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西雅图 Neighborhood – 樱桃山 & 乡绅公园

樱桃山 & 乡绅公园附近


The 西雅图 area is a fantastic place to call home, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the 樱桃山 or 乡绅公园 neighborhoods, then you’ll be able to enjoy a slew of amenities that make this location so desirable. 十大可靠彩票平台owners can find many private and public spaces for recreation and relaxation, 包括操场, 带野餐区的公园, 网球场, 和更多的. Residents can also take advantage of local shops like The Market Place at Northgate, which offer fresh produce and prepared food items such as sandwiches and salads.


樱桃山 and 乡绅公园 neighborhoods of the 西雅图 area are a great place to call home. 与 many private and public places for recreation and relaxation, homeowners can enjoy amenities such as playgrounds, 带野餐区的公园, 网球场, 和更多的. 也, residents can take advantage of local shops like The Market Place at Northgate, which offer fresh produce and prepared food items such as sandwiches and salads.


关于樱桃山 & 乡绅公园附近


This neighborhood is very well-known for its beautiful homes and tree-lined 街道; this place also holds historical value in that it was once an orchard where most of 西雅图’s cherries were grown back in the day when they used to be harvested every year. 樱桃山公园自从1890年华盛顿州在这里购买了大约12英亩的土地后就从未因为闲置而关闭过, 在亨利·伊斯勒给他们另一边14英亩的土地后,这座公园后来被称为杰克·布洛克公园. 直到1992年,人们才开始考虑从一开始看起来毫无用处的土地上建造一些东西.


樱桃山 Park was built as an extension to Jack Block Park, which has been around ever since 1890 after Henry Yesler gave them some land for public use, so there are many great amenities for everyone to enjoy such as basketball courts, 网球场, play areas for children and picnic tables. Cherry hill park also offers its visitors a beautiful view of downtown 西雅图 and Lake 华盛顿, making this one charming go-to spot in the Northwest district, especially if you want somewhere quiet where you can relax without all kinds of distractions.


樱桃山 and 乡绅公园 are very close to some of the best schools in the State, such as Northgate Elementary School, Olympic View Elementary school, also known as Holy Family Catholic Church, 安妮女王高中, 位于美世街, which is about a mile away from this neighborhood. This place is pretty nice for walking, though since most people like living near parks because everything is within reach, especially shops where anyone can buy groceries or other items they need.


樱桃山的设施 & 乡绅公园附近


Basketball courts are situated in Jack Block park, also known as Cherry hill park. There are also 网球场 nearby where one can go play a round or two before heading home. These have lights that turn on after the sun sets, 所以,如果有人想要训练到很晚,而不用回家,他们就会在晚上一直亮着灯.


拥有最先进设备的健身中心和为喜欢集体健身的人准备的社交室. 给孩子们, there are also child care facilities, 私立学校, 和公立学校, which are all within walking distance.


Medical Facilities such as doctors’ offices, 牙医, and optometrists offering services to the surrounding community. People can go to these offices for checkups, teeth cleaning & whitening if they need any help with their gums or anything else concerning their teeth. 如果人们需要与人谈论生活中可能困扰他们的问题,他们也可以从心理健康顾问那里得到帮助. There are also several pharmacies in the area, so one can get any prescriptions they need to be filled if needing antibiotics or pain killers.


Greenery is abundant within these two areas, 因此,这将帮助任何生活在樱桃山附近的自然爱好者感到与地球母亲更有十大彩票正规平台,而其他地方除了人类居住的地方生长的植被,包括停车场,其他一切都是人工的, 街道, 等. 有时你会觉得自己像是在另一个星球上,因为大多数道路都是柏油路, 让你看起来像是在一个尘土飞扬的沙漠里除了住在这里的人,周围没有其他生物.


Several churches are located in Cherry hill park. 人们可以崇拜他们喜欢的神或精神道路,如果他们想要一些熟悉的东西,在寻求生活的指导, like meditating before starting the day with prayer/rituals, 等. 这对于那些不知道什么类型的信仰在这个时候对他们来说是最好的,但仍然想要一些与比他们自己更大的神圣源泉的十大彩票正规平台的人来说,是很容易的!


There’s plenty of green space within each neighborhood, 如果家里没有足够的空间,孩子们可以很容易地和朋友或家人在外面玩, 所以这将有助于让每个人都开心,因为大多数父母有时需要一些独处的时间,同时也确保他们的孩子在成长过程中保持社交十大彩票正规平台,而不是呆在家里,在手机上看YouTube上的视频, 等.


这些地区周围也有大量的公共交通,因为在西雅图旅行通常需要这些交通工具, 这使得任何想要去镇上其他地方或在离开后回家的人都更容易,而不会有太多的麻烦. This keeps people safe when commuting instead of driving their vehicle everywhere by themselves, so there will be no accidents while trying other things on the road if they’re tired from work/school. It can save lives by keeping everyone off the 街道 in one way, shape, or form.


There are plenty of small attractions within these neighborhoods, 当人们在家里无聊的时候,或者想要远离疯狂的城市,获得一些平静的时候,这让他们更容易进行社交. Most of these places are free, so there’s no need to worry about money while visiting them since everything is usually very affordable, on point with everyone’s budgeting abilities, run by friendly employees who greet you whenever passing through their establishments, 等.


关于樱桃山的事实 & 乡绅公园附近


The neighborhood is located in Northwest District. It borders Northrup Gruman, Holy Family Hospital, and 樱桃山 Park, Jack Block Park. This area used to be a cherry orchard but was later bought by Henry Yesler. 在看到西雅图市有多大的潜力后,他把这块地给了西雅图市供公共使用,并希望这块地可用作开发用途. 当第二次世界大战爆发, 许多非洲裔美国人开始搬到这个社区,因为其他地方的住房选择有限,因为房地产公司在任何情况下都不会出售这里的房子,使这个地方非常受所有种族的欢迎. 正如我们所说, there are more than 100+ homes within “Squire-Hill,” with a majority of the residents being African American.


话虽这么说, 樱桃山公园看起来就像一座鬼城,因为大多数住在附近的人除了运动或偶尔野餐外,很少去那里做其他事情. 仍然, 再一次, 西雅图人热爱他们的公园, so no wonder everyone living around these areas does too! 由于几乎没有孩子在外面跑来跑去,这个社区有一种更加分散的感觉, 对于那些不想让自己的生活被孩子们玩耍的噪音打扰的人来说,哪一种适合呢, this place does seem too quiet at times.


Community Events in 樱桃山 & 乡绅公园附近.


樱桃山 西雅图 and 乡绅公园 neighborhood is a small community within the larger city of 西雅图, 华盛顿, 它以绿树成荫的住宅街道而闻名,街道上满是漂亮的房子,庭院保养得很好,还有可爱的私人设施,比如夏天下午可以随意使用的户外游泳池.


There are many more events that take place in this area throughout the spring, 夏天, 和秋天的月, including annual block parties which residents enjoy getting together to celebrate the warm weather season while catching up with their neighbors before going back indoors to prepare dinner or watch television shows during colder winter days when they can be found snuggling up together under blankets by a fireplace or simply staying inside altogether to avoid the rain and wind.


The Annual Block Party in 樱桃山 & 乡绅公园附近的社区是参加家庭娱乐活动的绝佳时间,比如所有年龄段的孩子都可以画脸谱, bouncy houses on hand for those who want to take a break from walking around, and plenty of delicious food to taste.


想了解更多社区信息的居民可以注册樱桃山社区每周通讯, 它会通过电子邮件发送该地区的最新情况,以及任何其他有新闻价值的当地企业关闭或开业的消息,可能值得在附近酒吧或餐馆的“欢乐时光”聚会时分享.

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