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Bitter Lake Neighborhood


Bitter Lake 是西雅图最有名的社区之一, 有着悠久的历史,是许多成功家庭的家园. The neighborhood has been around since the early 1900s when it was initially an exclusive resort town for wealthy people who traveled by boat from Seattle. Today, Bitter Lake still retains its reputation as one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods because it offers residents plenty in terms of convenience and prestige.


西雅图苦湖(Bitter Lake Seattle)社区是一个小而僻静的社区,住户众多. 它占地大约一平方英里,大约有6000人居住在里面. The area was developed mainly by middle to upper-class residents during the early 1900s; however, 今天的居民更加多样化, 一些房子被租出去或与室友合租. 它有着丰富的历史和优越的地理位置,靠近主要的交通路线, 这个地方对每个人都有好处.


Bitter Lake Facts


Bitter Lake is close to the heart of Seattle but manages to maintain its serenity through extensive landscaping that ensures no trees or plants obstruct people’s view from any angle they choose.


The Bitter Lake neighborhood is mainly known for its beautiful water views and its proximity to Woodland Park Zoo. Over time, 该地区也是许多重要地方的所在地, including Joyland’s central amusement park and an infamous drive-in theater that was forced out due to noise complaints from neighbors in 1972. 虽然附近没有学校和游乐场, it is conveniently located near some top educational institutions like Roosevelt High School and St. 第65街的约瑟夫教区日托中心. Several local parks where residents can enjoy themselves with their families whenever they decide to venture outside their homes, 如绿湖公园和拉文纳公园. 对于住在附近的人来说,另一个受欢迎的目的地是苦湖社区中心, 哪个学校全年提供各种令人兴奋的课程.


It has an area of about 13.96平方公里,也就是大约4.5英里, 使它成为全州最大的湖泊之一. It has retained its natural beauty since three-quarters of its surrounding land is covered with evergreen trees and plants. The rest consists mainly of grasslands and small ponds that add to this neighborhood’s allure as well as make for ideal spots to set up your picnic table when you’re feeling hungry after spending time on their sandy beaches looking at Bitter Lake from different angles. 只有700多人居住在那里, 尽管它靠近市中心,但它保持着安静的生活方式.




参观位于东北冬青公园路北80街的苦湖社区中心. This building is a center for recreational activities, classes, daycare, and senior services. 社区中心有一个全年开放的室内游泳池, 在特定的赛季时间提供圈道. Many programs are offered here, including one designed to combat childhood obesity in kids between kindergarten through fifth grade.


Explore Seattle’s green spaces by taking advantage of all they have to offer while hiking or biking along forested trails at popular spots like Thornton Creek Trail 位于东北130大道附近,沙点路东北方向,旁边是林地公园动物园, where you can also visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world as well as exotic animals.


参观位于130大道NE和沙点路NE的苦湖社区花园, where plots are available to rent for anyone interested in organic gardening with a focus that encourages food access, education, 以及低收入个人和社区家庭的健康问题. 该花园自2013年成立以来,提供叉子、铲子、手套等工具., but you must provide your materials such as seeds or plants if you would like to grow any.


Participate in a free yoga class at the Bitter Lake Community Center on North 80th Street. This particular yoga session is open to everyone regardless of whether you have experience with the practice or not. Children are welcome since one of their main goals is to promote fitness within children during their formative years. Being active becomes a lifelong habit rather than something they lose interest in later on.


享受户外,而懒洋洋地在西雅图湖公园周围, 位于东北130大道附近,沙点路东北方向,旁边是林地公园动物园. You can also visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world and exotic animals. 这个公园有很多设施,比如适合各个年龄段孩子的游乐场, including toddlers, large field areas, 野餐桌在树下,周围是可爱的草地, 使他们适合玩接球, etc.,以及一个可供奔跑的大空地.


Visit the Woodland Park Zoo, which is located near Bitter Lake Seattle Park off 130th Ave NE next to Sand Point Way NE, where you can visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world as well as exotic animals like black leopards, spotted hyenas, 比如白虎和美洲虎.


Enjoy an evening of cocktails with friends at The Barking Dog Ale House located near Bitter Lake Seattle Park next to Woodland Park Zoo, 20多年来他们一直在提供美味的食物和饮料.


Bitter Lake Seattle Weather


In the summer months, 与内陆地区相比,这里的环境会稍微宽松一些, 但如果你来自洛杉矶之类的地方, where it’s hot most of year-round, 那么这似乎也不是那么糟糕,因为夏天也不是难以忍受的. 冬天的时候这里也下很多雨, 哪些不介意暖冬的人会喜欢呢, 而那些讨厌下雨或下雪的人可能会觉得这些条件令人沮丧, 特别是当他们可以持续数周的时间不放松.


Spring tends to start slow, 即使在4月,气温也会保持凉爽,直到5月才会大幅升温, giving way for an early bloom season that makes all the difference in getting new growth going. 秋天是另一个非常宜人的季节, with temperatures remaining mild but crisp throughout September and October before winter conditions begin again in November, 可以持续到3月或4月, 这取决于天气模式每年的变化.




Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood has a lot of attractions that tourists and locals can visit. 有许多名胜古迹,比如公园, trails, cultural institutions, 以及西雅图这部分的画廊, which is why it’s one of the best neighborhoods to visit when you want to get out into nature for some fresh air or explore what North Seattle offers while staying within reach from your home.


苦湖全年还举办许多当地活动, so there’s always something interesting going on no matter what time you choose to pay a visit. 当你在苦湖上游览这些顶级景点时,你应该考虑以下几点:


西雅图苦湖附近有许多探索的路径. 一些最受欢迎的公园穿过卡基克公园和拉文纳森林小径, 它以绝佳的远足机会而闻名, especially during fall when you can see all the colorful foliage that makes this time of year unique.


适合那些喜欢户外活动的人, this is an opportunity to try kayaking on one of North Seattle’s lakes should not be missed out. 如果你喜欢在家附近享受大自然的乐趣, then make sure visiting Green Lake Kayak Center gets added to your list as soon as possible because it’s a beautiful way how to spend some time with friends or family without spending too much money or traveling far.


如果你是一个艺术爱好者,西雅图苦湖社区是正确的地方参观. 许多画廊和博物馆专门经营不同的艺术,比如当代艺术, abstract, mixed media, or event photography, where visitors can find all sorts of exciting things to look at while enjoying a lovely day out in this part of Seattle.


对于那些喜欢在大自然中度过时光的人来说,这里有很多户外活动. 这个湖提供了很多钓鱼的机会, 还有可以徒步爬上斜坡的小径, downhills, 如果你特别喜欢冒险,甚至可以穿过山谷! 如果你不想做太剧烈的运动, 河岸上还有一些地方,狗可以和它们的主人玩接球, 这使得它完美的宠物爱好者寻找有趣的方式来度过他们的时间.

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always something interesting going on in Bitter Lake. 如格林莱克社区中心和冰场等景点, where you can enjoy ice skating or take a walk around this beautiful lake surrounded by forested hills, 在一天中的任何时候都可以看到令人惊叹的景色, no matter how if its winter, spring, summer, or fall.


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