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西雅图的 中央商务区 是商业和商业的中心. It has been called the “Wall Street West” of 西雅图 because of its connection to banking and finance. 这不只是投资银行家的问题, 虽然; this neighborhood also features several restaurants, 公园, 艺术画廊, 以及为工作或娱乐创造繁荣环境的剧院.




中央商务区是西雅图第二高楼的所在地. 哥伦比亚中心高76层,包括:

  • 一个酒店.
  • 会议中心.
  • 出租办公场所.
  • 餐厅在顶楼.
  • 购买或出租公寓.


Many of the tallest buildings in 西雅图 are located within the 中央商务区, 包括港景大厦和富国银行中心, 哪个城市的顶楼有我们城市最好的几家餐厅, 比如安东尼的贝尔街餐厅格鲁吉亚餐厅. It also hosts several office spaces for rent in addition to luxury condos that are available to buy or rent out. This neighborhood has become one of the most popular places in 西雅图 due to the great selection it offers people looking at apartments near downtown 西雅图.


在探索完这些美妙的选择之后,你应该考虑搬家了! 这些社区提供了一系列极好的住房机会, 离这里不远的地方,高楼林立,可供出租或出售. 其中一些建筑提供单间公寓、一居室单元和大型顶层公寓. Several rental options are available in the area, such as family homes or condos with onsite parking.


The 中央商务区 is located between two great bodies of water: Lake Union to the north and Elliott Bay to the south. 它与其他几个社区接壤, 包括安妮女王, 美国国会, 和Belltown, 加在一起,总人口数不到70人,超过15平方英里的人口! This neighborhood’s location means it is within easy reach of downtown 西雅图 jobs and all-around town attractions like Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square. There are so many fantastic things nearby you will have no idea how much time you spend commuting to work!


The 中央商务区 is one of the most popular neighborhoods for people looking at apartments near downtown 西雅图; It has an incredible selection of places to eat, 喝和玩. There are also excellent jobs in Downtown 西雅图 that you can commute to on foot or by train! This neighborhood offers some fantastic amenities like impressive skyscrapers with modern condos available for sale or rent, 还有一些独特的餐厅,比如阴谋巧克力 & Coffeehouse, which serves specialty drinks inspired by chocolate bars in addition to tasty treats. Everyone should check it out once they’ve moved into their new place here in this neighborhood!




西雅图 中央商务区 (CBD) is in the center of 西雅图 and was the city’s traditional downtown. 这里坐落着许多高层建筑, housing offices for major companies with headquarters or regional offices in 西雅图 such as Amazon.com、微软和星巴克. It also has several shopping centers that offer more than just tourist shops but boutique stores offering designer goods from clothing to jewelry at more affordable prices. 除了, several 艺术画廊 feature local artists’ work and some impressive public sculpture pieces on display throughout the neighborhood, 这使它成为游客和当地人拍照的理想地点.


The population of this area has grown significantly over the past few years and continues to grow. 根据普吉特湾地区委员会的一项研究, it was estimated that there will be an increase of 75% more people living in the 中央商务区 between 2000 and 2025.


It is a predominantly commercial neighborhood with many retail shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also several office buildings located within the 中央商务区 for those who work in Downtown 西雅图 and other companies that have satellite offices here.


这个社区紧邻先锋广场, 西雅图最古老的部分, 这里有许多艺术画廊和其他文化景点. 它还毗邻派克市场, 自1907年首次开放以来,是一个重要的旅游景点.


The 中央商务区 is home to the tallest skyscraper in 西雅图, known as Columbia Center. 它有76层楼高,于1985年完工. This building has become an iconic landmark for not only Downtown 西雅图 but also the entire city itself.


西雅图中央商务区被认为是西雅图最富有的社区. It holds around 17,000 people and has an average income level that hovers at $100,000 annually. These factors make it one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live-in in Washington state.



中央商务区 houses many nationally recognized businesses such as Amazon headquarters and Expedia, 它们相邻地坐落在世纪坛球场附近的特里大道上, 你在哪里也能找到星巴克总部! 仅在这个地区就有超过10万个工作岗位! 考虑到只有16500名居民全职居住在那里,这个数字相当大! 你还会发现更多的名人, 包括专业运动队, 国际公司, 和金融机构.



中央商务区的公寓是最豪华的生活方式! 附近有很多餐馆, 你永远不用担心做饭或去哪里买东西. 这个地区有几家杂货店, 包括的优惠卡, 被《十大彩票正规平台》评为西雅图最佳杂货店.” You can find other places like Trader Joe’s not too far away either; if this is more up your alley, 虽然, 它往往比镇上其他地方贵一点, 所以,在预算每周的杂货费用时,请记住这一点. Try State Street Oyster Bar located on Virginia St just north of Pike Place Market near Westlake Center for some of the best seafood in town!



中央商务区附近还有其他几处便利设施, 包括星巴克总部, 西雅图水族馆, 和派克市场. 穿过西湖大道进入南湖联盟会在KEXP降落, where you can take free community classes and enjoy their events from time to time which is open to all members of the public regardless if they’re taking one of those classes or not. 除了, 在Qwest球场,海鹰队的比赛总是有很多, 所以在计划旅行的时候一定要看看他们的日程安排.




瀑布花园:  One of the best things about visiting the 中央商务区 西雅图 Neighborhood is so many great 公园 nearby. 瀑布花园有一个大瀑布和几个较小的瀑布和池塘. It’s a great place to visit for tourists or locals alike, and it is always well maintained.



亚马逊的球体: The 亚马逊的球体 are a unique attraction in 中央商务区 西雅图 Neighborhood. 这三个球由40多个球组成,世界各地有000家工厂,是参观和拍照的好地方. 这些球体部分是由亚马逊员工建造的, 让他们兴奋地了解了它的内部运作.



天空视图天文台: The 天空视图天文台 is a great place to visit and take in the 中央商务区 西雅图 Neighborhood views. 从70楼开始, 客人可以看到翡翠城和许多其他重要地标的图片. 在不阴天的时候,游客还可以看到远处的雷尼尔山.



西雅图有问题博物馆: The 西雅图有问题博物馆 is a popular place for tourists and locals to visit in 中央商务区 西雅图 Neighborhood. It features over 30 exhibits with interesting selfie-related artifacts and displays and a large section of famous selfies. The museum is also home to 西雅图的 first-ever selfie stick, where selfies are expected to be taken.

激光圆顶: 激光圆顶 at 中央商务区 西雅图 Neighborhood is famous for concerts and shows. 它由一个可充气的圆顶组成, 哪个电视台经常举办涉及激光枪战和其他各种活动的节目. 激光穹顶非常适合娱乐活动,尤其是和孩子们一起.


如果你在找 西雅图的房屋清洁和我们一起去吧!