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Neighborhood is a residential neighborhood in Northeast Portland, 俄勒冈州. It has one of the highest densities of trees anywhere in the world, and it’s often considered among the most beautiful neighborhoods in Portland. 劳雷尔赫斯特公园包括运动场, 网球场, 野餐区, 操场, 公共艺术雕塑.



请 Neighborhood is a residential neighborhood in Northeast Portland, 俄勒冈州. It has one of the highest densities of trees anywhere in the world, and it’s often considered among the most beautiful neighborhoods in Portland.

The 请 neighborhood is one of the most popular in Portland, 俄勒冈州. It’s located on the east side of the city and is known for its large homes and beautiful tree-lined streets. The area was developed at the turn of the century and is now a mix of historic homes and newer construction.

This historic district has large homes along tree-lined streets and is a mix of new construction. 请公园 is the major attraction in this neighborhood with its playground, 篮球场, 网球场, 跑道, 还有大量的绿色空间,可以用来野餐或放松. Restaurants are located nearby, making it convenient to live or spend time in 请.

如果你在找 a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood in Portland, 请 is a great choice. 它靠近市中心,有你需要的所有设施, 但它仍然感觉像一个小镇社区. 访问劳雷尔赫斯特,亲自看看是什么让它如此独特!



波特兰的劳雷尔赫斯特社区, 俄勒冈州, 位于城市的东侧,1905年被吞并. The area was initially settled by farmers drawn to the fertile soil and ample rainfall in the area. 劳雷尔赫斯特的第一批住宅建于1908年, and the neighborhood quickly grew as more people moved to Portland for its affordability and natural beauty.

请 has a rich history that is evident in its architecture and landscape. 劳雷尔赫斯特早期的许多房屋都是工匠风格的房屋, 有哪些特色的木制品和细节. 附近还有许多公园, 包括请公园, 占地45英亩,可以欣赏到壮观的黄山美景. 胡德和波特兰市中心.

Today, 请 is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a strong community spirit. 这个社区有许多年轻的家庭, 退休人员, 和单身, and there are plenty of activities and events to keep residents busy year-round. 请 is also home to Portland’s best schools, making it an ideal place to raise a family. 如果你在找 a charming and historic neighborhood in Portland, 只要看看劳雷尔赫斯特就知道了.



The 请 neighborhood is in the Southeast section of Portland, 俄勒冈州. It borders the neighborhoods of Eastmoreland and Sellwood on its northern edge. It shares a one-block transition with South Tabor to Washington Park on its southern border, 那里的居民可以利用一些很棒的徒步旅行路线. The eastern border follows Glisan Street from Interstate 205 down to SE Stark Street, which makes up part of Highway 26 for several miles before turning into Boones Ferry Road at Clackamas County line. 

To the west lies West Burnside Street running north/south along with SH 30 (also known as Hwy 26), and then SW Broadway becomes NW Cornell Road just south of US26 that leads into Forest Park within minutes! 劳雷尔赫斯特有许多住宅街道, but Sandy Boulevard and Burnside Street are the main commercial streets.

1905年,波特兰市兼并了劳雷尔赫斯特社区. It has been a popular place to live for many years because it provides an urban environment with trees and parks while still being close to downtown. The homes in 请 range from small bungalows to large Craftsman-style homes built at the turn of the century. 还有几处新建的住宅和公寓, 以及整个社区的公寓.

居民们可以轻松享受波特兰所提供的一切, 包括伟大的餐馆, 购物, 娱乐, 和户外活动. 最受欢迎的景点包括塞尔伍德滨江公园, 橡树底野生动物保护区, 鲍威尔巴特自然公园, 以及国际玫瑰测试园. 劳雷尔赫斯特社区也是几所学校的所在地, 包括劳雷赫斯特小学, 詹姆斯·约翰中学, 克利夫兰高中.

If you are looking for a great place to live in Portland with easy access to all that the city has to offer, 那么劳雷尔赫斯特社区应该在你的名单上!



如果你在找 a great place to spend some time in Portland, 俄勒冈州, 劳雷尔赫斯特社区值得考虑. 那里有很多事情要做,有很多东西要看, 这使得它成为任何游客的完美目的地. 这里有几个例子:




劳雷尔赫斯特公园是该地区的主要景点. It’s home to lovely gardens, walking paths, and even a playground for kids. 如果你在找 some fresh air and relaxation, this is the place to go.




劳雷尔赫斯特的另一个受欢迎的地方是穆尔特诺玛艺术中心. This center offers classes and workshops in all sorts of arts disciplines, 从绘画到舞蹈和音乐. It’s an excellent way to get creative and meet people with similar interests.



给那些想喝一两杯的人, there’s also the 请市场: an excellent butcher shop and restaurant that offers fine 肉s, 奶酪, 面包, 和葡萄酒. 气氛也很和蔼可亲! This place is worth checking out if you’re in Portland for more than just a day trip. It’ll be well worth your while to add this stop to your list of things to do in 请 Neighborhood when visiting Portland, 俄勒冈州. Make sure you don’t go during peak hours; it can get crowded fast!

最后, check out The Portlander Motel before booking your trip if you want to stay somewhere nice but don’t want to break the bank. It offers pleasant rooms at affordable rates making it perfect accommodation whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure! 步行距离内也有几家餐馆, so no need to go far if not feel like cooking yourself after a long day of sightseeing.



The 请 neighborhood is located in the northeast section of Portland, 俄勒冈州. The City of Portland annexed the area in 1905, and development began soon after. 第32大道东北向北延伸, 往东走东北百老汇大街, 南格里桑街NE, 西面是哥伦比亚大道/圣约翰路.

Some several great activities and events take place in 请 each year. One popular event is the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Colonel Summers Park each year. 这次活动的特点是超过15人,000 eggs hidden throughout the park and attracts kids from all over the city. Other popular events in 请 include summer concerts in Colonel Summers Park and an annual Fourth of July parade and festival.

The 请 neighborhood is also home to several great businesses and restaurants. 一个受欢迎的地方是劳雷尔赫斯特市场, 提供新鲜农产品, 肉, 奶酪, 更多的来自当地农民和生产者. The market has been in operation since 2009 and has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

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