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Seattle Neighborhood – Broadmoor

The Broadmoor Neighborhood


Broadmoor‘s scenic views and proximity to many of Seattle’s major attractions make it a popular neighborhood for locals and visitors alike. The birds fly over Broadmoor, whether they are soaring between the trees or picking at blades of grass on one of the many public parks that dot the landscape. The neighborhood is an eclectic mix of residential homes, apartments, shops, restaurants, breweries, and more.


About the Broadmoor Neighborhood


The Broadmoor Neighborhood is a suburb of the city and has very few commercial zones. Residential zones such as homes, detached houses, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments make up most of this area. The neighborhood is tranquil with an active community that regularly takes part in local schools and churches. An example would be hosting school plays or fundraisers for sick children. This neighborhood doesn’t offer much besides hanging out outside because it lacks any commercial establishments like restaurants or shops; however, there are many nearby retail districts complete with all kinds of shopping options where residents can go if they want something more than what’s offered locally. The suburbs surrounding this particular neighborhood (primary location) include Broadmoor, Broadview Manor, and University District.


The neighborhood is named after a resort in Colorado that was built around an old mining town. The area has undergone many changes over the years, including new housing developments and becoming part of various cities. Before it was included within Seattle’s city limits which occurred sometime during 1910-1911, this neighborhood was part of the former Broadmoor Municipality. It has since been referred to as Interbay and is now its own Seattle Suburb. The boundaries include Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, and Salmon Bay within Washington State and Interstate-90 running along the northernmost section, which separates it from Magnolia Hillside Neighborhood.


There are many different homes to choose from in this neighborhood, including historic mansions and large estates, and more modern single-family residences. Most houses were built between 1910 and 1930; however, a handful dates back to the mid-1800s. There’s something for everyone living here, which could be why it has become so popular among both families and young professionals. With affordable homes, beautiful architecture, plenty of green space for kids to play in, and many local businesses nearby, it’s no wonder why Seattleites love this neighborhood!


The Broadmoor Neighborhood is a lovely place to live, and the people who do so tend to be friendly, warm, and welcoming towards newcomers, which makes it even more attractive compared to other parts of town since this city can sometimes seem like one big concrete jungle when you first arrive! The area’s convenient location combined with its beautiful scenery means that most people wouldn’t mind spending their day here instead of going elsewhere since there are plenty of things happening around such as grocery shopping or just enjoying nature by taking walks, etcetera. So if you ever find yourself in need of housing, having all these amenities nearby would come in handy no matter what your lifestyle might entail because there truly is something for everyone in this particular neighborhood.


Facts about the Broadmoor Neighborhood


First, Broadmoor Neighborhood is an upscale neighborhood. It has a higher income level than the average for all of Seattle, Washington. The median household income in this area was around $120k per year as of 2015. This figure was over 40% greater compared to the city’s averages at that time and place.


The houses are also bigger here on average when comparing it to other neighborhoods within Seattle proper. Most homes have four bedrooms or more, with some having five bedrooms! Some residences had seven-bedroom properties available back in the day during its original construction run but not anymore since they were converted into smaller units instead of being sold originally, so these would be considered unique features if you ever come across one of them these.


Another interesting fact about the Broadmoor Neighborhood is that it is not far from Downtown Seattle! The neighborhood in question has a perfect location, making commuting to work or school easier than most others you might find in this city. Most of the residents can commute within 20 minutes when traveling by car either way, whether they are going towards Northgate, Capitol Hill, Fremont, or even Ballard if they live on the southernmost part of the area, which also happens to be where many commercial establishments are located including grocery stores and retail shops for example so having one nearby would come as an advantage here since there’s less need for driving around town just because you ran out of bread and milk back home for example.


The Broadmoor Neighborhood also includes the Broadview neighborhood, which is adjacent to its north side, so there’s a lot of overlap between these two areas regarding various amenities and other things, including schools, parks, and stores, etcetera. This means that if you live here, the chances are high that your children would go to school with those living here for quite some time already since this area has existed as an official part of the city since 1902! So one could say that it’s pretty much settled down compared to others making up Seattle proper. Still, at the same time, because it was established earlier, too many people know about this particular spot which makes housing prices higher overall yet still affordable by most standards.


The Broadmoor Neighborhood is also close to the Queen Anne area of town, which has some great places to eat and shop; for example, so depending on how far you live from there, it can take about 15 minutes or even less than that by car if the traffic isn’t too bad for you when traveling outbound towards downtown during peak hours say especially in the morning. Getting around is not an issue most of the time unless there’s an accident or some other type of roadwork which can happen anywhere at any given moment.


Finally, this neighborhood is known for its large parcels of green space thanks to all those trees and parks located within it! There are several different types, including open spaces as well as smaller ones such as community gardens where people hang out and socialize together after they finish their daily chores and before going home in fact so these make significant meeting areas you can go to if you like spending time with your friend’s etcetera rather than staying indoors every day since most houses here tend to be more private compared to others found throughout Seattle proper due mainly because they were built during a period when personal privacy was considered very important by most people in general.


Activities in Broadmoor Neighborhood


Lake Washington Park

The Broadmoor Neighborhood is filled with many activities for the residents to partake in. Several parks, including Lake Washington Park and Andrews Bayview Playfield, offer athletic fields, playgrounds, restrooms, and picnic areas that can be used by all people who live or work in Broadmoor Neighborhood. Residents of the neighborhood can also participate in community events such as school plays or fundraisers at local schools and churches. There are no commercial establishments inside this Seattle suburb, so most activities center around public parks and private homes; however, there is a large retail district where residents would hang out if they wanted more than what’s available locally. The Broadmoor Neighborhood is a quiet and safe place to live, with very few crimes reported each year. There are lots of amenities for residents to use, including local schools, parks, and restaurants. It is close to downtown but far enough to maintain the peace most people want in a neighborhood.

Andrews Bayview Playfield


The neighborhood is also close to public transportation, including buses and light rail. The nearest train station can be found at Interbay Train Station, where you’ll find the Light Rail Line, which offers service to Downtown Seattle. It’s only a short walk from Broadmoor Neighborhood over to this stop as well, making it easy for residents who work downtown or students attending local colleges like the University of Washington-Seattle Campus and North Seattle College. Bus riders will be happy with how many different routes run through this area too! There are four bus stops within walking distance, so you won’t have any trouble catching a ride when needed.


Community Event at Broadmoor Neighborhood


There’s also a community center located on the east side of this neighborhood where you can find classes offered during each semester and sign up for other fun events like yoga lessons held at least once per week. If you’re into volunteering, there are plenty of opportunities to do so via organizations like Friends of Little Saigon Public Market or Volunteer Coalition – Interbay-Ballard RSVP Program. This neighborhood is very involved in the community and has many other activities for residents to partake in.


All Broadmoor Neighborhood and surrounding areas are invited to join in on community events happening throughout each year. There is a calendar filled with activities every month, which you can pick up at local schools, libraries, or other public gathering locations like parks. Events include school plays and holiday parties to summer picnics, and community events at local parks and churches. People looking to get involved in the Broadmoor Neighborhood can find plenty of things going on here, plus there are many volunteer opportunities available, so you never have to feel like you’re not helping out your neighbors!

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