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大多数人都在寻找一种新的清洁服务来帮助他们的家. It may seem like there are never enough hours in the day to keep up with everything, 所以雇佣外部公司是很有诱惑力的. 但是每小时的清洁服务要多少钱呢? This blog post will discuss these expenses and other factors you should consider before deciding on a service provider!



房屋清洁服务的平均每小时收费在25 - 50美元之间. This means that the average homeowner will pay around $100 – $300 per visit to clean their home by a professional service provider. 然而, some providers charge every week while others offer flat rates based on how many hours they are expected to work, which can vary from customer to customer depending upon the size of your property and what you need to be cleaned up each week.

每小时的清洁服务费用视乎情况而定 具体的服务国家的面积,以及你家的大小. 相比, 有些公司提供统一的价格, 打扫你的房子或商业场所,大多按小时收费. 较小的空间通常被认为是一个房间, 而多层的大房子可能要按每平方英尺收费. 虽然每小时的收费可能有所不同,但大多数公司的收费在每小时25美元到50美元之间.

在某些情况下,你使用服务提供商的次数越多,你的小时收费就越低. 除了 to an hourly charge for cleaning services provided by professional providers, 也可能会有额外的费用, 包括里程和旅行时间, if they must drive from one location to another to reach your home or business before their scheduled start time.



Cleaning 服务 may send a team of people to your home, or they may have one designated person. 这个选择将取决于公司和他们提供的服务. 如果你不介意家里同时有多名员工的话, 那这就不太重要了! 然而, 如果这不是你觉得舒服的事情, be sure to ask about how many employees will show up before hiring them for a service call.

It may seem like a good idea to hire people who have experience doing general housekeeping tasks and let them get started with things. 然而, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to professional cleaning companies! They usually offer other perks such as upholstery or mattress cleanings so they can take care of all aspects of your home upkeep needs in one place, 节省你的时间和金钱! 除此之外, 大多数专业人士都会进行广泛的背景调查, 所以你不用担心他们有犯罪记录.



Now that you know what hourly cleaning is, it’s time to learn more about these services’ costs. 每小时的房屋清洁费用根据服务提供者和 你家的大小 除了其他因素,如地点,清洗频率等. When estimating prices remember that not all areas are created equal with regards to pricing; some places will be pricier than others due to labor costs being higher there compared to suburbs or rural communities where wages tend to be lower overall, resulting in cheaper rates per hour paid for cleaners who work their way through a job list on an hourly basis rather than by salary which results in even more significant savings!


清洁是无价的, it never hurts to negotiate prices when hiring hourly cleaning services to get the best possible deal. Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of discounts they offer if they come back multiple times per week or month. 这些信息可以帮助你在未来的道路上省钱! 除了, 有些公司在淡季可能会有特价, 所以在签订任何合同之前,别忘了询问这些福利. 再一次, doing your research will ensure that you get the best possible service for your money.


除了价格, there are some other factors you should consider when looking into hourly cleaning services! 这些包括他们每周或每月出柜的频率, 什么样的存款是需要在开始工作之前, and whether or not special rates apply during slow seasons in addition to their general prices. 再一次, 如果这看起来信息太多了, it may be beneficial to just stick with a company that offers set pricing on all jobs so that you can avoid any issues down the line.

Also, note whether or not they have their equipment or bring what they need with them. Some people prefer a service that brings their equipment while others want to save money by having the cleaners use what they have on hand, 所以这完全取决于你!



The average hourly rate for cleaning services in the United States ranges from $25 to upwards of $50. 价格取决于被清理的空间的大小和类型, 以及你在家里或办公室需要做的事情. 例如, a one-bedroom apartment would be less expensive than a three-bedroom with multiple bathrooms and lots of furniture surface areas requiring dusting. Your location, home size, and service quality will also affect how much you pay per hour. 除了, specialized services like window washing may come with an extra charge depending on what’s been completed, 再加上每次访问时按您的要求表演的额外表演. 以下是其他一些可能决定每小时收费变化幅度的因素:


另一个需要考虑的因素是你的房子的大小. This means that a larger-sized house will require more work and time for cleaners to get all surfaces clean, 这导致了比需要关注的物品较少的小房子价格更高!


你住的地方会影响你每月清洁服务的价格. 例如, if you live in a large city with high demand, you may have to pay more. 城市的一些地区可能需要更多的手工和时间来完成工作. This means that hourly rates might be higher due to having to travel from one place to another.


如果你有一个以上的卧室或十大可靠彩票平台, this usually means that service providers need to spend more time working on your property. This could mean the hourly rates will be higher since they are spending a more significant amount of time in one place cleaning instead of between multiple locations and homes.


假设你需要额外的服务,比如擦窗户. 在这种情况下, owners or renters of properties need to know if this service comes with an extra charge even though most housekeepers do generally not provide them unless asked ahead of time; otherwise, these charges may apply as well as those added on by monthly agreement contracts which could change from month-to-month depending on what’s been completed 再加上每次访问时按您的要求表演的额外表演.


The quality of the service provided will also be determined by what you are paying for. 一些清洁工可能会提供更低的价格, but their services might not include thorough cleaning throughout every nook and cranny as others do, i.e., if they’re only working a couple of hours instead of those who have more time on their hands so they can clean longer, 等.

如果你正在调查 雇佣当地清洁工, make sure to do some research before choosing one by reading reviews about them online via social media sites like 脸谱网, 谷歌+, Yelp! 和Angie 's List,并向朋友和家人寻求参考.




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