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We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. 所有的NW女佣清洁工都经过我们的仔细审查,所以我们选择合适的人来照顾您的家. 您选择了贝尔维尤最值得信赖的清洁服务,请与我们一起预订.



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你的家就是你的避风港, and we want to help you keep it as clean, peaceful and stress free as possible. That’s why our Pros provide reliable, 彻底的, 还有平价的清洁服务,让你的家看起来更漂亮, 你感觉很棒!


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Professional apartment cleaning services are perfect for those who do not have time to clean their homes themselves. Your NW 女仆s Pro will come to you at your convenience, creating more time 为你 to enjoy the life you love!


贝尔维尤 Recurring 清洁ing 服务

在工作, 家庭, extracurricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be challenging to make time for house cleaning. 不要害怕! NW女佣可以提供帮助! We’ll provide you and your 家庭 with the detailed, 彻底的, and reliable cleanings you need to stay healthy, 快乐, and engaged with the life you want to be living. We’ll strive to match you with the same great cleaner each visit in order to ensure the consistent and dedicated service you’ve come to expect from us. Even better, the more we clean, the more you save! Monthly clients enjoy 10% off, Biweekly clients enjoy 15% off, and Weekly clients enjoy a whooping 20% off each clean!



Your business deserves to make a great first impression! Our affordable and detailed office cleanings are the perfect way to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward with everyone that visits your office. 当你雇佣NW女佣时,你可以更专注于你的业务——我们有清洁服务!



Life happens, life gets messy. When your house starts to feel a little out of control, try our cleansing deep cleaning package to get you back on track! We’ll get in all those rarely cleaned nooks and crannies, freshening up your space to bring back your peace of mind. 看看我们的 清洁检查表 a full list services included in this package.


贝尔维尤 移进/移出清洁

Moving is stressful enough. Let us handle the cleaning! 我们有经验的, professional cleaning staff will carefully prepare every inch of your new home’s interior - so all you have to focus on, 正!


NW 女仆s provides flat rate, 无合同定价十大可靠彩票平台服务,为您的当代生活.
放松 and make your place shine with our outstanding customer service and 200% satisfaction guarantee.



Why sacrifice your personal time when you can choose NW 女仆s to take care of all your cleaning needs? 你的时间很宝贵, choose us to take care of everything, so you can focus more on things that matter most.



在NW女佣,我们相信成功的沟通是成功的关键! 这就是为什么我们让您通过电话、电子邮件或您的在线帐户十大可靠彩票平台很容易. All of the notes you send us are submitted to your cleaning team to ensure we’re following your instructions to a T!


Professional 女仆 服务

所有的NW女佣专业人员都是值得信赖的,可靠的清洁与卓越的记录证明. We require all of our cleaning teams to have great references and at least 3 years of professional residential cleaning experience to work with us, so you’ll receive a top notch clean every time!


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We’re confident you’ll love our service. 然而, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and re-clean the area in question for free.

If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. 这是一个安全的赌注!


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NW 女仆s is bonded and insured to ensure that all our clients are provided the peace of mind they deserve. Rest easy, knowing your home is safe in our hands!


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  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of stove, oven and fridge
  • 清洁所有地板表面
  • Take out garbage and recycling

卧室、起居室 & 公共区域

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • 清洁所有地板表面
  • Take out garbage and recycling



  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • 清洁所有地板表面
  • Take out garbage and recycling


  • 橱柜内
  • 在烤箱
  • 在冰箱里
  • 衣服洗 & 干
  • 在窗户

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The ladies who came to clean were a mother-daughter team. They were so sweet, and cleaned my apartment like the bosses they are. It felt like a new apartment, and they spent a solid 3.5个小时. So grateful and would hire them again.


——阿曼达. ~西雅图,佤邦

Finally tried a cleaning service, and I'm in love with NW 女仆s. 准时,专业,自带所有清洁设备,把我的公寓收拾得井井有条! 强烈推荐. #自由# NW女仆s 


-旭扬N. ~西雅图,佤邦

我被工作淹没了,几乎没有时间处理清洁或安排任何事情. Then a friend told me about NW 女仆s. Literally took me a minute to schedule a cleaning team to come over. Keep in mind, I am one of the most detail oriented people you can meet. I expect a lot out of a paid service, and you guys did an astounding job. Now I'm using that free time to unwind and watch some Netflix. 😉


——加文·克莱门特 ~海岸线,佤邦

喜欢他们的清洁. 他们准时出现,工作非常努力,把这个地方弄得很漂亮,像新的一样. 他们做踢脚板,一丝不苟的工作十大可靠彩票平台,拖楼梯,还有很多其他的工作. Will now set up a regular clean from NW 女仆s. 我强烈推荐.


——尼克年代. ~西雅图,佤邦


它位于山脉之间以及华盛顿湖和萨马米什湖之间, 贝尔维尤 sits only 10 miles from 西雅图. 这个安全, 适于步行的, and highly-accessible city offers a lively array of pleasures for dining, 夜生活, 艺术和文化, 和户外娱乐, with something for everyone to enjoy. It’s all about jaw-dropping natural beauty intertwined with the kind of big-city amenities that make 贝尔维尤 the perfect place to call home. 我们提供最好的 贝尔维尤的房屋清洁.

Live Your Best Life in 贝尔维尤, Washington 

贝尔维尤是一个提供无数购物和餐饮机会的首要目的地. 晚上,以厨师为中心的餐厅和酒吧让热闹的市中心充满活力. Every sense will be delighted here, even in the arts with the Theater at Meydenbauer Center, 艺术博物馆, 历史中心, 还有儿童友好的互动博物馆,为所有年龄段的人提供丰富的内容. 

与 miles of natural trails, 公园, and beaches all easily accessible from the downtown, you’ll find all the recreation you need in 贝尔维尤. The 贝尔维尤 Downtown Park is accentuated by shady trees and a reflection pond while the botanical gardens offer a dazzling array of nature’s bountiful beauty. Take in golf or unwind in nearby Woodinville Wine Country where more than 90 wineries await to tempt your palate. 与 so much to do and see, life doesn’t get much better than 贝尔维尤!

History of 贝尔维尤, Washington

The name for this beautiful city comes from Crede Higginson Jr.他把自己的家命名为“Belle-Vue”,因为从他的小屋可以看到美丽的景色.

贝尔维尤 is one of the youngest cities in Washington state. It was officially incorporated on March 31st, 1953. 贝尔维尤 has over 120 thousand people, and it's located between 西雅图 to the west and 雷德蒙 to the east. 这座城市坐落在华盛顿湖畔,为居民和游客提供了美丽的风景. 贝尔维尤是一个熙熙攘攘的城市,有许多商业活动,人们从各地来到这里工作或生活, so community events are always happening throughout the year.

Facts about 贝尔维尤, Washington

贝尔维尤 is a beautiful city just outside of 西雅图. It's known for its excellent shopping and upscale restaurants. 根据维基百科, the population is around 203,000人, with over 37% of the residents having college degrees. 一些受欢迎的地方包括萨马米什湖国家公园、十字路口购物中心和贝尔维尤广场.

贝尔维尤 is a beautiful city to live in, with much different shopping, 娱乐, 和户外活动. Several museums, including the Flying Heritage & 战斗装甲博物馆,展出了70多架二战时期的战斗机! The population of this town continues to increase each year, along with the number of residents with college degrees.

Attractions in 贝尔维尤, Washington

贝尔维尤是一个美丽的城市,为游客和居民提供了很多东西, from museums and art galleries to shops and restaurants. Whether you're looking for an afternoon of shopping or just some time away from the hustle and bustle of downtown 西雅图 贝尔维尤's beauty will charm your socks off.

When looking for a place to stay, look no further than the 贝尔维尤 Collection of hotels that offer luxurious accommodations at affordable prices. From grand old hotel properties like The Westin and Sheraton Hotel to smaller boutique style hotels such as Hotel E steamer or Hyatt House, there's something in the collection that will suit your needs.

Another place to check out while you're in the area is 贝尔维尤 Square. This shopping center offers everything from high-end department 商店 like Macy's and Nordstrom Rack to local boutiques featuring unique items made by local artisans. It doesn't matter what type of shopping experience you're looking for; you'll be able to find it in 贝尔维尤 Square.

After you've finished shopping, head over to one of the many eateries that offer up delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and handmade pastries and desserts, with everything from casual cafes like Cafe Japon or Zoka Coffee to upscale restaurants featuring fine dining experiences like Broadway Grill or Wild Ginger, there's something for every taste and budget in 贝尔维尤.

贝尔维尤是一个生活的好地方,不仅仅是因为美丽的风景. It's also home to some pretty amazing places. 贝尔维尤有一种独特的氛围,吸引着来自世界各地的人们!

贝尔维尤也是华盛顿大学西雅图校区等优秀学校的所在地, Lake Washington Technical College, or The Art Institute Of 西雅图. 没有什么比教育更有价值了,这是一个获得教育的好地方!

贝尔维尤有很多令人惊叹的地方,比如星巴克总部或贝尔维尤艺术博物馆. 即使是在贝尔维尤呆了一段时间的人每天也在发现新的地方.

贝尔维尤 is filled with natural beauty, and some of those hidden gems can be found at Crossroads Park, 太平洋详细信息, or even The Overlake Hospital Medical Center Botanical Garden. There's always something interesting to see in 贝尔维尤!

贝尔维尤是一个生活的好地方,这里充满了等待被发现的宝藏. 无论你来这里是为了工作还是娱乐,这里都有比你看到的更多的东西!

Neighborhood in 贝尔维尤, Washington

This is a beautiful neighborhood with an average home value of $1835300 and has homes for sale at prices ranging from $0 to $499900, with properties having about 2058 square feet. The style of this area's houses includes transitional/modern, 本世纪中叶现代, 传统的, 工匠, 和现代/现代.

This neighborhood is the perfect place to live for those who love their home's proximity to excellent local amenities. It ranks as one of 贝尔维尤,佤邦's best places because of 伟大的餐馆 and cafes nearby, including Starbucks Coffee or The Melting Pot. Some shops offer locally owned businesses in this area. This town has some great 学校 nearby, including Luther Burbank Elementary School or 贝尔维尤 College.

This area is also a good choice in terms of transportation as it has some access to public transit and various bus lines that can take you directly into the city center. 除了, 这里有一些道路,为那些需要汽车通勤的人提供了方便的驾驶选择.

贝尔维尤因其绝佳的购物机会而成为最佳居住地之一. 在这个街区附近有很受欢迎的百货商店,包括诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom)和梅西百货(Macy's). This area also hosts many malls with further retail choices, such as The 贝尔维尤 Collection, which includes shops like JCPenney and Target. There are also many other places to shop in this area for those seeking locally owned businesses and big chains.

This is a beautiful neighborhood with great 学校, 低犯罪率统计数据, and beautiful local amenities that can appeal to anyone living here.

Weather in 贝尔维尤, Washington

贝尔维尤 weather is milder than 西雅图. It has slightly cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and less wind.

贝尔维尤 weather is pleasant for most of the year, with cool summers and mild winters that aren't too wet or cold. It rains more often in 西雅图, 但它们全年的平均温度也比贝尔维尤高.


Transportation in 贝尔维尤, Washington

贝尔维尤有几种交通方式可供选择,比如公交车和小汽车. 一些自行车道遍布整个城市,但这里的大多数人都不使用. This area is also great for driving or taking public transit to get around quickly with many roads and highways. It's elementary to navigate this part of Washington, and there are several ways to get around, which is why it has an excellent public transit system.

This part of the state is well-known for its excellent roads, making driving an easy option for commuting or going out on weekends. 此外,贝尔维尤也有一些很棒的高速公路和许多公交线路可以把你带到西雅图.

贝尔维尤有几条不同的公交线路,包括贝尔- cue和KCM. These buses can take you to the Eastgate Park & 骑, 如果你要去西雅图或贝尔维尤社区学院(贝尔维尤),你想转到哪里?. 如果从西雅图出发,也可以在西雅图-塔科马国际机场停留.

Culture in 贝尔维尤, Washington

贝尔维尤 has many museums and theaters, including the 贝尔维尤 Arts Museum or Lincoln Square Cinemas. 在这里可以看到当地的艺术,包括梅登鲍尔中心(剧院), 贝尔维尤 Downtown Park (public sculptures), 或湖山绿化带,以公共艺术设施为特色的徒步小径. There are also some other great venues for the performing arts, like The Meydenbauer Center (concert hall), one of the most notable 娱乐 hubs in this part of Washington.

贝尔维尤是一个有许多景点和活动供人们享受的城市. 天气很好, it's perfect for outdoor recreation like hiking or biking, while there are also plenty of museums and theaters that keep the arts alive here no matter what time of year it is.

The best thing about 贝尔维尤 has to be its amazing people! There's something special about everyone who lives or works in this city. Those who live here love their homes, 学校, 商店, and families - they wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Who lives in 贝尔维尤, Washington?

Many famous people call this area home, including NBA star Isaiah Thomas, retired basketball player Jamal Crawford of the LA Clippers, and TV personality Jeff Probst. He has had a long career with Survivor. Other notable residents include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, an owner of the 西雅图 Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers, 和比尔·盖茨一起. Many other well-known people live here because it has excellent 学校 and is far less busy than 西雅图.

Is it safe to live in 贝尔维尤?

贝尔维尤 is a city in King County, Washington. It has an estimated population of 140,是西雅图市区的第四大城市. 贝尔维尤 residents enjoy many benefits like access to low crime rates, 好学校, 安全的社区, 和更多的! 每个人都想知道的问题是:住在贝尔维尤安全吗?

Yes, it's incredibly safe to live in this area for the most part. Many communities have gated entrances and security patrols 24/hours per day to protect residents from crime. Public transportation is widely used by commuters who work outside of 贝尔维尤 and desire to live closer to the city.

贝尔维尤 is located on the Eastside of Washington. It lies across Lake Washington from 西雅图, to which it is connected by an expressway and a high-traffic commuter light rail line that makes traveling into 贝尔维尤 easy. The city has several small neighborhoods, 包括十字路口, BelRed, Wilburton Hillclimb, 纽波特山, 等. The neighborhoods are surrounded by 公园, 防护林体系, 和树木, giving the city a unique feel that is very serene and safe for families with children or singles looking to enjoy life without feeling unsafe in their surroundings.

The crime rates of 贝尔维尤 have been on a steady decline since 2008, when they reached an all-time high. Today, the city is very safe with little to no crime. 暴力犯罪的发生主要是由于帮派活动或家庭暴力问题, 影响了一小部分人口,而不是广泛分布在贝尔维尤.

贝尔维尤 boasts many public and private 学校 with excellent reputations for providing an exceptional education to students. The 学校 are safe and well-kept, providing a safer environment for children who attend classes daily.

贝尔维尤 is not only known as one of the safest cities in Washington, 但与西海岸的其他城市相比,它的天气也是最好的. It receives about 38 inches of rainfall a year, 贝尔维尤的气温全年都保持在舒适的水平. Almost every day is sunny during the summer months allowing families to spend their time outside without worrying about possible rain storms coming through unexpectedly.

贝尔维尤, Washington, is home to over 125 000 residents as of 2015. It is bordered by 雷德蒙 on the north and has made its mark on the map with many new-age companies looking to move into this area.

贝尔维尤是一个富裕的城市, which makes it an ideal place for families and professionals who want a safe environment to raise children.

贝尔维尤 is one that many people love to live in. 贝尔维尤 is known for its beautiful 公园, 湖泊, 靠近西雅图, which has a fantastic music scene, 伟大的餐馆, 和咖啡店.


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