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Seattle Neighborhood – Crown Hill

The Crown Hill Neighborhood


Crown Hill is a Seattle community on the rise. 该社区以毗邻绿地而闻名, 包括适合跑步的公园和小径, biking, or exploring nature. In recent years, 皇冠山的发展见证了新居民的涌入, with many families moving into the area due to its safe environment and convenient access to major highways like Interstate 5.


In recent years, 皇冠山的发展见证了新居民的涌入, with many families moving into the area due to its safe environment and convenient access to major highways like I-90/I-405. 皇冠山社区是一个正在崛起的社区. With many stores, restaurants, and things to do in Crown Hill, 你肯定能找到你感兴趣的东西! Whether it’s enjoying all of your favorite restaurants or finding jobs with some excellent local employers, 这个伟大的社区有很多值得人们去发现的东西.


About the Crown Hill 


皇冠山是西雅图中北部一个欣欣向荣的小社区. It has an excellent location which makes it highly desirable to both home buyers and renters alike. 它位于格林湖和格林伍德之间,巴拉德南部. 近年来,为了提高该地区的密度,它被重新规划, making future expansion easier.


The neighborhood feels like a small town with many friends who have grown up together over the years. 这是一个高度紧密的社区,无论在逆境还是逆境中都能保持强大. Whether you are looking for a quiet single-family home on one of the beautiful tree-lined streets or a loft apartment downtown, 这里有你负担得起的东西在等着你! 在这一地区的任何地方步行都能到达可爱的餐馆, 所以不管你的口味是意大利菜还是安慰食物, you can find it here.




There is plenty of housing options available throughout Crown Hill through rentals or other living arrangements with several schools nearby, including Holy Rosary School, which offers preschool programs as well as private education up to eighth grade along with a variety of after-school activities too! 对于那些喜欢离城市近一点的地方的人, there are various condo buildings, and apartments are all reasonably priced.


该社区位于西雅图的中心地带, 它不仅可以方便地接触到当地的企业, 但附近也有很多购物目的地. There are a variety of quality restaurants and bars within the neighborhood and those that provide some great nightlife and plenty of transportation options, including bus lines. 全年有大量的社区活动, 从现场音乐到当地公园的电影之夜!


皇冠山是整个城市中最实惠的社区之一, with housing costs well below $500,000. There are multiple grocery stores nearby, including Top Foods, 提供有机农产品区和各种其他产品. 你可以在步行距离内享受当地的商店和餐馆, 或者你可以乘公共汽车去更方便的地方.


Things To Do Nearby Crown Hill


皇冠山提供许多精彩的活动, 比如沿着探索公园环岛步道徒步旅行或在丹尼溪步道骑自行车. If outdoors isn’t your favorite place, 皇冠山社区还有很多事情可做, like expanding your arts and culture horizons at local venues such as Northwest African American Museum or checking out one of the many local restaurants.


Throughout all seasons, 在任何给定的时间都会有事件发生, 从关注艺术和文化的节日到充满新鲜农产品的农贸市场. Moving can feel overwhelming, 但考虑到皇冠山社区,搬家并不一定会有压力! Here’s a list of things to do nearby:


Crown Hill Cemetery

Visit the Crown Hill Cemetery:

皇冠山也有一个小但迷人的墓地. 这是一个古老而常闹鬼的墓地,许多名人都葬在那里, 包括李小龙的儿子布兰登和诺德斯特龙百货公司的创始人, John W. Nordstrom.

Seattle University

Visit the Seattle University:

Crown Hill is home to one of the top-ranked universities in Washington State, Seattle University. It has a beautiful campus that you can visit and see for yourself all of the fantastic art installations they have on display outside. 如果幸运的话,你甚至可以参加一两个公开课!

Take part in outdoor activities:

Ballard (Hiram M. Chittenden) Locks

享受其中的一个活动,发生在 Ballard’s Chittenden Locks, including boating season-opening day festivities held on Friday nights from May through September during which you can watch boats navigate locks; summer parties hosted by local yacht clubs, 甚至每年秋天都去看鲑鱼逆流而上.

Green Lake Park

Visit the Green Lake Park:

Wander through Green Lake Park on your next day off from work or school to enjoy all that it has to offer visitors just like you! Also, visit Golden Gardens Park, another excellent place to take some time off during your down days! Whether you are looking for an easy hike along trails accompanied by scenic views or even more challenging routes up steep hills, this park will suit anyone’s needs perfectly while offering jaw-dropping scenery throughout its path.

So whether your interests lie in shopping, dining, or just a good cup of coffee, then Crown Hill is the place for you! There’s no reason not to visit this neighborhood with so many great places to spend time in and explore.


Facts about the Crown Hill 


这是一个位于西雅图西北部的地区. It was named after a hill that rises to about 320 feet above sea level and has long been known as Crown Hill. The first homesteaders were attracted by plentiful springs, which provided water for their gardens. However, they quickly found themselves living on steep slopes with little room left for farming or grazing. Most early settlers were not non-disabled men looking for farmland but people who had fallen on hard times back east. The earliest inhabitants fished around Puget Sound and harvested berries along 15th Avenue NW (the road closest to the bottom of the hill). Later, from the 1860s through the 1880s, orchardists planted fruit trees and built a road along 15th Avenue NW to bring their harvest into Seattle.


皇冠山社区是西雅图市的一个社区. As a popular area for new residents, there are plenty of amenities and opportunities available to you when living in the Crown Hill neighborhood that will enhance your lifestyle. 下面是一些关于如何在这里成功生活的细节:


在搬家之前,你应该知道关于皇冠山社区的第一件事是它的位置. 城市的这一部分很容易到达城市的许多不同方面, 包括过境和主要公路,如I-405, 根据你的目的地,哪条路线可以带你去北方或南方. Its very close proximity also makes this an ideal spot since most errands can efficiently be run without having too much travel time involved.


在搬家之前,你应该知道的第二件事是皇冠山社区的历史. 这个社区的土地曾经是劳顿堡的一部分, 这个军事基地从1899年开始运作,直到20世纪50年代初关闭. Afterward, 这一地区大部分被指定用于开发, 很快,许多房屋都建在原来的军用房屋上.


The third thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood is that it’s close to the University District; Crown Hill has many student tenants who are usually around for just four years. And with many single-family homes that have since been converted into apartments or duplexes, 这个社区有很多负担得起的居住选择.


The fourth thing you should know about the Crown Hill neighborhood is there are so many significant areas within walking distance where you can find everything from home goods, groceries, and even clothing stores! 许多商家也在网上提供他们的商品, 也就是说如果你的新房子没有储物空间, then order what you need right away without having to worry about fitting oversized items inside your new home.


The last thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood is there are many parks in the area that range from small to large-sized, each offering its little amenities for residents who want a place to relax or take their pets out for an afternoon stroll. From Thornton Creek Trail, 从那里可以看到湖景公墓和煤气厂公园的美景, all while being surrounded by tall old-growth cedar trees along with grassy meadows perfect for picnics! And since it’s so close to Discovery Park, visitors can even enjoy some time at the beach if they choose to without having to travel far away from where they live.


Favorite Spots on Crown Hill:


The Ballard Locks 这里每年吸引成千上万的游客前来观赏这里捕获的鲑鱼. 这只是你可以出去享受社区的一种方式!

Crown Hill Park 皇冠山附近有12个公园, 所以当你想和家人或朋友在户外活动时,很容易找到一个不错的公园!

Crown Hill Playfield – another excellent location for families looking to connect outdoors near their homes.

Seattle Children’s Museum – 孩子们会喜欢探索这个博物馆提供的所有有趣的机会!

Queen Anne Farmer’s Market -每周在皇冠山附近有一个市场. This provides an excellent opportunity for anyone living in your community to get out and enjoy their surroundings while getting fresh produce or items from local businesses!

University Village Shopping Mall -如果你正在寻找一个有大量选择的高档购物体验, then head over here today!

Crown Hill Food Carts (seasonally) 在温暖的月份,这些食品车在周四晚上沿着霍尔曼西北路设立. 下班回家之前,你可以在这里吃晚饭! 

The Crown Hill Cemetery -是一个美丽的地标,当地人和游客都喜欢广阔的场地, explore the tombstones, 或者参加那里举办的众多活动之一.


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