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How is 西北女佣 prepared for COVID-19 Coronavirus?


我们很高兴您成为我们的客户,并将您家的健康托付给NW女佣. We are guessing that with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak some of you might be thinking about 西北女佣 more than usual and wondering if we are taking any extra precautions when cleaning 你的 home.  是的,我们是,我们想现在就和你分享一点.

第一个, 也是最重要的, our entire staff is committed to consistently using our sanitizer products and process for cleaning that will allow 西北女佣 to ensure that 你的 home is protected from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to a 99.9% germ free level, each and every time we clean 你的 home. 清洁住宅的行业标准是97%无菌.  在这段时间里,我们选择将标准提高到目前最高的无菌水平.

We began our effort by disinfecting all high-touch surfaces. 以下是为什么这很重要:

  • 我们的消毒产品是最有效的消毒剂,杀死99人.9% of germs on surfaces (reducing cross-contamination).
  • 它还可以在60秒内杀死冠状病毒(COVID-19)*和甲型肝炎.
  • It proved to eliminate Listeria, Salmonella, E. 大肠杆菌和诺如病毒30秒后.
  • 它不会留下刺鼻的气味.
  • 在企业使用是安全的, 餐厅或家庭, since it requires no rinsing after use on food surfaces.

它是最强大的表面清洁剂,符合我们所有的清洁标准, 家庭安全, 多表面兼容性和99.9%的总消毒. 西北女佣 is committed to 你的 safety and to making sure that our cleaning process is thorough and complete. 以显示我们完成清洁的承诺, our sanitizer product will be used on all household and workplace surfaces during our regular cleaning process. This product will be used alongside our regular scrubbing, 抛光, 除尘, 拖地, 吸尘和清洁服务. We want to offer the best to our clients and assure them that we are taking the best precautions against the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

We always maintain housecleaning best practices. 在这段时间, we have added a new high-touch disinfecting procedure where we use disinfectant cleaning agents on all door knobs, 电灯开关, 门框, rails的手, appliance control panels and other high touch areas in the home.

正如我们之前所说的, our staff is committed to keeping 你的 home Coronavirus free and have also committed to staying home if they are sick to protect you, 我们的客户和他们的同事.  我们也请求你们的帮助,保持我们所有家庭的健康.  If there are symptoms of illness for any persons in 你的 home please give us a call so that we can postpone or reschedule 你的 cleaning.


We hope that you have found this information useful and feel that 西北女佣 is adding to 你的 safety and peace of mind while you are in 你的 home. 你的健康依赖于一个干净的环境, 我们来这里是为了帮助你们保持干净和安全的生活水平.

我们将尽我们所能,以确保我们达到或超过您对健康家庭的期望. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve, enhance or expand our services to better meet 你的 needs.

如果您有任何问题或疑虑,请随时致电我们的办公室 (206) 508-5850 or…



电话:(206)508 - 5850

5 DIY Solutions to getting rid of unpleasant smells at home

第一个 impressions matter, especially when it comes to 你的 home. 一旦前门打开, 你的 guests are either met with soothing scents or unpleasant odours that will forever be in their memory. 没有人希望自己的房子被人说成是闻起来很奇怪的房子. 这并不是说没有日常生活中弥漫的气味,让人无法离开. 例如,任何有居住习惯的房子必定会有一种与房子里发生的事情有关的气味. 仅仅因为日常生活中有气味,并不意味着它不能被逆转.

Numerous unpleasant smells can plague 你的 home. Sometimes the stench might be from the most unlikely places; e.g. under the dishwasher where a piece of meatloaf fell last week. 不管, 为了你家里可能出现的每一种气味, exists a couple of DIY solutions to resolve it. 毕竟,我们的曾祖父母没有Swiffer和Clorox湿巾来清理溢出来的东西. 我们的朋友在 http://ehmaids.ca compiled 5 amazing DIY solutions to keep 你的 house smelling good. 最好的一点是,它们涉及到你家里已经有的东西.

•    小苏打: It is natural for any kitchen to have a smell but it definitely should not be the smell of rotten mouldy food or burnt toast and most of all not 你的 trashcan. 每个人都想要一个闻起来像糕点店的厨房,但并非总是如此. 小苏打是一种很好的气味吸收剂. 为了去除臭味, 在冰箱里放一个小苏打盒,或者和精油混合来清洁你的垃圾桶.

•    水果和香料:我们最喜欢的天然除臭剂之一包括水果,原因如下. No one turns up their noses at the exquisite smell of fruits, plus they really eliminate stenches from the house. 这个溶液需要四分之三的沸水, slices of fruits (we prefer lemon and grapefruit), 几根肉桂棒就行了! Leave to boil on low and add water where necessary.

•    自制的扩散器: 你只需要一个可以加热的杯子,沸水,蜡烛加热器和精油. 向杯子中加入3-4滴精油和平均量的沸水. 然后把杯子放在蜡烛加热器上. 就这么简单. 在冬天的月份里, we recommend using Eucalyptus oil as it clears out the sinuses after a day in the cold and gives 你的 home a mentholated scent

•    蜡烛: some air fresheners cover-up rather than eliminate smells but candles are an inexpensive but ideal way to get rid of smells. 即使你有普通的蜡烛,加几滴薰衣草油也可以改变你家的气味.

•    白醋: 和小苏打一样,白醋是消除家中异味最简单、最好的方法之一. 对于地毯异味,将白醋和水混合,喷洒在地毯上. 在房间里放一杯白醋可以吸收房间里的霉味.

House smells have a way of latching on to carpets and furniture but it doesn’t mean that with proper care, 气味无法消除. 这些DIY最好的部分 打扫屋子 解决方案是,它们都涉及到你在家里已经掌握的材料. 重新控制房子的气味.


也许你还没听说过,时间是你唯一不能再得到的资产. 当然, 在长寿领域已经有了越来越多诱人的突破, but nonwithstanding a phase-shift in the lifespan of humans, 似乎我们手头的时间是有限的,可以随心所欲地使用.

情况就是这样, 如果认为你拥有的其他资产更有价值,那将是愚蠢的, 因为你在任何时候都能赚更多的钱,获得更多的贵重物品.


然而,时间仍然是一种不变的资产,它会永远慢慢地耗尽你. So it would make sense to protect 你的 most prized asset with the ferocity with which you would protect 你的 cash or belongings. 然而, most folks don’t think of it that way.

In fact, most people frivolously squander their time on… let’s say, 特有的 在狂热地以真正的坚韧守护他们的金钱财富的同时.

那么,我们为什么要这样做呢? 我们为什么不用守护金钱那样的信心来守护我们的时间呢?


  1. 的角度来看. 如果你的银行账户下降,如果你的目标是存钱,你的士气会立即受到打击. Time, on the other hand, is constantly slipping away silently. Imagine a backwards clock that’s counting down until you die – wouldn’t that light a fire under 你的 butt to get more stuff done with the limited time you have left?
  2. 状态. If you waste time doing things that bring 你的 life no value, 没有人看到它(除非从长远来看). 然而,金钱可以用来提高你的地位,并立刻让你感觉更好. So of course folks are going to try and accumulate wealth without regarding their time as more valuable – you can use wealth to feel superior to other people, but you can’t quip “I have more free time than you!并达到了同样的效果.

Speaking of time, how much is 你的 time worth? 你能给它估价吗? It should be priceless, since you can’t get any of it back.

话虽这么说, 你为什么要把宝贵的时间浪费在打扫房子上呢?

Why not instead hire a cleaning service to do the work for you?

作为Tidy的主人 房屋清洁服务 他说,“当你购买家庭清洁服务时,你真正买的是更多的时间.”

That can’t be emphasized enough – it makes fiscal sense to trade money for time because money has an inherent cap on it’s value, 而你的时间应该被视为比你可能拥有的任何东西都更有价值.

所以别再刷厕所了,让专业人士来处理脏活吧. 与此同时,花更多的时间和家人在一起,剪个新发型,遛狗,去远足等等 生活.

You’ll be providing much needed income to hard working individuals that will be very grateful for the opportunity to better their financial situation, 这样你就能腾出自己的时间去享受阳光下的乐趣了.



So how do you actually clean green… the RIGHT way? 专家称…


啊,是的,没有有毒化学物质的清洁. 听起来像梦想成真了.

最近发表于 树劈理 talks about 10 different ways that you can incorporate green cleaning into 你的 routine simply and easily. It is possible, and works better than you probably conceived! (Inconceivable… cue the Princess Bride references).


  1. 购买环保清洁产品
  2. 避免室内空气质量差
  3. 当心抗菌清洁剂
  4. 基本上,小苏打
  5. 用环保的方式清洁室内空气
  6. 丢掉你所有的有毒清洁剂
  7. 避免干洗店(传统的干洗店)
  8. 雇佣一个绿色清洁服务
  9. 把鞋子脱掉!
  10. How to design 你的 home to be clean and green

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of green cleaning and unveil the curtain on the professional secrets to this subtle craft!

背景- 1932466 _640


基本成分是小苏打, 硼砂, 白醋, 柠檬, 橄榄香皂, 还有一种叫洗涤苏打水的东西, 那实际上是碳酸钠.

这篇文章警告说,你可能不应该把这些化学物质留在年幼的宠物周围, 但在大多数情况下,它们比化学含量高得多的化学物质更无害.

你可以看看其他牌子,比如Mrs. Meyers and Method for more green cleaning action.


把窗户打开! You want to make sure 你的 home is well-ventilated, 因为这是你在打扫房子时能做的最好的事情之一. 你清除的所有毒素肯定会让空气更加有毒, 所以用新鲜空气代替它!


喷雾瓶- 1778853 _640 - 188×

抗菌清洁剂是这样的:它们实际上能去除很多有益细菌, and make it easier for super germs to spread! (提示不祥的音乐…)


关于小苏打,你可以用在任何与清洁相关的东西上! 特别是在清理地毯和清除污渍方面. Put the power of the soda to use, and you won’t regret it!


You can always try using some plants to clean the indoor air – they are great at filtering the air so that you only breathe the freshest air possible!



根据 604年女佣, 温哥华的一家清洁服务公司, Canada: “A lot of toxic cleaners actually need to be recycled at the correct facilities instead of throwing them in the trash. 这对环境有很大的帮助,这就是我们所做的!”

如果你要把那些旧喷雾器扔进垃圾桶,一定要确保, you’re not polluting the environment too much! 如果他们有如何处理垃圾的指示,按照指示去做,而不是直接扔掉.


是的,它们是有毒的! That’s pretty much all we need to say about that.


Shameless plug: You can always hire us here at 西北女佣 为您的绿色清洁服务需要,如果您在西雅图,西澳州地区一小时内!


重要的是不要追踪你可能在外面接触到的毒素,进入家里. 而不是, try taking 你的 shoes off in an ‘airlock’ of sorts – an area before you step into 你的 bedroom or living room that serves as a location where you can keep shoes and other things that might potentially have dirt or toxins on them. Examples: oil, antifreeze, debris from street trash, etc.

10) Designing 你的 home to be clean and green

我建议你按照上面描述的方式来设计你的家, because that will get you the best shot at keeping 你的 home clean. 当然,如果你需要任何清洁建议,十大可靠彩票平台 网上预约清洁 用我们手边的预订表格!


Thank you for reading and let us know how these tips work for you!




是的,我相信你已经考虑过绿色清洁,但也一直犹豫要不要尝试一下. 让我们面对现实吧——有时候你只需要一些漂白剂就能完成工作. 还是你…

最近发表于 的云杉 谈论6种不同的方法,你可以把绿色清洁简单而容易地纳入你的日常生活. It is possible, and works better than you probably conceived! (Inconceivable… cue the Princess Bride references).


  1. 从基础开始
  2. 尝试商业清洁产品
  3. 保持下水道清洁
  4. 的四个
  5. 事5
  6. 的六个

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of green cleaning and unveil the curtain on the professional secrets to this subtle craft!


基本成分是小苏打, 硼砂, 白醋, 柠檬, 橄榄香皂, 还有一种叫洗涤苏打水的东西, 那实际上是碳酸钠.

这篇文章警告说,你可能不应该把这些化学物质留在年幼的宠物周围, 但在大多数情况下,它们比化学含量高得多的化学物质更无害.



喷雾瓶- 2754171 _640

该网站鼓励你购买“绿色”的商业清洁产品.“这样做的原因是这些产品更容易使用, 因为不需要混合任何东西. The ease of use is definitely an advantage if 你的 goal is to get the job done in the easiest way possible. 还记得, 这就是我们最终想要达到的目标——用更少的工作和更少的化学品给你一个干净的家!


显然,使用过滤器是一个好主意,以防止垃圾收集在你的下水道, making it generally hard to clean in that area. 重要的是先用活塞, then a concoction of baking soda and vinegar to get the job done. 记住——你应该总是把一些沸水倒进下水道. 最好每周一次,以保持排水管没有油脂残留物和堆积. 等你省下"德兰诺"再谢我!

4) Wood surfaces – how to clean them the green way

真实世界服务公司 商业清洁服务在哥伦布,OH 他补充说,“你可以用橄榄油和醋清洁大多数木材表面. This is a less-known folk remedy that works wonders in a pinch.”

Who knew that salad dressing could become wood cleaner, but I guess then you could eat off of the floor, 正确的? 正确的? 我知道,这是个坏主意. 别拿它来反对我们!


5)窗口! Windows无处不在!

智利-家- 1633433 - _640

根据 Angie 's List上的一个帖子, it costs about $2 to $7 per pane for window cleaning. 可能会很贵!


柠檬 juice and water will get the trick done. 试试它,让我们知道它是如何工作的!


两个词——小苏打. 这种古老的民间疗法效果最好,而且很环保. 只要确保你让它浸泡一夜,这样污垢就有机会脱落. 如果你没有那种漂亮的自动清洁烤箱,这一点尤其重要. 我是说,谁知道呢? 哦,这是正确的. 大多数人. We should really get one of those for the office! 但这样我们就不能打扫了,这让我们很伤心,因为我们喜欢打扫!

我们说过你可以吗 十大可靠彩票平台我们在线 如果你在西雅图地区 and are sick of cleaning 你的 烤箱?


The combination of baking soda and vinegar is very popular. 事实上,“小苏打和醋配方”获得了超过2500万个结果 谷歌. 毫不奇怪,你也可以用这个神奇的组合来清洁你的厕所.

Pro Tip: Use borax on 你的 tile and shower to scrub them clean!


空气- 2260 _640

你测量过你的空气质量吗? Probably not, because that’s not something normal people do. 但说实话, 它对你的情绪和生活质量的影响可能比你想象的还要大!

Vinegar and baking soda (again) are used together to clean the air.

我们希望这个列表能帮到你,如果你需要,请查看我们的在线预订表格 女佣或家政服务 在西雅图,佤邦.



Why you shouldn’t just hire any cleaning company – investigate!

错误- 1966448 _640

是的,我们以前都很匆忙,需要一个清洁服务,也不在乎你和谁一起去. 我们理解你的感受!

然而, if you’re going to let someone into 你的 home, there are several things you should probably ask beforehand. 让我们现在就开始吧!

根据一项 最近的博客.com 在雇佣清洁服务之前,有7件事你应该注意.

  1. 你的个人需求是什么
  2. 你想要雇佣的清洁工或公司的资质
  3. 他们的经验
  4. Your schedule vs theirs – are they able to fit you in?
  5. Cleaning supplies – who provides them, what are they like?
  6. 你怎么付帐?? 他们接受什么方法?
  7. 推荐信和背景调查——对于进入你家这样的敏感工作来说是非常重要的!

Let’s check these out together and figure out more about them!


You should always consider what 你的 actual needs are – if the individual or service you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t accomodate for 你的 individual needs, 运行!

这是一个样品 清洁检查表 你可以参考一下,它包括了常规清洁的所有基础知识, 还有一些额外的和附加的,你可能想要提到你的清洁专业人员或公司.

Make sure you are clear about what it is you need – are there areas of 你的 home that need special attention? 你想用一次常规清洁的价格来做一次深度清洁吗? 这些差异应该能够被你的清洁人员准确和清楚地回答. It’s important for 你的 home to be in good hands, and this is a great way to make sure you’re getting a person or service that can fulfill 你的 cleaning needs!


2) The qualifications of the cleaner or company

It’s super important to check if the company or cleaner you are thinking of hiring actually has the correct qualifications. 清洁工作确实需要高水平的组织和专业知识. This is partially due to it being a job that requires you to match the correct cleaning products and cleaning techniques to the correct surfaces that you are cleaning. 例如:如果你在玻璃炉灶上使用漂白剂,它确实会造成损坏!

德克萨斯州赛普拉斯附近的清洁女佣 有这样一句话:“花岗岩, marble and stainless steel appliances (like fridges and sinks) all need to be handled with the correct products and cleaning supplies, otherwise they can be seriously damaged and need to be replaced. 这可能相当昂贵,所以你要确保你有训练有素的清洁工!”



- 2463928 - _640反馈



查看在线评论网站,比如 Yelp 和谷歌在线评论,但记住,你应该对这些持保留态度! It’s common knowledge that 1 in 50 happy customers leaves a review, 但四分之一的不高兴的客户会在屋顶上大声喊出你公司的名字!

This is why it’s very important to ensure that 你的 cleaning company or individual has enough experience to have some sort of feedback listed online for them, or at least references that they can send you.



Is the cleaner or company able to fit you into their schedule? 这是很重要的, 因为日程排得满满的, 确保你能找到一个适合你的位置是非常重要的. 如果你预订的是重复清洁而不是一次性清洁,这一点就更重要了, 因为您想要确保您的清洁工在清洗时能够访问物业. 否则他们可能会被锁在门外,在某些情况下不得不收取取消费用!



弄清楚谁提供清洁用品是很重要的. 质量好吗?? 与你的清洁工或公司确认谁提供清洁用品, 他们在清理的时候在那里, 否则就会出现沟通错误,从而导致糟糕的体验.


重要的是看看你是否可以用信用卡支付——确保清洁工或公司有信用卡 预订表单 你可以使用. This makes it so much easier to book 你的 cleaning, and ensure payment is sent on time on their end as well!


This is pretty self-evident, but it’s worth repeating anyway. 确保你调查了你的清洁工的背景,并找到一些推荐信, 或者至少是这样, ensure 你的 company that you’re hiring has done so.

We hope this list helps, and make sure you check our our 清洁服务 如果你在西雅图地区!