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House Cleaning Rates in Seattle

We all understand the importance of cleanliness. Sometimes it may seem like we can’t get everything done in a day that needs to be done, and the house looks gross and dirty. There is no need to fret over this! House cleaning rates in Seattle are very affordable and allow you to have your desired level of cleanliness regularly, so you don’t have to worry about trying to do it on your own or hiring someone last minute.

house cleaning rates in seattle

Rates and Costs

House Cleaning Rates in Seattle is not nearly as expensive as you may think. All of the beautiful house cleaning services that are available make it easy for anyone to afford regular cleanings at a rate they can fit into their budget. The rates for this service range anywhere from $100-$300 per visit depending on which company you choose, and the number of hours needed will also determine how much your final price will come out being. However, these prices are very affordable considering all that comes with having reliable professionals who know what they’re doing take care of everything!

There are also several different rates you can be charged depending on how many hours the cleanings need to take place and if there is any additional work that needs to be done and just cleaning, such as washing windows or scrubbing down bathrooms, etc. Most locations have a minimum amount they will require you to pay for each service, so it doesn’t become more trouble than it’s worth trying to figure out your final cost. The minimums range anywhere from one hour up until three, depending on where you go!

What needs to be cleaned within your home will determine which company is best suited for the job. Some companies specialize in one area over others, while some are more equipped to handle every type of cleaning that needs to be done within a home, including windows and baseboards. This will all depend on your personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right company for you!

house cleaning rates in seattle

What Makes House Cleaning Services Expensive?

There are several reasons why house cleaning services cost more than regular home cleaners. First, there is the problem with overhead costs. This includes compensation for the service’s owner and staff and operating expenses such as office rental space or a commercial vehicle that can haul equipment around town.

Second, most people want their homes cleaned by professionals who have been trained in how to do it right, and this means paying them enough money so they will stay motivated to keep up with changing standards and new techniques. A professional approach also means hiring workers who won’t make any mistakes while working on your property, no matter how long it takes them!

And finally, many homeowners feel safer leaving strangers alone inside their houses when they’re not at home because they are worried about their valuables. Of course, this means it costs more to get your home cleaned if you want the job done right.

house cleaning rates in seattle

Factors that Determine the Cost of Seattle Cleaning Services

Several different factors will impact the cost of your Seattle cleaning services. The size of the house needed to clean each service is one factor, but there are always other considerations such as what type and how much work needs to be done and just typical house cleaning duties. For example, if you have carpets that need deep cleaning, it will require more than just surface washing, so this would increase the rate because you’re requiring additional help with scrubbing them down. Keep these things in mind when figuring out which company offers the best rates for their services. Here’s a list of factors to consider:


Rates vary depending on location too! Some areas in Seattle have higher prices than others due to supply and demand. The more people looking for house cleaners are likely to increase rates since houses will be competitively priced against each other based on their distance from you. The most affordable areas in Seattle are generally North and South of downtown.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home will also affect the rates. For example, if you only have one bathroom to clean, it may be more affordable than a house with multiple bathrooms. If there are lots of rooms or smaller spaces like closets, cabinets, etc., this will likely take longer, which means the price per room/space decreases.

Type of House Cleaning

Some house cleaning companies offer a laundry list of services, while others may only provide one or two options. If you need the entire home cleaned regularly, it’s essential to consider which company can accommodate that request. Ask about specialty tasks too! For example, some cleaners can clean fabrics like upholstery and rugs in addition to hard floors.

Frequency of Cleaning

Housecleaning rates aren’t the same for every house. The frequency of cleaning is an essential factor in how much you will pay to have your home professionally cleaned, so it’s best to ask when you get a quote. There are different types of plans available that can save money if they fit into your lifestyle better than just having the cleaner come each week or two.

  • Monthly
    If you have someone coming each month, it is usually cheaper than having them come every two weeks. This plan can be very convenient for those busy with work or school and who don’t want to worry about the house being dirty when they get home. They can offer up to 10% off the cost of cleaning if you sign up for their monthly plan.
  • Bi-weekly
    A bi-weekly house cleaning plan is probably the most common. Customers can have a discount of up to 15%, depending on how big your home is. A bi-weekly schedule is usually recommended if you have kids or pets in the house, but it can also be ideal for someone who wants to save money when they are on a budget.
  • Weekly
    If you don’t mind having people coming into your house every week, then there are some excellent weekly rates available from Seattle area cleaners as well. Most companies offer up to 20% discounts for those who sign up for one of their weekly plans. This is a good option for those who want to ensure that their home is always clean and don’t mind the extra cost.
  • One-time
    If you don’t want to commit to a weekly or bi-weekly service but still need your home cleaned more often than just once in a while, then one-time cleaning is the perfect solution. Customers usually get up to 30% off of their first booking and choose from different regular prices for future bookings based on frequency.

NW Maids offers a variety of cleaning options at different prices. For example, we offer one-time cleanings and scheduled weekly or biweekly cleans for homes with four bedrooms. We offer a discounted rate for recurring bookings, so you can have us clean your home on a weekly or monthly basis.


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