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中央西雅图 社区是指有很多好处的社区. 这里有一些很棒的公园,离市中心很近, this place is perfect if you’re looking for something in between residential and urban living. 附近也有很多工作机会, 这样你就不用担心每天上下班距离太远了!


西雅图市中心社区位于市中心的中心. It’s accessible to downtown by multiple highway exits and has plenty of shopping options nearby that are friendly for families with kids (like Playtown). There’s also easy access to public transportation like buses and light rail so that you can get around town without too much trouble! 如果你正在寻找一个地方,方便访问所有的设施,你可以想要的, 那么西雅图市中心街区就值得一看.




The area that we now know as the 中央西雅图 neighborhood was called the University District in 1891 when it became known for its coal mining operations. In 1893, 发生了两起火灾, 许多建筑物被夷为平地, 所以他们决定了一个新名字:布鲁克林中心. 随着时间的推移, Brooklyn Center changed names again after being annexed by 西雅图 but only for a short while. 在1920年代中期, 它被命名为大学高地,然后在1927年缩短为“U区”.


西雅图中心社区位于城市的中心, and therefore an excellent location for any family or individual looking to be in a convenient spot. 这里也有许多美丽的公园供人们欣赏, 很棒的购物和餐厅,让你开心, 还有大量的家庭活动. 西雅图中心社区有你想要的一切在你的指尖! This blog post will highlight some of what this fantastic urban village has that you’ll love!


中央社区是一个小, quiet community in the heart of 西雅图 that’s home to many different types of people who enjoy its old-fashioned presence and historical flare. 它有大量的当地商店和餐馆,以及学校等公共服务, 库, 公园 & 从儿童到老年人的娱乐场所! The older buildings have been restored through time while new facilities are continually being built around it – but this area still maintains much of what makes it uniquely “中央西雅图” today. For those looking for an affordable place near downtown with easy access wherever you need to go via stre等ar or bus lines. 看看你所在的社区吧:西雅图市中心!




西雅图中部社区 is the most populous in all of 西雅图, with over 100,000 residents.


三分之一的房屋建于1939年以前. This means many historic buildings within this area make it a great place to visit for those who love history and architecture.


西雅图中部社区是国会山社区的一部分. 这个地区有一个有商店的小市中心, 餐厅, 酒吧, 还有咖啡屋供居民享用. Its prime location makes it easy to get around by car or public transit if you do not live in a walkable neighborhood.


西雅图市中心邻近一些著名景点, 包括安妮女王, 联合湖公园, 和弗里蒙特沃灵福德地区, 购物较多的地方, 就餐选择, 还有一些很棒的公园! Dining out doesn’t mean breaking the bank either since many affordable local cafes serve delicious food at really reasonable prices! 虽然这里没有任何专业的运动队(西雅图水手队), 家庭游戏可以很容易地通过公共交通访问.


根据目前的人口普查数据, most 中央西雅图 Neighborhood residents are within the age range of 25 to 34 years old, 在人口统计数据中,男女比例约为50/50. 附近有几所学校, including two alternative high schools that have received numerous awards for their excellent academic programs and great athletics teams!


中央西雅图 Neighborhood has some great 餐厅 nearby, including Italian and Vietnamese. 还有大量的公共绿地,比如志愿者公园, 哪个提供了户外活动的机会,如野餐或烧烤.


为了娱乐, people can check out arts venues such as ACT Theatre at The Erickson Theater or Village Theatre; both hostings show year-round! There are so many things to do here; you’ll never get bored! It has become one of the best neighborhoods in central 西雅图 because of its central location.




西雅图中部社区提供了许多可以体验的东西. 这个地区有各种各样的餐馆, 酒吧, 还有提供世界各地不同口味的酒吧. 它也提供了一些娱乐的机会, 比如参加Key Arena的活动或在派拉蒙剧院观看一场演出. 另外, 在镇上的这一地区有许多购物的地方, 包括西湖购物中心和太古广场大厦, 这里是众多高档精品店和梅西百货等大型百货公司的所在地, 诺德斯特姆的, 等. 杰西潘尼的. 对于户外活动, these areas provide fabulous hiking trails such as Kerry Park Trailhead on Queen Anne Hill, where visitors can enjoy panoramic views over the city by climbing up steep stairs leading down into the park. 除了, the green spaces in the 中央西雅图 neighborhood are rich with wildlife and plant life where people can enjoy a picnic or go for a jog.




Many exciting community events take place in 中央西雅图 neighborhoods throughout the year. 总有一些有趣的事情可以做和看! 下面是一些正在发生的重大事件:



每周与朋友和家人聚在一起听现场音乐, 快餐车, 当地的工匠/工匠——你甚至可以带着你的小狗一起去. This event also has free admission if you want to shop around or support your neighbors without committing to anything else! 这是一个全方位的好时机,也是西雅图市中心社区的盛事.



这个精彩的社区艺术活动每周在中环举行! The artists get to showcase their work while you can support them by buying some of their goods or just showing up for an impromptu night out with friends and family. It also has no cover charge if that’s your thing; it’s always free to attend this special monthly event!



This festival is a nod to the history of jazz in 西雅图 and will have numerous musicians, 在你访问期间,有很多快餐车供你吃. It’s an all-day party with no cover charge, so come on out for this free local music fest.


西雅图中部社区秋季艺术 & 手工艺品展示:

这个社区活动总是完全免费参加! 届时将有100多位艺术家参展,展示他们最好的作品. 如果你愿意,你甚至可以带上你的小狗! This is a beautiful event to come out and support local communities while doing some holiday shopping.



这个很棒的社区活动总是免费参加的! It has over 100 local vendors in attendance and an excellent chance for you to get your holiday shopping done early. 全天都会有现场音乐表演, so support this wonderful neighborhood tradition while getting some of the best gifts of the season.



最后一个社区活动是新年前夜的庆祝活动. 它不收服务费! 全天都会有现场音乐表演 and a great place to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve (if you can get there early enough). 这将是一个爆炸和一个极好的方式来庆祝新年!





西北非裔美国人博物馆: 该博物馆位于市中心,曾被称为西雅图的“黑人国会大厦”.” The 西北非裔美国人博物馆 (NAAM) highlights the art and culture of people of African descent. 它展示了昆西·琼斯(Quincy Jones)、科琳·科尔-甘蒂(Colleen Cole-Gandy)、小布伦特·哈里斯(Brent Harris Jr .)等当地艺术家.理查德·特雷尔·普莱尔(Richard Terrell Pryor)等.



Madrona公园: 在市中心,你会发现马德罗纳公园. This park has a playground, some open space for kids to play in, and trails where dogs can walk. 主菜大约有三英里长, 但在这条路上,有许多其他的小路径从它分离出来.


华盛顿湖大道: In the 中央西雅图 Neighborhood, you will also walk along 华盛顿湖大道. Many other people are walking here as well, and it is an excellent place for jogging or running. 那里风景优美,可以看到湖和山景, 所以这条大道上没有任何建筑物挡住你的视线.



Viretta公园: 维雷塔公园是一个公共公园,在中央区靠近国会山E. 哈里森街,共和党街和博伊尔斯顿街之间, 就在志愿者公园的对面(那里的景色很棒). 这条路以约翰。M. 维勒特,他拥有一块叫做"山脊"的土地,这个小镇就坐落在那里.



Wilridge酒厂: 威尔里奇酒庄位于西雅图的苏厄德公园附近, 但它有一个品酒室,就在中央大道旁边. This winery features delicious wines made from grapes grown here on their farm and other local farms (like the ones you can find at 派克市场).


派克市场: 派克市场位于西雅图市中心. 这是游客常去的地方, 但是当地人也很喜欢去那里(特别是当他们想要一些美味的食物时). The market has many vendors selling fresh produce and other goods like clothes or jewelry that are unique enough that you won’t find them anywhere else.

如果你在找 西雅图的大扫除,跟我们走吧!