ave. Here, you can enjoy a delightful breakfast or try some traditional steaks and seafood for dinner. This is one of the most popular brunch spots in Seattle. Another great place to grab food & drinks with friends is Cantina de San Patricio, located on Denny Way. The Mexican restaurant offers an expansive menu full of unique dishes that are both tasty and affordable! If you’re looking for fun new places around this part of town, these options will surely satisfy your cravings!


Lost Lake Cafe

Bars: One local favorite spot to grab a drink nearby is Lost Lake Café & Lounge on Eastlake Ave E. It has been featured as one of America’s best dive bars, and it serves up classic cocktails such as whiskey sours and gin and tonics. It’s perfect for when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy a low-key night out in the neighborhood. If that doesn’t sound like your scene, then grab some of your friends and head over to Ballroom, located on Olive Way near Capitol Hill. This bar/club is open until late at night every day! So if you’re looking for something fun to do after dinner or lunch with friends, don’t miss this great Denny Triangle Neighborhood spot!



Grocery Stores: If you rent an apartment or stay in a hotel nearby, it will be easy for you to get groceries close by. Two local favorite grocery stores include Uwajamiya on Union St, which offers fresh Asian groceries. If you are looking for a more traditional supermarket, Safeway on Denny Way is the perfect choice with great deals and products. Whether you want to go grocery shopping or pick up some snacks in between your busy day of exploring Seattle’s best neighborhoods, these two options have what you need without being too far away from where you’re staying.


There are plenty more activities around Denny Triangle Seattle Neighborhood, but these four suggestions will help you plan an exciting trip here if it’s your first time visiting! Overall, with parks and recreation close by, restaurants & bars for any meal or occasion, and various shopping spots nearby – staying in this neighborhood makes sense since everything is just minutes away.


Community Events in Denny Triangle Neighborhood


There are many things to do close by. There are also lots of community events happening regularly.


Taste of the Triangle: This event will take place at the South Lake Union Discovery Center and is perfect for food lovers who want to enjoy Seattle’s best restaurants. There are also live music and dance performances, a silent auction of local artwork, and many other activities to enjoy!


Denny Triangle Art Walk: Another great event to check out is the Denny Triangle Artwalk! This will take place at a different location every month and features local artists who sell their work. This is a great way to support the community and find some unique souvenirs from your trip!


Key Arena Concerts: If you want to see some of your favorite artists perform while in town, there is no better place than Key Arena! This venue hosts concerts and sporting events and is sure to be a fun way for you & your friends to enjoy some relaxing downtime between all the exploring.

Movies at The Triangle: There is also a free outdoor movie series that will take place throughout the summer. This event takes place every Tuesday night and plays a different movie each week. Bring your favorite snacks, drinks & friends – it’s going to be a fantastic night!


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