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We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. All NW Maids cleaners are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home. 我们知道您选择了伍德维尔最值得信赖的家政服务.



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Your home is your haven, 我们想帮你保持它的清洁, 尽可能的平静和没有压力. 这就是为什么我们的专业人员提供可靠, thorough, 以及平价的清洁服务,让你的家看起来更漂亮, and you feeling great!



Professional apartment cleaning services are perfect for those who do not have time to clean their homes themselves. Your NW Maids Pro will come to you at your convenience, creating more time for you to enjoy the life you love!



Between work, family, extracurricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be challenging to make time for house cleaning. Fear not! NW Maids can help! We’ll provide you and your family with the detailed, thorough, and reliable cleanings you need to stay healthy, happy, 投身于你想要的生活. We’ll strive to match you with the same great cleaner each visit in order to ensure the consistent and dedicated service you’ve come to expect from us. Even better, the more we clean, the more you save! 每月客户享受九折优惠, 两周一次的顾客享受八五折优惠, and Weekly clients enjoy a whooping 20% off each clean!


Woodinville Office Cleaning

Your business deserves to make a great first impression! 我们负担得起和详细的办公室清洁gs are the perfect way to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward with everyone that visits your office. 当你雇佣NW女佣时,你可以把更多的精力放在你的生意上——我们会负责清洁工作!


Woodinville Deep Cleaning

生活发生了,生活变得一团糟. When your house starts to feel a little out of control, try our cleansing deep cleaning package to get you back on track! We’ll get in all those rarely cleaned nooks and crannies, freshening up your space to bring back your peace of mind. Take a peek at our Cleaning Checklist 此软件包中包含的完整服务列表.



Moving is stressful enough. Let us handle the cleaning! Our experienced, professional cleaning staff will carefully prepare every inch of your new home’s interior - so all you have to focus on, is moving!

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NW Maids provides flat rate, 无合同价格的十大可靠彩票平台服务,为您的现代生活.
Relax and make your place shine with our outstanding customer service and 200% satisfaction guarantee.


Simplifying your life

Why sacrifice your personal time when you can choose NW Maids to take care of all your cleaning needs? Your time is precious, 选择我们来照顾一切, so you can focus more on things that matter most.


Communication is key

在NW女佣,我们相信成功的沟通是成功的关键! 这就是为什么我们让您很容易通过电话,电子邮件,或您的在线帐户十大可靠彩票平台. All of the notes you send us are submitted to your cleaning team to ensure we’re following your instructions to a T!


Professional Maid Services

所有的NW女佣专业是值得信赖的,可靠的清洁与证明卓越的记录. We require all of our cleaning teams to have great references and at least 3 years of professional residential cleaning experience to work with us, 所以你每次都能得到一流的清洁!


Prefer a Green Cleaning? No Problem



200% Satisfaction

我们相信您会喜欢十大彩票正规平台. However, 如果你不是百分百满意你的清洁, we’ll come back and re-clean the area in question for free.

If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. Talk about a safe bet!


Bonded & Insured

NW Maids is bonded and insured to ensure that all our clients are provided the peace of mind they deserve. Rest easy, knowing your home is safe in our hands!

Service Areas

Maid & 华盛顿州西雅图的清洁服务

  • Auburn
  • Bellevue
  • Bothell
  • Burien
  • Clyde Hill
  • Downtown Settle
  • Edmonds
  • Everett
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Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Service


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • 擦拭炉子、烤箱和冰箱的外部
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • 把垃圾拿出去回收

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • 擦拭所有镜子和玻璃固定装置
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • 把垃圾拿出去回收

House Keeping Service
Bathroom Cleaning Service


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • 擦拭所有镜子和玻璃固定装置
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • 把垃圾拿出去回收

Extras (upon request)

  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside oven
  • Inside fridge
  • Laundry wash & dry
  • Inside windows

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Words From Our Clients

The ladies who came to clean were a mother-daughter team. They were so sweet, and cleaned my apartment like the bosses they are. It felt like a new apartment, and they spent a solid 3.5 hours on the place. 非常感激,愿意再次雇用他们.

-Amanda A.
Wallingford, WA
First Responder

- Amanda A. ~ Seattle, WA

Finally tried a cleaning service, and I'm in love with NW Maids. On-time, professional, brought all their own cleaning equipment and got my apartment back into shape! Highly recommended. #freetime #NWMaids 

-Xuyang N.
Edmonds, WA

- Xuyang N. ~ Seattle, WA

我被工作淹没了,几乎没有时间处理清洁或安排任何事情. 然后一个朋友告诉我NW女佣. Literally took me a minute to schedule a cleaning team to come over. Keep in mind, I am one of the most detail oriented people you can meet. I expect a lot out of a paid service, and you guys did an astounding job. Now I'm using that free time to unwind and watch some Netflix. 😉

-Gavin Clement
Bellevue, WA

- Gavin Clement ~ Shoreline, WA

Loved their cleaning. 他们准时到场,工作非常努力,让这个地方看起来很漂亮,像新的一样. 他们做了踢脚板,一丝不苟地做了十大可靠彩票平台,拖了楼梯,等等. 现在将从NW女佣建立定期清洁. I'd highly recommend.

-Nick S.
Shoreline, WA

- Nick S. ~ Seattle, WA

Wonderful Woodinville

只有超过12000,这个国王县郊区提供方便的30分钟到西雅图. It's a delightful blend of urban and suburban with highly-rated schools that make families feel right at home. All those comfortable and safe touches of a small town are coupled with the convenience of the big city for an unparalleled living experience. 酒庄、商店、餐厅和户外活动使它成为生活和玩耍的完美场所. We provide top-quality 伍德维尔的房屋清洁.


Just as Woodinville provides an urban-suburban experience, there is a balance of fun and excitement for activities. 好莱坞区盛产葡萄酒, where you'll find the oldest winery in Washington, Chateau Ste Michelle. 总共有100多个品鉴室. 参观伍德维尔威士忌公司. for something a bit stronger. 或者把你的杯子留在身后,跳上萨马麦什河小径. 你可以沿着水边远足、骑自行车或滑冰. 

空中冒险公园提供更极端的高空滑索动作. However, if you'd prefer to relax, 在许多迷人的精品店购物, 或采取一个值得的水疗日在可爱的水疗中心在柳树小屋. Opportunities to groove to live music and find your rhythm all abound within Woodinville at the many exciting events. It's little wonder why everyone is taking a break from the big city to cozy up to this comfortable locale. 


The area is now known as Woodinville; Washington was once home to the Duwamish Native-American Tribe. They had settled around Lake Sammamish in 1870 and used it for transportation until 1877 when they moved over to Newcastle Beach. 白人定居者买下这片土地直到1889年, 当时威廉·伍丁(William Woodin)开设了一个土地办公室,寻找愿意在那里定居的家庭. 这座城市于1890年正式建立, and it quickly grew into an agricultural hub for hops, dairy, apples, and berries.


Today Woodinville is known as one of the top wineries holding more than 100 tasting rooms that attract visitors locally and worldwide. It's also home to the oldest winery in Washington, Chateau Ste Michelle. 附近是伍德维尔威士忌公司., where you can learn how they make whiskey and sample some for yourself!

Woodinville is one of the most popular suburbs in Seattle, with access to both city life while still having small-town charm! 这是一个家庭兴旺的地方,朋友们聚在一起享用美食和饮料!


- Woodinville is home to more than 100 wineries and tasting rooms

- It's also the oldest city in King County, Washington


-伍德维尔威士忌公司. is located in an old dairy bottling plant built by the Albrecht family of Seattle's famous Rainier Brewing Company

-这座城市是华盛顿第一家酿酒厂——Albrecht的Bromberg brewery的所在地.



Woodinville has it all with an abundant amount of shopping that includes boutiques and restaurants that have something for everyone.

Sammamish River Trail

Offers more than 11 miles of trails through the area, including ziplining and aerial adventure courses.


A beautiful outdoor park where visitors can challenge themselves on a variety of ziplines and aerial trails. 这是一种难以置信的体验 thrill of flying through the air while surrounded by nature!

The Spa at Willows Lodge

在这个豪华的水疗中心享受治疗, 哪家提供休闲服务, 面部和身体护理.


With more than 100 tasting rooms in the area of Woodinville, you'll never have a shortage of wineries to visit! Sample locally made wines from Chateau Ste Michelle or head over to Mac & Jacks Brewing Company for hand-crafted ales and lagers.

Woodinville Festival Season

如果你喜欢音乐和美食,那么在任何一个节日季节都可以去伍德维尔! 他们有葡萄酒、啤酒、苹果酒的节日,还有令人惊叹的西北大蒜节 & Chili Cook-off, which is a one-stop-shop to try garlic-inspired dishes from local restaurants alongside tasty garlic beers and garlic wines!


伍德维尔仓库艺术中心是北西雅图地区体验艺术的好地方. 它为游客提供艺术品, classes, 以及适合所有年龄的工作坊, making it an ideal spot for people of all interests. 仓库本身建于1913年, 多年来,它作为几个不同企业的实际仓库.


If you're looking for Woodinville apartments or homes for rent, then be sure to check out the area schools in advance, 这样你就知道你的孩子将获得什么样的教育机会. 伍德维尔是备受好评的圣米歇尔城堡小学的所在地, 成立于1990年,为K- 5年级学生提供优质教育! Woodinville is also home to several private schools in the area, 包括圣托马斯莫尔高中, 成立于1984年,提供9到12年级的大学预科教育.


Since Woodinville has been one of Seattle's most popular suburbs, 这里有很多公寓可供选择 area! 如果你正在寻找一个安静的社区 可以方便地到达西雅图, then Woodinville is one of the best options in Washington State, 尤其是I-405公路.


There are plenty of homes in Woodinville that range from small properties perfect for first-time homebuyers or single people looking to settle down, 一直到大型豪宅! 有这么多选择,难怪这里是西雅图最受欢迎的郊区之一.


如果你想租个房子 伍德维尔,然后确保你在安定下来之前检查过所有不同的选择. There are plenty of homes and apartments available, 但是有一个你必须拥有的列表是很重要的,这样你就可以很容易地通过列表过滤.

Washington, Woodinville Taxes and the Cost of Living

伍德维尔位于金县, which means it has access to some great benefits, including reduced sales tax due to its location near Seattle! The taxes are also relatively low for Washington State, 使它成为一个很好的居住地, especially if you are looking for Woodinville apartments or homes!


如果你是一个外向的人, then be sure to check out the nightlife in Woodinville, 充满了西雅图的气息. 你可以从麦克开始你的夜晚 & 在前往圣米歇尔酒庄品酒室之前,在杰克酿酒厂度过一个快乐的时光, where you can sample some of Washington's most refined wine!


Woodinville社区评论是了解社区动态的好地方, including up-to-date news, events, 还有镇上发生的其他事情! 如果你有任何问题或担忧,请通过他们的网站直接十大可靠彩票平台.


这个城市是各种联盟的所在地, including soccer, softball, football, basketball, dance, and cheerleading. 如果你有兴趣加入社团的话, 请登录伍德维尔竞技体育网站获取更多信息. There are several parks in town where people can enjoy their favorite pastime with family and friends.

Woodinville, WA Government

伍德维尔市有一个积极的政府,它一直在努力改善这座城市. The Woodinville City Council has five elected members, 他们都是无偿服务, 所以你必须在选举中投票! 还有市长和城市管理者. 他们共同为华盛顿州的居民提供一些最好的服务, 包括增长规划, public safety, and parks and recreation.


The healthcare industry is a massive part of Woodinville's economy, 波音(Boeing)和惠好(Weyerhaeuser)等大公司都在这里设有办事处! This means that many jobs are available in the city, especially for those who enjoy working outdoors.

Woodinville, Washington Employment Opportunities

几家当地企业一直在为当地居民创造就业机会. 一些公司包括亚马逊, Microsoft, and Boeing, while others offer positions in education or healthcare. 如果你想找伍德维尔的工作, 然后一定要和当地公司以及更多的大公司十大彩票正规平台!


伍德维尔的天气很温和, 冬季的平均气温为40华氏度, although it does start to warm up in late spring. 如果你想在冬天搬来这里, then be sure that your home or apartment has central heating because December through February temperatures stays below freezing with an average of twelve days of snowfall! 这座城市以是其中之一而闻名 西雅图附近多雨地区, 但所有的水意味着你会发现大量的绿色植物和美丽的花朵在整个城市!


Woodinville is located just 20 miles from downtown Seattle making it a popular area to live in or near with easy access. 它离405号高速公路也很近,使得进出城市更加快捷和方便.


Woodinville, Washington, is just a short drive from Seattle and their public transportation system includes bus service and paratransit options for those who need assistance.

西雅图-塔科马国际机场是离伍德维尔最近的机场, 哪些航班曾在几家不同的航空公司服务, including Allegiant Airlines and Alaska Airlines, among others! 它位于城南约20英里处,沿着I-405公路走一趟就到了.


The city of Woodinville has a population of just over 16,000, and the larger area boasts more than 46 000 residents. 这是一个令人难以置信的多元化社区,各行各业的人都在这里安家!


Woodinville, Washington, is home to several great neighborhoods inside and outside the city itself. 一些受欢迎的地区包括伍德里奇, with easy access to restaurants and shops while maintaining the quiet feel you get in outlying areas. 其他著名的社区是西山,那里有一些可爱的公寓出租, and Willows Lodge, 哪些城市拥有最好的联排别墅.


伍德维尔有很多满足各种需求的企业. You can get your hair done at one of the local salons or even enjoy some retail therapy while visiting their small boutiques and shops! If you're hungry, there are several restaurants for you to choose from.


The Woodinville Little League Association was founded in 1995 and provided children aged four through twelve with an opportunity to learn the game of baseball! The organization is run by volunteers dedicated to helping young people stay active and build their love for sports. This year they are also hosting a new after-school program for children who need somewhere to go before their parent or guardian gets off work.


There are plenty of great restaurants in Woodinville that offer everything from American fare to Indian cuisine! One popular spot with locals is The Dockside Restaurant which has an extensive menu including seafood options like salmon or steaks! 他们还有一个满酒吧,有很多 你可以在电视上观看你最喜欢的运动队.


Bellevue Square is conveniently located in Bellevue and offers visitors an incredible shopping experience with stores like Nordstroms, Microsoft Store, and many more, including smaller boutiques that offer unique finds. You can also stop in for some delicious ice cream while you're shopping!

Woodinville, Washington, is a great place to live and work! With easy access into Seattle but also thriving on its own, it's no wonder that this peaceful city has grown so much over the years. 无论你是需要一些购物疗法,还是想带你的家人出去玩一晚, Woodinville, Washington, has it all!


The crime rate for Woodinville is on the lower end, which means that it's relatively safe to live here. 财产犯罪较高,但近年来暴力犯罪远低于平均水平!

Woodinville, WA - compressed