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How to Do a Move In Cleaning?

The first few days in your new home can be fascinating. You are exploring every inch of the house, decorating it with your style, and making memories with your family. But before you know it, those boxes are piling up in the living room; you’re still unpacking dishes because there’s nowhere to put them yet, and everyone is feeling a little claustrophobic. It’s time for a move-in cleaning! Here are some tips on how to do one quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your new home.

how to do a move in cleaning

Move-In Cleaning: To-Do List

-Dust all surfaces, including window sills and blinds. Wipe down appliances as well, as you can reach them with a cleaning cloth or sponge. If your device is foul, 最好使用稍微潮湿的抹布,而不是干燥的纸巾,这样会在表面留下绒毛残留物.

-Take out the trash from both inside and outside of your new home if possible. 你也应该花点时间把你在外面看到的灰尘扫干净,这样在未来的暴风雨中,这些灰尘就不会再次进入你的地毯! Get rid of anything else lying around, such as old newspapers or magazines, before moving in because these items could get crushed, torn, or wrinkled by the movers.

-在把家具搬回原位之前,用吸尘器吸干净所有地毯,用拖把清洁所有硬木地板或瓷砖地板,以确保在搬家清洁过程中,灰尘不会被困在地板下面! It’s also best to do these things while everyone is out of the house, 无论是在学校/工作的成年人或托儿所/幼儿园,如果你有小孩子,因为有许多尖锐的物体,如钉子在强化地板上,可能会造成伤害,尽管覆盖在地毯上. If your new home has only wood floors without any carpet, be sure not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning them, as they should already be sealed against stains! Instead, try to stick to using only warm water and a soft cleaning cloth.

-如果可能的话,把食品柜里即将过期或已经过期的食物都用在清理食物的时候,而不是让这些食物变质. This way, 它们会被完全用光而不是被扔掉,因为即使过期日期可以表明许多易腐食品何时不应该再被食用, not everyone follows these guidelines due to personal preferences, so it’s best to use up what you have before buying new items just in case. It’ll save you money by not having to replace these products later on down the line too!

把你所有的衣服从储物箱里拿出来,放在合适的抽屉或衣柜里,然后再把其他衣服放回原位. This way, 你不必在一堆毛衣盒子里翻来翻去找去年冬天的衬衫了! 最好把这些衣服挂在衣架上,而不是折叠起来,这样以后拿起来更方便,也不会占用太多空间——如果没有足够的空间可以把衣服卷起来. Still, 在洗衣服时不建议使用这种方法,因为在洗衣服过程开始后,由于衣物内部气流不足,衣服会很快起皱.

在进行深度清洁之前,确保所有电器都拔掉了插头——如果你有任何不需要电线的电子产品,这一点尤其重要, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.! It’s also best practice to keep these items stored away during move-out clean-up. Hence, 没有人会因为靠近有电的出水口而分心,如果有金属物体接触到潮湿的表面,就会造成电击伤害.

-Once all appliances are unplugged, you can begin deep cleaning, which consists of scrubbing every nook and cranny in your new home! 一些需要特别注意的地方包括厨房橱柜下面,因为下面缺乏气流,灰尘很快就会堆积起来, 在厕所后面防霉(确保不要在这个区域使用漂白剂或其他刺激性的化学物质,因为它们会破坏任何位于那里的管道!), 沿着门柱走,这样当人们在入住后从出入口进来时,泥土就不会被卡住, etc.

-Lastly, but most importantly, 在白天或晚上离开之前,确保所有东西都整齐地放在合适的位置上. This way, 你的新家(或租赁)不会看起来像完全混乱相比,它是如何当你第一次看了你所有的物品在这更少的工作要做在搬出去一天因为每个项目都有一个指定的地方看起来属于而不是随意放置在每个房间由于缺乏组织.

how to do a move in cleaning

How Much Should I Charge for Move-in Cleaning?

There are many factors to consider when you want to figure out the correct cost for move-in cleaning. As a guide, you can use an hourly rate of $50-$75. However, this may vary based on the size and type of home that you are cleaning. For example, you may charge more per hour for a large house. Furthermore, some factors to consider when deciding on the cost of move-in cleaning include:

It is essential to figure out what type of work will be required for move-in cleaning. For example, if the home needs a deep clean, more time and effort will be spent cleaning. As a result, you may charge on the higher end of the hourly rate for move-in cleaning. On the other hand, if the home only requires a light, clean or touch-up, you can charge for move-in cleaning on the lower end of the hourly rate.

The time at which you perform the move-in cleaning can also affect the price. For example, if you perform move-in cleaning during a holiday or on weekends when people are home, less time will be spent cleaning because no one is around. As a result, you may charge more per hour for this type of cleaning.

在为你的服务确定一个合适的价格点时,考虑你要打扫的房子的类型也是很重要的. For example, if it is a large estate or mansion with lots of rooms and a lot of history, you may charge more per hour for move-in cleaning.

The time required for move-in cleaning can also affect the price point for your services. For example, if you are doing a deep clean that requires more time and effort, you may charge on the higher end of the hourly rate. On the other hand, if it is only light touch-up or spot cleaning, you can trust the lower end of the hourly rate for move-in cleaning.

how to do a move in cleaning

What to Clean When You Move?

If you just moved into your new home, there is a lot of work ahead. You need to unpack and organize everything before settling in. And if you don’t have the time or energy for such tasks, hire professional cleaning services to move in clean your house. But what should be cleaned? Here are some tips:

Wash the dishes and put them away in their proper place. Wipe all surfaces, including stovetop and countertops, to get rid of any grease or dust. Clean out the refrigerator entirely to smell fresh when you open it again for your food items. 用醋水溶液擦洗微波炉之类的电器,因为它们的内部通常有灰尘. If there is a dishwasher, run it once through without any detergent to clean out its interior coils from dust buildup, 然后在电器门两边的分配器杯中加入一汤匙含氯漂白剂和一杯白蒸馏醋进行消毒(或者使用其他推荐的清洁剂). Before closing the doors, make sure everything is dry before running another cycle.;

Clean the toilet and shower/bathtub. Clean sinks and countertops with a disinfectant suitable for that area of your home; take care not to damage any fixtures or fittings.; Remove litter from litter box if you have pets (if you don’t, remove all items such as toys, etc.). Take out trash bags filled with waste left by movers in case they didn’t do so themselves.; Wipe down door handles, light switches, and other surfaces which get dirty quickly because of their frequent use. 根据地板的类型,在地板干透后,用适当的清洁剂彻底拖地(木地板需要温水,瓷砖需要冷水). Ensure no streaks remain after mopping.;

Living room:
Wipe down surfaces of your living room with a disinfectant suitable for that area of your home. Remove dust from the fan blades and other places you cannot reach by hand or vacuum cleaner, such as high corners above windows. Clean any glass objects, including mirrors, to get rid of smudges without scratching them in the process. 用吸尘器彻底清洁家具,同时注意缝隙区域,那里毛发和杂物很快就会堆积.;

Clean the dust bin in your bedroom. Remove stains on upholstery, carpets, and any other fabric furniture with an appropriate cleaner depending on fabric type.; Wipe down surfaces of your room with a disinfectant suitable for that area of your home to get rid of germs. 擦拭踢脚板加热器也很重要,因为如果不定期清洗,随着时间的推移,它们会收集大量的土壤. Use long strokes while wiping off dirt, so it does not leave streaks on clean surfaces.;

Lastly, make sure you keep all surfaces dry while cleaning them. Do not leave wet mops or rags lying around to avoid creating a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. 即使你有其他事情要忙,也要保持你的房子整洁有序,这样以后就不会变成一场恶梦了. You can hire professional cleaning services to do the move-in cleaning for you.

NW Maids is a home cleaning service that can do everything from move-in/out cleanings to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deep cleans. 他们提供有竞争力的价格,甚至会降低价格,如果你有特定的要求,你的房子的某些区域需要更多的关注!


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